Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Being held without trial and tortured in the UK.....

The following story is offered as a WARNING to all you 'like minded people' out there. I hope it is of some interest to you!!! I SWEAR that it is all true!!!!


Also, on a personal note, I would also be very grateful to anybody out there who may be able to help me get a bank account so that I can work for a living/ try to get out of the situation that they have put me in!!!! I would also be very interested to hear from any journalists or solicitors/ lawyers that may be able to help with any of this or, at least, confirm whether or not the ‘yobs with no names’ are actually ‘legal’ in any of this…….. ;-)

I have also recently had it confirmed (in writing, with a signature, claiming to work for the GMC) that the yobs that did all this aren’t even employed by the NHS after all. Still refusing to confirm or deny whether any of the yobs are officially employed as ‘da Police/ peese/ pease/ peace (or any dialect that they trade under) or browncoats’ or even G-men….STILL refusing to confirm or deny whether or not they have destroyed any of the evidence such as CCTV footage etc, as they always do!!!!
Any information on where I can also ‘self publish’ these documents would also be appreciated!!!!


ANY comments whatsoever, appreciated…..full story below!!!!

Brotherjacob at yahoo dot com

Fwded message below…..


Dear Sir/ Madam,

I have just looked, with interest, around the website where I found your contact details. It seems that I am in urgent need of your services now and in the future, presuming that I do somehow manage to survive long enough! Unfortunately, people have claimed that it is now illegal for someone like me to have a solicitor because of the Money Laundering Regulations Act, apparently. I have tried contacting several hundred- the vast majority refuse to reply but the two that did stated that as the problem/ excuse!!! I would be grateful if you could confirm whether or not this is true or not!!!

That also appears to be a moot point as the yobs that I still presume to be police or browncoats refuse to let you make any calls these days!!!!

I hope that this message and attachments get to you. I would also be grateful if you could also confirm receipt, at the very least!!!!

Unfortunately, my current problems go way beyond 'one simple category'.....I can't even get a bank account any longer!!!

I'm currently homeless, was nearly murdered, been gang raped/ repeatedly beaten and held without trial and tortured for a long time!!! Supposedly under the 'Mental Health Act' for having paranoid evil conspiracy theories about the government, allegedly!!! I've tried using Small Claims Court but they just got thrown that out (and was spread around the neighbours) and I've been fined over two grand for the privilege...suicide is now looking like my only realistic option!


I have no money and no legal means of ever earning any ever again!!! Been in this situation for well over two years now. However, I do hope that this email address is private and of a conscientious lawyer that is either a) just interested in the story or b) perhaps prepared to help on a no win no fee basis. Any comments appreciated!!!! About 80 pages Word format.......

Hope the attached is of some interest and I do hope to hear from you!!! Even if it's just sod off you crazy lunatic!!!!!!


PS You do know the kind of country that we're living in now, right???? Don't bother reading unless you do know!!!!!

PPS I swear it's all true!!! I do not make things up!!!! Never meant for it to sound like a rant either!!!

PPPS Do any of you know of any cash in hand jobs going? REALLY GETTING QUITE DESPERATE!!! that's presuming that I am still allowed to live, of course......

The ‘story’ is as follows……



Jake Maverick King of the Maverickians

Sycamore Assessment Unit, the so-called National Health Service, Torturers Anonymous, yobs with no names and any of the names that they ‘trade’ under!



I, Jake Maverick King of the Maverickians, enemy of the state and an innocent, persecuted and honourable man, Claimant will state as follows: -

Towards the end of June 2006 I was abducted, beaten, sexually assaulted (legally raped, apparently) and repeatedly violated by yobs that I believe/ presume to be either serving Police Officers or CSOs/ browncoats. That is a matter for a separate case and full details have been provided within that. When they had finished with me I was handed over to what I later learned to be called ‘Sycamore Assessment Unit’ (apparently) where I was held without trial and routinely tortured and abused for around 8-9 weeks (felt like six months or longer- certainly longer than 28 days) in total (I believe). From what I can gather the ‘reason’ for doing this to me was for my political beliefs/ expressing those views, although they will probably deny this (make something else up), presumably for ‘legal reasons’. I simply can not believe/ accept that it is actually legal to do such things to people because of their political views (at least in this country). Having ‘weird, paranoid evil conspiracy theories about the government’ was their initial justification for doing what was done to me. They (I mean Ferguson) do keep changing their ‘official story’ and persistently refuse to put anything in writing. I also presume that they will also deny the systematic physical, mental and sexual abuse that routinely goes on there. I am not their only victim. Death is actually preferable to what they routinely do to people there. I am NOT being melodramatic or even exaggerating. Although I was eventually released without charge the harassment, threats and abuse have continued to this very day! I do not believe that it will ever end until I am dead!

After I had been ‘handed over’ I was interrogated (with regard to my political views) by someone claiming to be ‘Paul’ and an Asian lady who refused to tell me her name. Several days later she did claim to be a Doctor although she still refused to tell me her name/ show any ID. The majority of the people involved in my torture and detention refused to give full names and ALL refused to show ID, although I believe them to be who they claim to be. Apart from those who refuse to give ANY name, those in charge only give surnames whilst the more ‘lowly’ only give forenames, for the most part (from what I can gather). The only exception to this was John Bishop. These two people weren’t initially violent to me and they did initially allow me my basic human right of being able to smoke. I was ‘gasping’. I have no idea what the Police/ browncoats had told them as they refused to tell me. My initial impression of them was that they were something to do with the Police/ browncoats and I did wonder if they were some kind of ‘unofficial’ officials of some sort, although a part of me also doubted that such ‘unofficial’ facilities would be located in the area. I also suspected that it might be an ‘army based’ interrogation/ torture centre, considering Paul’s tattoos. I really had no idea who or what they were and I didn’t get any indication of what they were until late in the following day! I have been friends with many Muslims in the past but I am actually WHITE and I have no religion- I don’t believe that such abuse has been ‘legalised’ for people such as myself, although I believe it has been for non-whites/ those who are Muslim (effectively). I hate to oversimplify the point, but that is basically the kind of society that we are living in now! If saying that makes me a crazy man I must be a crazy man! I was in quite a distressed state considering what the Police/ browncoats had just done to me and I was somewhat confused as to who those people were and they were obviously concealing information. Throughout that first hour or so in their ‘custody’ I was repeatedly interrogated with leading questions such as ‘you believe in conspiracies about the government, don’t you?’ and the ‘government is evil, isn’t it?’. The interrogation continued for sometime along that general theme. I refused to co-operate with the ‘interrogation’.

I repeatedly asked/ begged for medical treatment regarding my injuries. Mr wrists were so cut and swollen I could barely move my hands. My legs and back were also covered in bruises from the beating I had received (I would guess) quite a few hours earlier and there were also cuts and grazes to my face and arms. My eyes were also very sore and I was still having trouble breathing with the dust/ dirt inhalation and the fact that I am asthmatic. They wouldn’t let me have any water. My testicles were also extremely swollen to the extent that I had trouble walking. I could not walk properly for many days after. This was what was certainly causing me the most pain. One of my fillings in my teeth had also been knocked out during the violence, which also made it difficult to speak or eat properly. I was unable to get treatment for this until March 2007. I was also denied a drink of water. NO medical treatment/ pain relief etc was forthcoming at any time then or after or since. Suspecting that they might be separate from the Police/ browncoats I asked them if they would be prepared to take photographs/ secure the evidence of what had been done to me. They refused claiming they did not have a digital camera. It did not require a digital camera, any camera would have done. They could also have had a proper look at the injuries I had sustained and written a statement to that effect, although I am unsure whether that would qualify as ‘evidence’. I wasn’t given any medical attention/ treatment whatsoever. It was perfectly obvious from the outset that what they were doing/ did to me was on the instigation of whom I still presume (best guess) to be Police/ browncoats and at the time I had absolutely no idea of who or what these people were. They certainly weren’t wearing uniforms of any description! They were all complicit in what was done to me from the start.

After a while they stopped interrogating me/ trying to put words into my mouth. I was then shown to my ‘cell’ (I believe they would call it a bedroom) where another member of staff ‘nosed’ through all my personal possessions which the Police/ browncoats (presumably) had handed over to them. It is possible that one of them stole the sum of £10 from me at this point. £10 definitely went missing although I don’t know if it was stolen by them or by the Police/ browncoats. I still find it difficult to believe that someone would jeopardise his or her job for the sake of £10, but that sum did definitely go missing. G-men (that IS an officially accepted term, it is even programmed into the spellchecker!), for all intensive purposes, are above the law. Even Judges refuse to confirm whether or not they are unofficially or officially above the law. I have asked repeatedly. After writing out a list of some (but not all) of my personal possessions they tried to force me to sign it but I refused. Eventually I was allowed to go to sleep. I didn’t feel ‘safe’ sleeping in that environment but I was totally exhausted and the ‘peace and quiet’ was some small relief at the time.

In the early hours of the following morning I would guess 6-8 men charged into my room and attacked me in my sleep. They didn’t say a word to me. Some of them jumped on me, punched me and held me down while someone else pulled down my jogging bottoms and boxer shorts. My initial thought was that I was about to be gang raped. I tried to resist the best I could but I was in a very weakened state and hopelessly outnumbered. I did manage to twist my head around and saw some old women inject me in the arse with something. To this day they refuse to tell me what it was. Legally, I believe what they did then still constitutes gang rape, although no actual anal penetration took place on that occasion (apart from the needle). There were also several women in the room whose sole purpose in being there appeared to be to perv at my naked genitals. I believe that one of them recorded the attack on her mobile phone. They didn’t take part in the violence. Only the men did that. I later discovered that at least the majority of them are ex-army yobs who like to masquerade as ‘nurses’, allegedly. They then all left without saying a word, with the exception of ‘fat Jim’ who made some derogatory comments with a big smirk on his face before leaving also. He returned a few minutes later, punched me and stole my mobile phone! I later discovered that he is a homosexual and it was obvious from his demeanour and manner that he does take a perverse pleasure in doing such things to people. He also refused to tell me his name but I did hear other people call him ‘Jim’.

Later that day I was informed that the ‘gang’ was led by someone called Dr De Silva and that I had been ‘sectioned’ under the Mental Health Act (at least that was the euphemism they used for doing what they did to me) and I was now being held prisoner at a place called ‘Sycamore Assessment Unit’ (allegedly). That was also the first indication that I had that these people were claiming to be ‘mental health professionals’- up to that point I believed they were probably Police/ browncoats or an ‘unofficial something’!

That meeting occurred on the afternoon of that same day. De Silva also stated that he had labelled me as ‘psychotic’ and ‘delusional’ and used what he called his diagnoses to justify what they did to me/ continued to do me for sometime after and are STILL doing to me. He hadn’t even spoken to me until this point and he refuses to provide any evidence of his implied psychic ability. With hindsight, I presume that he would claim to be a psychiatrist but at the time he refused to confirm or deny that- he just kept claiming to be a Doctor but wouldn’t even examine my physical injuries. I believe that the likes of David Tennant can ‘get away’ with behaving like that but he is an actor (Dr Who)! It is NOT REAL LIFE!!! De Silva NEVER actually bothered to tell me what his name was/ introduce himself properly! I believe it was John Bishop that told me his name was De Silva! What was done to me is actually ‘real life’! He also refuses to tell me his first name although he insisted on calling me Richard, as though we were friends or something. It was perfectly obvious from the outset that the ‘real reason’ was that they were doing this on the instigation of the Police/ browncoats. I KNOW that this was done because I expressed an opinion on how the current government is behaving/ the general state of the world at the moment (considering what was said during that first hour in their ‘custody’). I do know WHAT ‘words’ mean- expressing an opinion does not mean that I am psychotic or delusional! I believe (hope) that it is still ‘technically’ legal to express an opinion in this country, despite the Hutton Inquiry and what has been done to the laws of this country over the past few years. It has always been impossible for mere mortal men such as myself to ascertain/ get access to such laws. It has been also been made blatantly obvious to me that such ‘secret laws’ do NOT apply to those who claim to be G-men/ women. I can only hope that it is still legal to have an opinion. Or writing this statement WILL prove to be a complete waste of time and will probably lead to further abuse of my family and myself! Hopefully, my death! It seems that that is really the best that I can hope for now!

He then proceeded to twist everything that I said after that to fit what he called his diagnoses. Given that those people had already imprisoned me without trial and physically and sexually assaulted me I was reluctant to speak or co-operate with such violent ‘yobs’ in anyway whatsoever. I believe it was a combination of whatever it was they injected me with (gullibility/ suggestibility/ mind frell drugs) and the fear of further violence that made me talk. If it wasn’t for the drugs I don’t believe that I would have co-operated/ spoke to them. I am a very strong minded/ self-righteous individual and if I was in my ‘own mind’/ had any will power left I would have chosen to force them to beat the information out of me. Given that scenario I don’t know how long I would have been able to resist. It turns out that I am not as strong as I thought I was and have no idea what other tactics they would have resorted to. Several days later I was also threatened with more ‘extreme torture’, namely by electric shock. The threat wasn’t made on the basis of if I did something or if I didn’t do something- it was just a random threat! I certainly believe that it was the drugs they injected me with that destroyed my ability to resist them more than the constant threat of further/ random acts of violence/ sexual assaults.

On that and other occasions we spoke about what I believe. Here are just a few examples. I believe that David Kelly (and quite possibly/ probably Robin Cook) were probably murdered by British Security Services, which have effectively been sub contracted to the CIA. I believe that the events of 9/11 were justified considering the murder of 10 000 innocent men, women and children in an American cruise missile attack in 1998. I do not believe that people crash planes into buildings for no reason or because they have the evil gene. If you keep jabbing someone with a pointed stick it is only a matter of time before they turn around and hit you. That is just human nature- there is no ‘right or wrong’ in it. I believe that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. I also believe that one man’s lunatic is another man’s genius! I believe that the truth depends largely upon your point of view. I do not believe that such things can be seen in ‘black and white’. I’m against the fingerprinting of innocent school children or DNA testing of innocent people without a warrant/ due process. I’m also against fingerprinting people just for going to the pub! I’m against the retention of DNA samples of innocent people. I’m only in favour of retaining DNA records of people that have been convicted of the most serious crimes! I’m against putting RFID implants/ chips into people/ into children/ into their school uniforms/ people’s’ clothes/ peoples’ passports and even animals. This is what is happening! I’m against the ID card scheme. I’m against the banning of the veil. I believe freedom of speech goes hand in hand with freedom of expression. I’m against the creation of the National Identity Register, the Children’s Index and the ‘so-called’ data sharing agreements that probably break the DPA and defy all common sense! I believe that medical records should remain confidential. I’m against the compulsory medication/ vaccination of people (especially children) without informed consent. I believe that the NHS’s smoking policy is illegal and will hopefully lead to some cases of constructive unfair dismissal. I believe that it is still legal to smoke outside/ in your home and just having a ‘secret policy’ doesn’t negate the law! I do believe that they still serve up cheeseburgers to people, though! I’m against the constant spread of CCTV and other monitoring devices (especially secret ones). I believe that there should be an outright ban on (secretly) recording audio. I also believe that CCTV should be banned in residential areas! I also believe that such laws should be effectively enforced. I believe in ‘freedom to’, rather than ‘freedom from’. ‘Freedom from’ is NOT freedom and, in reality, is in the general G-man excuses bracket of ‘it’s for your own good’ etc. I believe that freedom means what freedom means! I’m against the plan to put satellite-tracking systems in EVERY private vehicle in order to monitor/ record people’s movements. I do believe in the liberal democracy that I was brought up to believe in and protect. I do sometimes wonder if that ever existed in Britain! I believe that there are a lot of innocent people in prison. I believe that there are a lot of guilty people still free. I’m against labelling foetuses as ‘delinquent’ in order to justify further evil (for want of a better term) to be done to them and their families. I’m generally against people with power applying labels to people in order to ‘justify’ evil (for want of a better term) being done to them (i.e. what they did to me or to those who are non white being labelled as Muslim, evil, terrorist, extremist etc.) I’m against the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children no matter what the justification. I’m against denying people their legal rights under the Geneva Convention just because they are just too poor to be able to afford a uniform. I do not believe that the Iraq war was legal (let alone right or justified) just because Heir Blair and the Attorney General says it is. I believe that it was entirely WRONG to do what was done to Greg Dyke and Gillingham simply because they did the jobs that they were paid to do and told the truth (for once). I don’t believe in some mythical being called God, or the tooth fairy for that matter. I do believe in aliens (otherwise we’re just a planet full of freaks). I don’t believe that man ever landed on the moon. I believe that something from another world crashed near Roswell in the 1940s. I’m against scrapping/ modifying the Human Rights Act just because it’s become a little inconvenient to those currently in power (not that they abide by it, anyway). I’m against detaining people without trial and torturing them, whether they’re innocent or ‘guilty’ of something. I believe that prisoners of war should be treated as prisoners of war, not criminals/ animals. It seems that those yobs have now declared war on me! Rules do not apply in war but I am trying really hard to find an alternative that doesn't involve ‘fighting fire with fire’. I would not treat an animal how they treated me and I am well aware that there are people on this planet that have suffered far worse than I did. I believe that it is certainly possible that elements of the government and security services assassinated Princess Diana and her boyfriend. They certainly had motive. I also find it pretty f***ing disgusting that the person most responsible for Jean Charles de Menenzes murder, Cassandra/ Cressida Dicks (supposedly), has been promoted to the Royal Protection squad by way of a ‘reward’. I do not believe that it was pure coincidence that John Major opened peace talks with the IRA around about the same time that the Russians were rumoured to have ‘lost’ 70 nuclear warheads (suitcase bombs). Given what this government has done over the past few years ( – although that list is far from complete and needs updating) means that this country is no longer the liberal democracy that we perhaps enjoyed in the early 1990s. I believe that this country is now more like what occurred in 1930s Germany and it is only going to get worse. We all know how that ended. It’s a great step back in evolutionary terms. This government is certainly a much bigger threat than some really poor/ brown people living in caves thousands of miles away, at least in my humble opinion! Community Support Officers and Browncoats are exactly the same thing. Quasi police are quasi police no matter what label you put on them. It is very clear that the powers that be can not maintain a ‘proper standard’ within the Police forces of this country (they have also recently lowered the ‘standard’) and CSOs/ browncoats are recruited to an even lower standard. Nazis and Neo Cons are (virtually) the same thing. Just because you give something a different name doesn’t mean it’s something completely different! They certainly employ the same kind of tactics (collective punishment, torture etc.) and the ONLY difference seems to be that one group decided to pick on the Jews (at least, according to my education) whilst the other picks on non white people in general. Although that policy now seems to have been extended to white people as well, such as myself and free thinkers like me. I believe that the government has been manipulating the electoral role in order to make sure they retain power. I believe that George Bush and his people defrauded the election that initially put him in power. I also believe that Bush may actually be so stupid/ gullible that he actually BELIEVES that he ‘won’! I have NEVER been allowed to vote and it is not for the want of trying. It is only necessary to manipulate one or two percent of the vote in order to change the overall result in a ‘winner takes all’ system. It has now also become far easier for them to defraud the system now that they have introduced an electronic voting system. I am a great believer in technology but firmly believe that there needs to be a physical paper trail for things such as voting and proper hand written signatures on things such as mortgage documents/ Direct Debits/ legal contracts etc. The most galling thing is the hypocrisy of it all. The Powers that Be (PTB) have been murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent people around the world (including children) and torturing tens of thousands more supposedly for the reason (now) of ‘spreading democracy’. I believe that democracy has effectively been abolished in Britain and America and then they ignore the democratic result in Palestine (for example) just because they don’t agree with it. They also keep changing the ‘official justification story’ for the Iraq war but the most recent seems to be to impose a system of proportional representation on those people. If that actually works (i.e. in some parallel reality, rather than the real world) they are actually going to end up more democratic than we (supposedly) are! Another of the myths that they like to perpetuate is that we have a secret ballot in this country. I know this is not true as I have seen ballot papers and they all have unique reference numbers on them. They also insist on marking down your name and address when people do vote. It also ‘appears’ that civil servants also have to power to overrule parliament. I believe this to be wrong and probably/ possibly illegal. One example is the Data Protection Registrar. Nobody enforces the Data Protection legislation, presumably because G-men are the worst offenders. If I were paranoid I would suggest that this has been done in order to build a case for fingerprinting and taking DNA samples from everyone in the country/ at birth. Not that that would actually solve the problem that they created! I was taught to believe that an individuals personal data could not be sent out of the country without consent. Apparently, the Data Protection Registrar did give permission for companies/ organisations to do precisely that. I also believe that Blunkett was successful in his attempts to bully Police forces into systematically ignoring such legislation. I believe in innocent until proven guilty. I also believe that he bought numerous shares in DNA testing/ retention companies shortly before the law was changed regarding that issue. He would also, presumably, claim that he had no conflict of interests in the matter! I KNOW that Jill Dando would NOT have been murdered if it were not for this as well as several other murders/ kneecappings that I am aware of. Also ALL the banks in the world HAVE collaborated to compile one massive database of everyone’s credit card/ bank details. They also sell this information to private companies supposedly for the purpose of ‘combating fraud’. But if these private companies give this information back to them the banks will LET THEM take whatever they like out of people’s accounts by way of a Direct Debit. I believe that such a situation is completely ABSURD and this would not have happened if the DPA was ENFORCED and banks still required a signature for such things. I would never give a complete stranger open access to my wallet so why would anyone in their right mind give an individual open access to their bank account? This is a moot point as banks actually give anyone access to everyone’s bank account (in effect), at least to those with half a brain or at least have some money to set up a company. That is, apparently the ‘legal’ way of doing such things! There are also other numerous ways that an individual can get access to other people’s personal information/ bank accounts etc. and are very rarely held accountable, simply because the legislation is never enforced. I consider myself to be quite intelligent and firmly believe that I could raise millions in less than a week by ‘defrauding’ that system. It is also very unlikely that I would ever be caught and if I were the ‘likely’ punishment would still make the financial gain worthwhile! Then there was the fiasco with chip and pin- credit card fraud has actually risen by 25% since that came in. At least in the past when a signature was required there was a paper trail to prove that the transaction was fraudulent. There now appears to be NO WAY that an individual can actually protect themselves from such things. To make matters worse I’ve recently heard rumours that government departments such as TV Licensing and the Inland Revenue may soon ‘legally’ be allowed direct access to everyone’s bank accounts. You can not live and work in London without consenting to such details being handed over. TV Licensing DOES actually treat the collection of the licence fee as though it was a tax i.e. they assume that EVERYONE has a TV and watches it. I’ve had my own battles with them. You can’t win against G-men as they always cheat/ lie! I’ve also had personal experience of government departments effectively forcing people into committing suicide, such as the CSA and Inland Revenue. Simply because their computers have told them that someone owes them money or because they have got an individual’s tax code wrong. Of course, there is never a police investigation into whether or not it was done out of malicious spite or simply ‘human error’ i.e. whether it was murder or manslaughter or not. Such ‘victims’ are simply left with the choice of either become a criminal in order to feed themselves and their children etc. or commit suicide. I know which one I would have chosen and I nearly did precisely that if it weren’t for the fact that my family bailed me out. When the PTB do away with cash NOBODY will have a ‘safety net’. Every single thing/ movement will become ‘trackable’! G-men are not infallible, even if they do believe their own delusions/ propaganda! Then there is always the possibility that ‘criminals’ may actually gain employment as G-men! That does actually happen quite a lot- some are actually considered ‘official’ criminals! I believe every single human being should have a basic right to privacy and freedom means what freedom means! I believe that it should be made illegal for companies to give ‘incentives’ to try and trick the gullible into handing over bank account details for Direct Debits. It is possible to get in dispute with companies regarding a ‘bill’ but if they have your bank account details they can legally steal whatever they like from you! Then there is the ‘accidentally on purpose misplacing the decimal point thing’- it can take over a year to get your money back! They also get to keep the interest and an individual is not compensated for numerous phone calls/ time spent etc. in chasing it! That’s presuming that you actually spot it in the first place! There is now NO LEGAL WAY that I can get a bank account/ work for a living/ support myself as a direct result of what has been done to me. The Inland Revenue also, apparently/ allegedly have the power to make up their own rules as they go along and aren’t even obliged to tell you! This is why I have never set myself up in business as I consider it to be way too much of a business risk! I should have been a millionaire by now! I believe in such a thing as justifiable homicide. I believe that government employees should be investigated/ held accountable/ punished for what they do to people. For two reasons. Firstly, I believe that nobody should be above the law. Secondly, it is the only way to maintain faith in the (secret) system that we all (supposedly) live under. Consequently, I also believe that G-men should also face ‘double the tariff’ on conviction in order to act as a deterrent. In practice police never even investigate G-men and the law does not seem to apply to them. I believe in freedom of speech and the right to live my life how I choose. I refuse to be dictated to by anybody. If I want to smoke I will smoke. If I want to get to fat I will get fat. If I want to eat a cheeseburger I will eat a cheeseburger. If I want ‘wear a hoodie’ I will ‘wear a hoodie’. If I want to drink fresh milk (although fresh milk is illegal in this country and has been for nearly ten years now) I will drink fresh milk. If I want to take my dog for a walk I will take my dog for a walk. If I want to drink alcohol I will drink alcohol. If I want to watch ‘Life of Brian’ I will watch ‘Life of Brian’- it is one of my all time favourite films. I may also choose to play with conkers again or jump out of an aeroplane- never mind the so-called (secret) ‘Health and Safety’ bull***t! I may also carry a pen knife/ multi tool in my pocket again. I may also buy a kitchen knife from a shop and walk home with it. Nobody will dictate to me what I do and what I say, let alone think. I believe in the Liberal Democracy that I was brought up to believe in. Whatever they do to me I will never capitulate. I think what I think- I have no control over that anyway, it’s a bit like breathing. I believe that paedophiles are attracted to employment opportunities in school (I have personal experience) and churches. I believe that ‘violent psychopaths/ yobs’ are attracted to jobs in the police service (I have personal experience) and army. That is just ‘common sense/ blatantly obvious’ as far as I am concerned. I have no faith in the ‘system’ to weed such people out. I do have some experience of the ‘real world’. I believe that people such as Police officers should do what they are officially supposed to do/ paid to do i.e. investigate and prevent crime NOT commit crimes. I believe that they should he held criminally liable when they refuse (or are just incompetent) to do the jobs that they are supposedly paid to do. If you sign the contract then you accept the responsibilities of that contract! NEVER MIND PUMPING BULLETS INTO INNOCENT PEOPLE’S BRAINS!!! I do not believe that anyone should be exempt from the law. I believe that people are largely a result of what has been done to them. Government employees routinely tell lies in order to manipulate people and they even do this in Court. If ‘mere mortals’ such as myself did things like that we would expect to be put in an official prison for perjury for a long time! Rude and abusive people who enjoying exerting power/ control over people are attracted to other positions of power, mainly government type jobs. They tend to be the least intelligent! Positions of power ALWAYS attract the worst kind of people! The rudest and most abusive people that have no respect for the law (or doing the right thing) are most likely to be promoted- presumably because they are considered most effective. I have a wealth of experience with regard to this. That’s not ‘as true’ in the private sector but that is generally how society works. ‘Survival of the fittest’, I suppose. I also believe that G-men should be prosecuted when they destroy evidence that incriminates them, usually CCTV footage. There have been around 8 or 9 separate occasions when this has happened to me! I believe in standing up for myself and I refuse to be intimidated or bullied by anybody, let alone G-men yobs! I believe that ALL laws should be based on ‘common sense’ and ‘doing the right thing’. I also believe that they should also be effectively enforced against everybody, especially G-men. Hundreds of years ago the church was the state and the vast majority of people (98% or so) had faith in what the clergy did/ believed in them. Similarly, today there is a similar ‘faith’ by the general public who blindly believe what people in authority tell them (even when they endlessly contradict themselves) and that government employees do no wrong. I am NOT in the 98% of ‘sheep’ in this country. I do not believe that it is illegal (or anything wrong) with being in the other 2% that are capable of actually forming an opinion! I believe that it is a fact that you have to be a senior government employee (or a group of senior government employees) to get another government employee even investigated by the Police. The case of Shipman would be a prime example. I wonder exactly how many government employees it took to ‘gang up’ on him before the police even launched an investigation. I also wonder exactly how many employees were bullied out of the NHS who had previously raised concerns about him. I have a wealth of experience of what happens to people who criticise/ complain/ raise a legitimate concern etc. I do believe that I am too damn intelligent for my own good!!! I do not believed it’s called paranoia when it’s true. I know that I would be much better off in every conceivable way if I was actually stupid. Unfortunately, I am not! I also believe that Dr Rodney McKay (of the Stargate Atlantis programme) and myself have a lot in common! I believe (hope) that it is still currently legal to express an opinion in this country. I believe that it is wrong for the RSPCA to insist on the castration of poor, innocent little puppies- especially when neutering will effectively do the same job/ achieve the stated aim. I believe that the most probable explanation for such a policy is that there are a lot of vets on the policy board of the RSPCA. Vets obviously make more money from castration rather than simply neutering them. They would also, presumably, deny that they have a conflict of interests in the matter! Castrate paedophiles on the third conviction yes, poor innocent little puppies NO. I will NEVER get a dog from the RSPCA although I would love to have one at some point. I also consider it to be my choice whether or not I want a chip to be put in one! I do doubt that I will ever ‘legally’ be able to have one with what has been done to me. I believe that it should be made illegal for people to park on the pavement- pedestrians have a right to walk! Similarly, I am against ‘prohibition’ with regard to the current drug policy. If you SINCERELY want to reduce the numbers of drug related deaths/ gun crime/ number of drug users etc. (i.e. the stated aim) then the most rational/ obvious/ logical thing to do is legalise/ regulate that market. The evidence for that is available from 1930’s America. I do not believe that the PTB are as stupid as they pretend to be. Current drug policy is actually an excuse to keep the poor and oppressed poor and oppressed i.e. mostly black people. Also, it seems that all the naturally occurring ‘drugs’ are illegal, although man made ones such as alcohol are perfectly legal! How perverse is that? The only ‘sensible’ thing this government ever did was downgrade Cannabis to a ‘Class C’. I full expect them to ‘secretly’ move it back to ‘Class B’ again at some point and not bother to tell anybody! They pulled exactly the same s**t with regard to changing the name of the Data Protection Registrar to the Information Commissioner and not bothering to tell anybody! I know how such people work and believe that it is very likely that DPA complaints dropped in the region of 80% and they all got a big bonus for it! NOT recording complaints are changing the ‘secret’ system for recording such things DOES NOT mean that complaints have fallen/ things are getting better! This is exactly the type of mentality of people that excel in government type jobs! Exactly the same thing has occurred/ is occurring in relation to most recent policy and the ‘Global Warming’ debate/ problem. The whole debate has largely been hijacked in order to keep the poor and oppressed poor and oppressed. I hope that it is still legal to express an opinion. Right now I really don’t care whether it is legal or not! I really don’t care if you agree with me, or not- all that I am trying to establish is ‘is it still legal to have an opinion/ express an opinion in this country?’ I’m against automatic minimum/ indefinite prison terms. There is no way that they can be argued to be ‘right’ or ‘just’. I doubt that the Russians murdered Litvinenko, although they undoubtedly had motive. I do not believe that the end EVER justifies the means. I believe that words means what words mean! I support Hamas, the democratically elected voice of the Palestinian people.

Saying these sorts of things was simply labelled as ‘paranoid delusions about the government’ and was used to retrospectively justify the label that had already been applied of ‘delusional’. I believe (hope) that it is still legal to have an opinion/ express an opinion in this country on such things. Even if it is not I refuse to change the person that I am. If it is not legal then you may as well stop reading here and throw the case out immediately. I am a product of the educational system and I firmly believe in fighting for the ‘liberal democracy’ that I was taught (indoctrinated) to believe in. I am who I am and I have every right to be who I am. I also happen to believe that I am a thoroughly decent human being, whilst they are not! Just because they disagree with me does not mean that I am a crazy man. I may also choose to phrase my ‘opinions’ in a provocative way in order to provoke debate on such issues! I may also choose to use metaphors, similes, and hyperbole and maybe even a ‘naughty’ word again! They had no right to do to me (still doing to me) what they did to me and to other people. It is impossible to ascertain whether it was actually ‘legal’ or not. THAT IS THE KIND OF COUNTRY THAT WE’RE LIVING IN AT THE MOMENT! This is NOT the kind of country I was brought up to believe in! Just because people claiming to be G-men who refuse to give full names/ show ID say it is it doesn’t automatically mean that it is true. I would also point out that well over several billion people on this planet believe in some mythical being called God (including those in power, allegedly), without a shred of evidence whatsoever. I believe that indicates an ‘irrational state of mind’ but you don’t see government forces imprisoning and torturing them. I’ve also heard a ‘rumour’ that un-elected G-men are doing similar things to CHILDREN simply because they have decided they are a bit fat. This is the kind of country that we’re living in now!!! If I want to get ‘on my soapbox’ I will get ‘on my soapbox’!!! I will not stop until I am dead, regardless of what they do to my family or myself. I refuse to be intimidated by anybody, let alone yobs with their kind of mentality/ power. The ONLY thing that is going to stop me from thinking/ speaking is a bullet!

According to the media this government IS trying to modify the Mental Health legislation in order that they can simply imprison people without trial those who disagree with them and their view of the world. Therefore, they can avoid the Court system altogether. The media is hardly the most reliable source of information but I believe them to be far more reliable than this government and their agents (i.e. the people that choose to work for them). I will never accept the old ‘I’m not a Nazi, I only work for them’ excuse! I do not believe that is legal yet and submit that in practice that IS already happening. They did it to me. They’ve presumably done it to a lot of other people as well!!! It is also highly probable that some of them are also WHITE!

I did hear a rumour that the Human Rights Act (although it is actually impossible to get a copy of it) does ACTUALLY make it legal for any citizen to criticise/ comment on the government and they should be free from persecution if they did so. If this is true I believe that it probably makes it ILLEGAL for G-men to ‘interfere’ with people on this basis. The (secret) law is actually irrelevant to me on this matter. I took an ‘oath to myself’ around twenty years ago to ALWAYS tell the truth, never be dishonest, and always stand up for things that I believe in and always try to do the right thing. No matter what! I also decided to try and live my life as the world should be rather than how it actually is. I have NEVER deviated from that. It is also technically impossible to live your life ‘how the world is’ as the PTB keep changing the secret rules/ procedures/ laws etc. without actually telling people (apparently, although I find it impossible to be sure about anything anymore)!!! It has also become common practice for financial institutions to insert clauses into contracts basically saying ‘we can unilaterally vary the terms and conditions to whatever we like on our website without even bothering to tell you’. I believe that that should be made ILLEGAL and government bodies such as the Courts, Inland Revenue, Councils etc. should set an example by NOT behaving like that! I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT THE END EVER JUSTIFIES THE MEANS. That means speaking my mind. I also tend to speak how I think. I do not believe in censoring myself. I actually believe that the world would be a much nicer place if everyone were like me in that regard. An everyday example would also be when a woman asks you ‘does my bum look big in this?’. I was asked that on one occasion and my response was simply ‘it’s your fat arse that makes your bum looks big, it has nothing to do with the dress’. That probably isn’t the best example!!! It’s dishonesty in people that gives people with power (who are usually the least intelligent) the excuse to use their ‘psychic abilities’ to justify doing serious harm/ evil to people, for the most part. This is how human beings treat each other on this planet and I also believe that that needs to change! It really is a case of ‘evolve or die’! Another example would be the disarmament treaties that supposedly happened between the USA and Russia during the 80’s/ early 90’s. Neither side abided by them because they believed the other side wouldn’t. Never mind the fact that the people making these decisions had obvious conflict of interests in the matter!!! It never ceases to amaze me exactly how stupid the humans on this planet are, especially those in power! I also believe that the species is on an evolutionary path to extinction, unless something changes quickly. The same level of technology required to reach and colonise other planets is roughly the same level of technology required to wipe out the species. If the resources that have been put into the militaries on this planet had been put into the space programme for the last sixty years we would be colonising Alpha Centauri by now! I’m sure it’s probably happened on other planets as well. Either the species matures and you start putting ‘eggs into other baskets’ or they end up wiping themselves out. I will NEVER stop saying things like that no matter what they do to me!!! IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT I AM A CRAZY MAN!

I may also continue to say things like (although I never actually said this to any of them),

“I am Jake Maverick, King of the Maverickians (my alias/ alter ego that I have had since the early 1990s). One man raging against the Universe. Destined to do battle with the bullies, the numpties, the yobs, the G-men/ Nazis/ Neo-cons/ Blairites etc. and the she-bitches. I keep trying to fight my destiny, but whatever I seem to do I just end up circling closer and closer to the flame”.

It is NOT a delusion just because those yobs may say that it is. In reality it is simply called a METAPHOR!!! It may also be considered a ‘bit of a joke’!

I have also claimed to be a Jedi, on occasion. That was never meant to have been taken literally or seriously either! I have also heard other people claim this but doubt that they were actually being serious either! It is also very easy to trick/ entertain children with the old ‘I am a Jedi’/ magnet under the table trick! I see nothing wrong with such behaviour and children tend to find it at as amusing as I do! Apparently/ allegedly I am NOT allowed near children anymore! That just appears to be ‘standard operating procedure’ for people that have had the ‘crazy man’ label slapped on them!

This government has also been charging around the world murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and CHILDREN and detaining without trial and torturing tens of thousands more. They claim that this is a ‘good thing’ because this is, supposedly, going to REDUCE the number of people that want to attack us and make all us Britons safer. IS THIS WHAT IS SUPPOSED TO PASS FOR SANITY IN THIS DAY AND AGE? I say insanity MEANS what insanity means!

Same with the ‘Children’s Index’. Supposedly, the PTB are recording every single piece of information on every single child in this country (including name, address, DOB and whether they’re considered ‘at risk’ or not) on the one database. They are then going to give every single G-man in the country (and Christ knows who else) access to it and this is supposed to be for the PROTECTION of children. With their record on security there is absolutely no way that such a database will be kept secure! Even if they could keep it ‘secure’ it still doesn’t change the fact that the best form of security is NOT to keep everything in the same place! Of course, G-men never do anything wrong and it is actually possible that these idiots do actually believe their own propaganda! I say insanity means what insanity means!

I’ve also heard a rumour that there is some other secret rule that basically says that if I had money I could legally claim to be ‘mildly eccentric’. Unfortunately, I have no money so I can not claim this! If I ever did manage to acquire money they would undoubtedly change the ‘secret rule’ (without telling me) so that they could say ‘ahah….you’re forty pence short! Now you are legally mad and we can do what we like to you (again)’! This is just another (hypothetical) example of how such people work! It is NOT funny!

I haven’t broken my oath for the last twenty years and no matter what they do to me I do not believe that I will ever break it. That’s the ‘self-righteous/ arrogant’ kind of guy that I am and I will not change for anybody. I do not believe/ accept that makes me a crazy person!

I believe that Galileo was also held without trial and tortured when the vast majority of the population believed that the Earth was flat. What was done to him was simply done on the basis of him saying ‘Oh NO, it isn’t’ (effectively). It seems that in any time frame there are ALWAYS arrogant yobs (who aren’t particularly intelligent) with power that do very nasty things to other human beings simply on the basis of their beliefs/ their own delusions. A ‘moral superiority complex’ ALWAYS leads to some seriously unethical behaviour! There have been numerous examples throughout history on that! Even if they do actually believe that they are right/ justified it does not actually make them right (let alone legal). I am not comparing my self to Galileo there. This statement says what it says. It does NOT say whatever they say it says. I also have a wealth of experience where G-men claim things that I have written actually say something completely different. To the point of re-arranging letters in words to make new words, apparently! I am always VERY precise in what I say and what I write. I do not leave room for ambiguities. It is actually government employees that endlessly contradict themselves (sometimes in the same conversation) and each other and is also probably part of the reason why they always refuse to put anything into writing. It may actually be possible to find a (genuine) independent Judge one day and ‘things in writing’ (still includes with a valid signature by definition) can actually be considered evidence, apparently, which is presumably why such people always refuse to put things in writing. They always refuse to give any reason why they refuse to do so!

Another example would be the Terminator film. A central character by the name of Kyle Reese (or something similar) was also very nearly ‘sectioned’ and abused simply because he ‘believed’ that an ‘evil’ cyborg robot from the future had travelled back through time in order to kill people! It turns out that there REALLY was an evil cyborg robot from the future that had travelled back through time to kill people! I don’t actually believe in things like that. However, I do believe in the possibility. I also believe such a story to be infinitely more plausible than the ‘one supreme-being that created and is controlling everything’ that often goes by the name of God ‘theory’. Allegedly, two thirds of the world’s population believe in that to some extent or another but personally I think that shows an irrational state of mind! I believe that I am entitled to my own beliefs just as much as they are! I also believe that people should be ‘allowed’ to believe whatever they want to believe. Just because those people happen to believe something different to me is NOT justification for what was done to me, at least in my humble opinion! I hope that it is illegal on the basis of one’s political beliefs but I have been shocked to discover that such treatment of people is actually considered ‘legal’ on the say so of one man/ woman in many so-called civilised nations around the world! Such a thing defies all common sense and makes a mockery of everything that I was taught to believe in/ stand for! Such as ‘do no harm’ and ‘innocent until proven guilty’!

Then there was John Crichton. He REALLY did have an invisible sidekick inside his head that only he could speak to called Harvey! Then there is the old ‘Go’auld/ Tok’ra’ symbiote thing! I’m not exactly sure what is going on with Gais Baltar (probably because it hasn’t been written yet) but there is certainly some kind of neural implant/ neural clone/ something strange going on there! I say that there is absolutely nothing ‘wrong’ with people believing what they believe. Whatever they ‘believe’ (presuming that they actually do) certainly does not justify, in any way whatsoever, what they did to me!

Those ‘drugs’ did not actually ‘wear off’ until several months after my release. I did not get my ‘true self’ back until around March/ April 2007. I can not even be sure that I’m really me anymore! That’s actually worse than raping/ murdering someone, in my humble opinion. The mind is a person’s ‘true self’ and taking/ damaging someone’s mind is the WORSE possible thing that you can do to any human being. The rest of the body is basically a mechanism so that the mind can move about! Given the choice, I would have opted for being murdered at the time. Even now I still can not be sure that no permanent damage has been done to my mind. I believe that there has been some memory damage, at the very least! I’ve certainly been forced further to the left/ right (dependant on how you look at it) as a direct result of what they did to me. THEY HAVE ACTUALLY SUCCEEDED IN STRENGTHENING MY RESOLVE TO ‘FIGHT’ FOR WHAT I BELIEVE IN, now that the drugs have worn off. Using their ‘terminology’ I believe that they have ‘radicalised’ me. The word I would perhaps use is ‘evangelise’. I certainly talk about the things that I believe in far more NOW THAT THEY HAVE MADE IT PERSONAL. I will not stop talking until either a) I am dead or b) this planet and the human beings that live on it actually get themselves sorted out, which is highly unlikely to happen (unless I can take over the world, somehow and even then I wouldn’t even if I could. I actually have respect for PEOPLE. There is NO WAY that I would actually force my will onto anyone).

I do believe that they have done permanent damage to me mentally. Apart from anger, I don’t seem to have any emotions left. Even that emotion has been diluted and they have virtually rendered me emotionally impotent. I am now only ‘intelligently angry’ about such things, rather than ‘emotionally angry’, if you can understand what that means! The things that used to scare me just don’t scare me anymore. I have no fear! In one sense it has proved to be a truly liberating experience! The ONLY thing that scares me now is this government and the yob agents that work for them! I can’t cry anymore, even at the recent funeral of a family member. I also still have some physical scars. However, I am still ‘living in fear’ and presumably will be for the rest of my life (however long I have left). What they did to me has actually produced the opposite effect from what they intended. The ‘most stupid’ thing they actually did was letting me out. They knew damn well that I would at least try to find some way to fight them/ hold them accountable for what they did to me. They were told that I intended to sue, which is presumably, the ‘real reasons’ for the second round of incarceration/ torture/ abuse etc. The ‘second round’ of incarceration/ torture did NOT produce the effect that they intended. I will never ‘roll over’ and even when people do capitulate to such threats (I tried that to, several times) they implement the threats against you anyway. Therefore, there is no logical reason in capitulating. The stupidity of these people never ceases to amaze me. I have at least half a dozen examples of this. I just hope that the Iranians don’t end up capitulating and I’m sure they won’t, if they have any sense! Saddam did and they STILL implemented the threat! Exactly how stupid do the PTB think people are? I live in constant fear of those experiences (or even worse) happening to me again and I do not believe that fear will ever go away. I fully expect them to retaliate against me (or possibly my family, they have done that to) again when they receive the court summons. Presuming the Court will actually issue it and NOT create an excuse for not doing so or pretend they have lost it (as has been done in the past). It is also very possible that I will be prevented from lodging this paperwork. I believe that I have some understanding of the motivation that drives people to become suicide bombers, for example. The secret ‘system’ that we all supposedly live under simply does not work! I do not believe that such people are ‘crazy’ or ‘evil’. I believe that people are largely a product of what is done to them, although their genes undoubtedly play a role. I do not believe that there is any such thing as a ‘mental illness’ or even an ‘evil gene’. I do not believe that there is any such thing as a ‘normal person’ either and everybody has the right to be who he or she is. I believe that it is sheer arrogance for one individual to simply decide that another is not ‘normal’ and do things to them under the old excuse of ‘it’s for your own good’. My own experience of these people also tells me that none of them are even particularly intelligent and are generally very rude, arrogant and abusive/ violent people. I wasn’t even allowed to finish sentences before being interrupted by ‘THAT’S A DELUSION’. They didn’t even show me the ‘courtesy’ of speaking to me before forming the so-called ‘opinion’. These are the sort of people that work in such places. The myths that people in this society cling too simply aren’t true. I will never apologise for having at least half a brain. Nor for expressing an opinion, whether that be legal or not!

Another myth (one of their delusions) that some of these people like to perpetuate (especially Thompson, Ferguson) is that ‘things are actually getting better’. I believe this to be another ‘random’ excuse/ justification for themselves that has also been in use for several decades. This government has actually given MORE power to un-elected G-men with even LESS oversight and accountability. Therefore, anyone with a modicum of common sense can actually see that the situation is actually getting far WORSE. The potential for greater abuse ALWAYS leads to more abuse! Apparently, they’ve even banned school children from learning about Winston Churchill because he was the kind of man that stood up to the kind of people that are currently in government and those who work for them. I will NEVER stop expressing my opinion on such things. No matter what is done to me!

I also believe that if it were not for the fact that I am white it is highly probable that I would have been shipped off to Guantanamo or someplace similar. I believe that this government has done precisely that to other British citizens for a lot less than the sort of things that I say. They have also done it to British citizens simply on the basis of an American G-man’s ‘say so’- they don’t even have to accuse them of anything! I am probably the wrong colour for that. I do wonder how many other white people in this country have had similar things done to them (still being held in ‘limbo land’) and why the media has not been reporting on it. I believe that it is highly probable that the majority of these innocent people aren’t white, but undoubtedly some of them are. I doubt that I am a ‘freak occurrence’, although I may actually be considered by some to be a freak. I am aware of many things that the media should be reporting on but haven’t/ won’t do. Ten years ago I believe that they would have been able to. All that I have ever done is ‘talk’- I have not taken any physical action (ever) against the people that have ‘wounded’ me/ this country in my life, although I believe that I have every justification to do so. I am not even a Muslim! I believe in such a thing as ‘natural justice’ and these idiots seem intent on provoking me into something that they might actually put me in an official prison for (if I survive). That would actually be a better alternative to being tortured in what is supposedly termed a ‘Mental Health Unit’. It seems that these lunatics also are intent on trying to drive me insane, if there actually is such a thing. Never mind what those people with power have done to people in my own country, let alone the rest of the world. Somewhere in this statement I may be guilty of ‘justifying (but not glorifying) so called terrorism’. Presuming that I am it did not justify detention without trial and treatment that amounted to torture. I believe that I was entitled to a ‘show trial’, at the very least. I have never been one to let the (secret) ‘law’ stop me from doing the right thing/ speaking my mind. Although I find it pretty impossible to determine exactly what is and isn’t legal these days!!! I may also choose to attend ‘bonfire night’ celebrations in future, although that is also now ‘technically’ illegal. As is having your windows cleaned. As is thinking (allegedly). As is evolution, apparently! THIS IS THE KIND OF COUNTRY THAT WE’RE NOW LIVING IN!!!

I also recall several people threatening to kill George Bush and Tony Blair in the media around the start of the Iraq War. I do not believe anything happened to them. Possibly due to media scrutiny and the adverse publicity that this would have entailed. I’m sure they fully believe that they will be ‘allowed to get away with it’ as I have no money, no chance of legal representation and I am not in the public eye. I know that they are probably right in that assumption but I have to try. To do nothing is simply not an option for someone like me. I simply do not have it in me to resort to their kind of tactics i.e. violence/ become a suicide bomber etc. They do keep trying to provoke me but have been unsuccessful so far. The most they have managed to do is to provoke me into using the occasional ‘naughty word’, which they invariable use as an excuse for further abuse/ threats/ violence/ intimidation etc. I do not believe that there is anything illegal about using ‘naughty words’. I do not believe that they will ever stop until a higher power puts a stop to it or I am dead. I do not have the power to stop these people myself. They massively outnumber me for a start!

Although I find it impossible to get a definite answer from anybody, I do believe that I am now a ‘second class citizen’ because of the labels that they have applied to me. I doubt that I will ever be able to stand as an MP. I doubt that I will ever be able to gain a gun licence. I doubt that I will ever be allowed to go on Big Brother. I doubt that I will ever be allowed to have the kind of career that I could and should have had. I’m sure that I will be effected in numerous ways that I can’t even anticipate and in some ways that I will never actually be aware of. I’m sure I will be adversely effected for the rest of my life simply because of the labels that have been put on the ‘official secret files’ that I will never be able to access. I presume that job with MI-5 is totally out of the question now!

At the time that I was initially violently and sexually assaulted, abducted and imprisoned and tortured without trial I was already in a very bad situation. I have little doubt that I would have been killed if it were not for other people’s charity. I was forced to recount that story to De Silva (although I would have preferred to have kept it private, I’m not one to ‘wear my heart on my sleeve’) under the constant threat of further violence. As soon as I had finished he simply stated ‘I do not believe you’ and labelled it all a delusion. I WAS repeatedly assaulted/ threatened/ violated by agents of my former landlord in Sheffield. The Police did REFUSE to even investigate and actually threatened me on my landlord’s behalf. The matter DID escalate to the point where they tried to KILL ME and I was forced to flee Sheffield and became made homeless. I lost everything. I also believe it is probable that the Benefits Service did collude with my former landlord to make me homeless. I do not believe in that level of ‘coincidence’ and one member of Jobcentre staff did ‘unofficially’ admit that to me. The Benefits Service DID cancel ALL my benefits as a direct result of being made homeless and have refused to re-instate them since. With having no income, no bank account, no means of earning a living, no means of actually doing anything they have also made it impossible for me to get out of the situation that THEY have put me in (legally, at least). They also refused to provide proof of benefit letters on the instigation of the Council and this meant I could not even lodge papers/ file a defence in Court as Court officials refused to accept them with out a POB letter. This is how they stopped poor people from accessing the Court system in Sheffield but I don’t know if this policy has gone nation wide yet!!! It was they that forced me to become unemployed in the first place! I can only hope that I can get this paperwork to Nottingham Court before they adopt the same policy! My parents ARE also about to become homeless as a direct result of the extra financial burden of supporting me. IT IS NOT A DELUSION. IT DID HAPPEN!!! IT IS STILL HAPPENING. There is not a damn thing that I can do about it.

I believe in ‘justice’ (although that is a bit of an abstract concept), if there is such a thing, and consequently I firmly believe that government employees should be held accountable for what they do/ mistakes that they make. Not everything that they did to me can be accounted for by the ‘it’s a mistake’ (or we really are that stupid) excuse, not that such people ever admit to making mistakes anyway! I know that this is never going to happen, but they have left me with no choice but to try and fight. They never give me another option (apart from suicide)! Gross stupidity/ ignorance has never been an acceptable excuse, either! I don’t believe that such people as the Police ever ‘officially’ accept it, unless one of their own uses that excuse. Neither is ‘following orders’ or because ‘of the secret procedure that you or never allowed to see’ or because ‘the computer told me to do it’ or ‘I have to do this to people because I have a mortgage to pay’. Another ‘excuse’ that Thompson came up with was ‘you should be grateful to me. There are a lot of people worse off than you, such as the Thalidomide babies and those on Ritalin etc. I am a good one, I personally got you out- you should be really grateful to me!’ That one was unique to Phil Thompson- he had obviously put a lot of thought into it as I had asked him to try and come up with something more ‘original’ than the standard G-man excuses! I do not see that I have anything to be grateful for, although lower level abuse is preferable to higher level abuse!

What they did to me was CRIMINAL, although it is impossible to ascertain whether it was legal or not. The only other option is suicide, which is also (perversely) illegal (apparently/ allegedly)!!!

At one point I did mention examples of couple of other things that has happened to me. I generally like to talk to people/ educate people/ try to make them open their eyes as to the kind of country that we’re living in now. I can still see nothing wrong (let alone illegal) with that! There are far too many blinking sheep in this country! Exactly the same thing happened in 1930s Germany, at least according to my education! I gave another couple of examples of the kind of things that happened to me. I did visit London last year to spend some time with a friend. When I got off the tube at Waterloo TWO people in what I believe to be Police uniforms did follow me with their eyes and pointed their automatic guns in my direction. They did follow me until I left the station. I did make eye contact with them and they were definitely watching me. They also appeared to be talking on their radios, presumably about me. I could ‘almost’ understand it if it weren’t for the fact that I am WHITE. NOT that it would excuse such behaviour even if I were a different colour! I certainly believe that I was being monitored by the CCTV system from the moment I stepped onto the tube network. Possibly motivated by the fact that I was carrying a large bag over my shoulder and the fact that I do visit certain web-sites that ‘some’ would disapprove of. Such as the magna carta link already mentioned,,,,,,,,,,,,
to name a few. I believe that it is still legal to look at such things. It is certainly RIGHT. There is no wrong in it. I also used to have a lot of friends that happened to be Asian/ Muslim. I believe that I may have been labelled ‘guilty by association’/ or just for ‘talking’. I may also choose to look at websites that feature guns/ missile launchers etc. I am quite technically minded and do like to understand how things work. I also have an interest in history/ military history. Until recently I wouldn’t have considered I was doing anything wrong in doing that. I have recently heard that some Muslim got 3 and ½ years in an official prison for doing precisely that!!! Since when exactly has ‘gaining knowledge’ become illegal?

A few days later there was another incident when I was followed for over five minutes by a group of people in bright yellow jackets. They weren’t particularly discreet. Some were clearly marked as CSOs (browncoats) and some appeared to be Police. They did keep pointing at me and was obviously talking about me. The most probable explanation for their behaviour was the fact that I had just taken a picture of the Houses of Parliament (Commons) on my mobile phone. At the time I did find their behaviour quite ‘amusing’, in a sense. Apparently, that is now illegal as it is called having a ‘document preparatory to an act of (so-called) terrorism’. I dread to think what they would have done to me if I was a non white person! The Houses of Parliament are actually a symbol of the liberal democracy that we used to have in this country and I see nothing wrong in taking a picture of it. Intimidatory behaviour such as this just strengthens my resolve to continue talking in the way that I do/ try to accomplish something with regards to restoring the kind of society that I was brought up to believe in. It also seems to be a deliberate policy to provoke people into taking up arms against their government. It’s not just the Muslims that they’re picking on any more!!! In the real world, of course, there is not a damn thing I can do about it, especially considering that I have been forced to live off other people’s charity for around two years. I can’t go anywhere nor do anything!!! I am just waiting to die and I have little reason to even try and live. I keep hoping that these people will come around and put seven bullets in my head. They should expect a promotion for it! However, such people aren’t that nice. There are worse things than dying (I’ve been there) and they do prefer to continue to do such things to me. There is still the forlorn hope that a journalist may be interested in the story, although that would be a further violation in itself. Given up on lawyers as I have no money and the only thing that ‘legal aid’ pays for is pretend lawyers/ plastic lawyers. I’ve had experience of those and they DID destroy evidence and have collaborated with the enemy! It is NOT a delusion!

I have also been repeatedly harassed and intimidated by ‘them’ and whom I presume are Police/ browncoats on numerous occasions since my ‘release’. A full statement with regard to that is provided in the parallel case.


Another thing that we spoke about was the Data Protection legislation and the fact that all government employees are exempt from it (at least in practice). As well as the Housing Act, The unsolicited Goods and Services Act, those regarding assaults/ threats/ attempted murder etc. I have numerous examples of this and how it has adversely effected me over the years. I am a very private person and believe in keeping things confidential. We didn’t talk about that ‘history’ in great detail but we did talk about it in the context of ‘medical notes’. My previous Doctor in Sheffield DID release confidential data relating to me to Lloyds Pharmacy and Sheffield City Council (SCC) employees (and Christ knows who else) without consent. The local Dr’s surgery also had a sign up on their notice board stating NOT to ask for a Dr’s note with regard to the SCC. The notice also stated that if anyone phoned up claiming to work for the SCC they would simply give him or her any information they want about anyone without consent or even verifying that it was actually a SCC employee they were speaking to! I believe this to be WRONG and possibly illegal, although the DPA is never enforced, especially against government employees. I’ve also had some lunatic (who claimed to be a nurse) YELL confidential medical information regarding me across a packed waiting room. I was also jabbed in the throat and threatened with further violence when I asked her to stop. De Silva DID discuss my ‘so called’ medical notes (as he called them) with my parents without my consent. He continued to do this after I told him I was not giving consent. I have absolutely no idea exactly what he told them! He also supplied information to the Benefits Service without consent (I don’t know exactly what but I believe that it amounted to libel and a fraudulent claim for Incapacity Benefit). Somebody at Sycamore has also supplied confidential information relating to me to the local (Grantham) and Lincoln Councils- they in turn have sold it on to private marketing companies! They’ve also managed to obtain my date of birth and other personal information relating to me and I have absolutely no idea how they got it! They may have tortured the information out of me, but I have no recollection of them even asking! There are many gaps in my memory! The Benefits service routinely sells on personal data to marketing companies also. Benefits Service staff (who also refuse to give names) has also physically assaulted me and they are also guilty of numerous DPA violations. It is also TRUE that the government is introducing a ‘NHS Spine’ that will contain every person’s medical notes. This is not only going to be available to the Private IT contractors who supply the system it IS also going to be made available to EVERY government employee. They are also going to share that information across Europe and the USA. Also, given that some Doctor in Romania is also going to have access to it earning a poxy £10 a month the pressure on him to sell that database to the private sector is going to be immense. Consequently, there is no doubt in my mind that everyone’s confidential medical files will be available to ANYONE and everyone within a few years. Given the government’s record on security it is obvious that they have totally abandoned the concept of keeping such things secure. Those Doctors who refuse to co-operate with that system (I believe that they all took an oath to keep such things secure/ confidential) are threatened with ‘non-renewal’ of their contracts. They will not be allowed to work in this country if they refuse to co-operate. This is typical of the ‘bully boy’ tactics employed by this government. IT IS NOT A DELUSION! This IS the kind of country that we’re now living in! THEY STILL REFUSE TO GRANT ME ACCESS TO MY ‘SO CALLED’ MEDICAL RECORDS, PRESUMABLY BECAUSE THIS WOULD BE EVIDENCE AGAINST THEM. I DO NOT give my consent for anyone to access them AND I am entitled to access myself. I believe that is still currently the law. This is what I was taught to believe. The law has not been changed yet, as far as I am aware. Impossible to know for sure!

Also, given the labels that they have put on me the ‘stigma’ will be following me around for the rest of my life and I fully expect to be penalised/ discriminated against until I die. Hopefully, that will not be too long now. I AM NOT naive enough too simply believe such things about people just because some anonymous government employee has made such entries on a database. Unfortunately, at least 98% of the population is! I am truly scared to even have children as the labels that have been applied to me will also be linked up to any future child of mine. Consequently, he or she will also probably be labelled as a delinquent foetus, or something. I’ve also heard that the law is currently being changed to require/ force mother’s to name the father on birth certificates. There is also little doubt that the computer will automatically tell them anyway as they do have my DNA! I dare not have children or even have sex with anyone ever again! Apart from that, children require a ‘Dad’, not just a father- I doubt that I will live long enough to bring them up properly and I also doubt that I will ever acquire the necessary resources to do so either! Then there is the ‘species is intent on wiping themselves out’ thing! I really can’t see any point in being me/ existing anymore…All I am is a burden- that is what they have reduced me to!

Consequently, I will never willingly see a Doctor ever again for three reasons. Firstly, I now know that they are in the business of holding without trial and torturing innocent people, under the pretext/ old excuse of ‘helping’ them and ‘it’s for your own good’. Secondly, I believe in keeping my private business confidential. That is no longer possible if you consent to medical treatment in this country. I’m not sure that it ever was possible! Thirdly, it is impossible to get any treatment in this country that has not been tested (tortured) on animals. Perversely/ ironically they claimed it was actually me that was a danger to animals (and children) with their ‘psychic abilities’. I will never willingly see a Doctor even if I contracted brain cancer or was involved in a major accident. It’s a moot point anyway as I have now been denied access to the (real) NHS. This is despite the fact that I have paid them tens of thousands of pounds (at least) via taxation for this ‘service’! I’m sure that the NHS spine will also indirectly save the government a lot of money. I’m sure I can’t be the only one that thinks like I do! But then again they are banning fat people and smokers (even though we subsidise the health service for everyone else through the extra tax that we pay) from using the service anyway. Apparently/ allegedly it is illegal to discriminate against people on the basis of sex or colour. Apparently, it IS perfectly legal to discriminate against those who have the ‘fat bastard gene’ or those who have the gene that makes them more likely to get addicted to things like smoking. Then there are the ginger people and the homosexuals. Soon they’ll be refusing to treat people that have been involved in car accidents are have STD’s. It’s your own fault for driving a car/ having sex!

In a few years it would seem that you only can use the health service if you are a) fit and healthy (i.e. no medical need), b) prepared to have your private business laid open to anyone and everyone (apart from yourself) to see, c) willing to have your DNA etc. sampled and put on their database. I feel sure that they will be automatically sampling everyone’s DNA at birth shortly. There have been some recent moves towards that. After that it will be RFID chips (or another variety) and GPS locators being put in them. Makes a mockery of the phrases ‘do no harm’ and ‘innocent until proven guilty’. This is NOT the kind of country that I was brought up to believe in/ defend. There was a time that I would have been more than happy to lay down my life for this country. I was a Corporal in the RAF and I did turn down an opportunity with MI-5. Not anymore! I no longer have faith in this country or the values that it is supposed to stand for! I am no longer that naive! I do not/ can not accept that ‘losing faith’ is a valid excuse for what they did to me! Continue to do to me!

Recently I have also uncovered another ‘fact’, apparently, but the PTB is still trying to suppress this information,

"When doctors in Israel went on strike for a month in 1973, admissions
to hospitals fell by 85%, and the overall death rate in Israel dropped
by 50%. The same thing happened in Colombia in 1976 where a 52 day
doctor's strike resulted in an 18% reduction in the death rate and 60%
fewer operations. And when physicians went on strike in the United
Kingdom for a month in 1978, deaths dropped by 40%. When all these
striking doctors returned to work, the death rate rose again to its
pre-strike level."

They also had the nerve to claim that I was not being held in a prison! The fact that they have the nerve to go around calling that place a hospital does not negate the fact that in reality it is a PRISON. I also believe they treat their prisoners far worse than ‘official’ prisoners, i.e. those who have actually been convicted of doing something illegal! They don’t abuse ‘official prisoners’ with mind frell drugs, for example! What was done to me was done because of my political views. I can still see no wrong in it, but I find it impossible to ascertain whether it was legal or not. I believe that the facilities/ quality of life given to convicted murderers, paedophiles and rapists, for example, is far better than the quality if life given to me and their other victims.

In the prison they claim to have a gym but refuse to give anyone access to it with the standard excuse of ‘there is never anyone available to supervise so you can’t use it’. I did not require supervision- I am not a child! I believe that the real reason (on the balance of probability) that they refused to let anybody use it as it was not in their interests to do so. That is, if any of their victims actually started to acquire some physical strength it may have become possible to actually defend oneself when ‘randomly’ attacked! Despite the mind frell/ Zombie drugs! They also claimed that I could have a bath anytime that I wanted to but in reality I couldn’t as they kept the bath plug hidden! It’s a moot point anyway as they insisted on bursting in on me when they knew I was naked and it is far easier to ‘cover oneself’ when in the shower rather than in the bath! At least in official prisons you do have some measure of privacy/ security as they have locks on cell doors! At least ‘officially’ they do have some respect for ‘Human Rights’!

Prisoners weren’t even allowed to watch television (properly) at any time whatsoever. Female prisoners actually have a private room that only they are allowed access to and can watch television in there. Men don’t have a private room and it is, quite obviously, blatant sexual discrimination. The ‘communal’ TV room is actually a corridor that leads to the dining room. With people constantly walking in and out it is impossible to watch anything. Also, with the noise from the dining room/ drinks machine it is impossible to hear the TV properly. I was not ‘allowed’ to close the door in order to try and shut off the noise and when I tried to do so I was either threatened or physically attacked! I did repeatedly try to watch TV AS THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE TO DO although I generally don’t watch the box that much. The ONLY things that I specifically tried to watch whilst being held was ‘Spooks (largely a piece of ‘white’ propaganda, but reasonably entertaining)’, ‘Dr Who’, ‘Smallville’ and ‘Big Brother’. There wasn’t a great deal on at the time! I was never allowed to watch any of these properly and that is actually worse than not watching them at all. I also tried to watch ‘The Shield’ but they didn’t even allow me to ‘pretend’ to watch that as it was past my bedtime, apparently (I am an adult)! Some members of staff also routinely/ repeatedly stood in front of the TV so you couldn’t see it. It WAS a deliberate policy to annoy/ provoke people! I know how that probably sounds but the truth is still the truth! They also had the ‘perverse’ habit of turning the television off ten minutes before a film was due to end!!! Slightly annoying, to say the least but I believe that they were routinely trying to provoke a reaction from one of their other victims (namely Nigel) more than myself! Sometimes they would start shouting in my ear/ punching me when a particular programme got slightly interesting. Again, for no particular reason! Some members of staff also turned the programme over half way through simply because they wanted to watch something else! You dare not challenge them! I dread to think of the obscene amount of taxpayers' money that they are being paid to watch TV! Occasionally they would put a DVD on for their victims to watch. You were never allowed to watch it in reality as they would not let you. Sometimes they would wait for the DVD to start before jabbing/ texting/ beeping away on their mobile phones (right in my ear) even though they also claim that they’re not allowed to have mobile phones switched on whilst at work! They would also insist on switching the DVD off/ turning the channel over half way through the movie! They were blatantly trying to provoke a reaction from people! I struggle to understand the mentality of these people. Why would they do such things? I can only presume that they were trying to provoke a reaction from their victims in order to make their sad pathetic lives/ jobs more interesting. Some members of staff are better than others. I can understand that it must be a very boring job, for the most part. Not that doing what they do could actually be considered a proper ‘job’!

On another occasion Karen Endley was kind enough to borrow some videos from somebody and lend them to me. I got about half way through the ‘Running Man’ before some fat blonde women (I believe her name was Sally) forced me to turn it off, again under the constant threat of violence. I was not allowed to watch them at all after that! I JUST WANT TO KNOW ‘WHY?’ I MEAN, WHY ON EARTH WOULD THESE PEOPLE DO THIS, ESPECIALLY CONSIDERING THOSE FACILITIES WERE ‘OFFICIALLY’ MADE AVAILABLE TO US ‘PRISONERS’? THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE TO DO! THE IMMENSE BOREDOM WAS ONE OF THE WORST THINGS ABOUT THAT PLACE!

As I have been forced to live off other peoples’ charity for so long I currently have very few pleasures in life. Watching the occasional television programme or a DVD is about as good as my life gets! Unfortunately, I have NOT been able to concentrate on a programme/ watch/ enjoy properly since I was captured and tortured. It is the first thing that I think about when I wake up and it is the last thing I think about before going to bed. I can not STOP thinking about what was done to me even for a few minutes. I find it impossible to sleep properly and have not had a decent night’s sleep for nearly 18 months now! I can not think, concentrate, enjoy or do anything! Every time there is a noise at the door or the dog barks I crap myself, metaphorically speaking! I suspect that the technical ‘label’ for such people is PTSD. I do not believe I will ever fully recover from what was done to me! I am absolutely terrified to go outside! There does not seem to be anything that I can do to get over it let alone do anything about it!

The listening to music was also banned. MP3 players, walkmans and any other electrical device (including mobile phones) were also banned. I am also a heavy coffee drinker. During my incarceration I was only ‘allowed’ two tiny/ half cups of (substandard) coffee per day with meals. I also like to put a ‘little’ sugar into it. I was unable to do so as the sugar that was provided was lumpy, parts of it was brown and had insects in it. I do not believe that they kept the sugar bowls covered at any time and rather than clean them out they just topped them up and mixed in the ‘manky’ sugar in with the clean. It really was quite disgusting and they claim to be a hospital! Occasionally they would put out a ‘drinks trolley’ that did have normal size cups on it. I was only able to get access to it on two occasions during my whole time there! They never tell people when they put it out and there is nowhere near enough to go around everybody. There were only enough cups/ spoons etc. to go around 50% of the prisoners and it was a case of ‘first come, first (self) served’. I believe that they were probably trying to provoke fights- they could have been running a book on it for all I know! There was only two occasions when I saw it being put out and was able to get there in time to actually get a coffee! There were then numerous occasions where I was accused of being responsible for numerous dirty cups being left around the prison and was physically assaulted on one occasion in regard to that! I was NOT responsible for those dirty cups as I wasn’t even allowed access to them! It was quite a hardship for someone used to drinking at least a dozen cups of quality coffee a day! I would also have smoked more than I was allowed to if I was allowed, especially with the increased stress!

You were only allowed to ever do what they say you could do and then another member of staff would stop you!!! How perverse is that? It was also virtually impossible to distinguish who were ‘the staff’ and who were the other prisoners. The ONLY way to tell was to look and see if they went in and out of the ‘office’ or not. As well as those that randomly assaulted or threatened people. Those prisoners who did try and defend themselves were beaten up and shoved in the torture room/ segregation room. I do doubt that any of this behaviour is legal! I would have been much better off with the likes of Judge Dredd!

By contrast, in official prisons I believe that the vast majority of prisoners (at least) have TVs in their cells. They are also allowed to listen to music. They also have game consoles. They are also allowed access to the Internet. They are also allowed to smoke when they want to. They are not made to beg for permission! I believe that prisoners that have actually been convicted of something have some measure of ‘Human Rights’. I believe that they are also allowed ‘conjugal visits’ whilst I was not! They are also entitled to some level of privacy! I believe that they are also allowed access to the telephone. I was not allowed access to a telephone for several weeks. When I was ‘supposedly’ given access I could not access as they had stolen my phone and my phonebook/ numbers were not available to me. I also did not have any change. It was several weeks before a family member was able to get telephone numbers to me with change for the telephone. Not that I had anybody to call! Especially considering that telephone numbers for solicitors were withheld from me! My calls were then routinely monitored, usually by fat Jim. I believe official prisoners are entitled to some level of privacy! They are even allowed to have locks on their cells!!!

Unofficially, I believe that they are even also allowed access to things such as alcohol, illegal drugs, mobile phones and hardcore pornography.

I’ve also heard that convicted child killers (I’m thinking of the Jamie Bulger case, in particular) have also been ‘rewarded’ with very expensive foreign holidays etc. In another (recent) case, white van man who killed a 7 year old boy in a ‘hit and run’ incident did only five weeks in an official prison and, presumably, wasn’t tortured!!! I DID 8-9 WEEKS IN A FAR WORSE PRISON AND WAS TORTURED (AND WAS MANIPULATED WITH DRUGS/ MIND FRELLED) JUST FOR TALKING. I believe the whole blinking world has gone mad, not me! The less said about the blinking Spice Girls the better!

Apart from the concerns already stated regarding De Silva's ‘fitness’ to do what he does there were also some other ‘general’ areas of concern. He seems to be unable to listen to people properly/ comprehend English/ what they say. I don’t believe it to be a ‘language problem’ as he does seem capable of speaking the language when he is not muttering/ mumbling. Several times when he was speaking I noticed he seemed to ‘drift off’/ forget what he was saying part way through a sentence. He certainly refuses to provide any evidence of the psychic ability that he claims that he has. A specific example would be the fact that he asked me in the region of twenty times what my degree was in (I have no idea how he knew that I have a degree). I answered him each and every time with a BA (Hons) degree in ‘Business Studies and Information Management’ but on other occasions he kept referring to the fact that I am intelligent (in a very patronising way) because I hold a PhD. I do not have a PhD. I certainly have no money to buy that level of education! He either can’t remember simple facts (even when they are written down for him) or he was confusing me with someone else. Prior to my experience I had the notion that psychiatrists were specifically trained to listen properly. Ferguson has also showed me something that he had written regarding my qualification but it was still written down incorrectly. I believe from what Ferguson has said that he knows that he is incompetent/ a liability but seems unwilling or unable to do anything about that. Possibly because he is ‘smart’ enough to know what happens to people who ‘go up against’ a colleague or other government employee and, consequently, is simply out for himself. The whole ‘culture’ with regard to that needs to change, in my humble opinion! There is also the possibility of the ‘race card’ being played. I know that I will NEVER reach a senior position such as that Ferguson holds (he refuses to tell me exactly what his job title is but I suspect he is amongst the most senior) BECAUSE I always do the right thing, regardless of the consequences to myself. I am honest and have integrity- bit of an alien concept as far as G-men are concerned! There may be such a thing as a decent ‘G-man’ but I can’t say that I have ever actually met one! The best predictor of future behaviour IS previous behaviour! I don’t care if that makes me sound like a crazy man!

With De Silva's age and what I noticed about him I do wonder if he’s going a bit ‘senile’ or something. He certainly seems to be a very confused/ patronising/ arrogant individual. He certainly isn’t as intelligent as he seems to think he is! If he were he wouldn’t be doing that job! Although he never physically or sexually assaulted me himself, I do believe that he was the one giving the orders. With the power that he has I really do dread to think of the damage that he has done to people over the years, never mind what he did to myself. Still doing to people. If ANYBODY ‘deserves’ to be held without trial and tortured it’s buggers like him and those in the government! I will NEVER stop speaking, no matter WHAT is done to my family or me!

On another occasion De Silva claimed that I saw a psychiatrist in my early teens. This is NOT true. He has repeatedly promised to show me evidence of this but has never actually done so, presumably because he never got around to fabricating any. I really don’t know what to think of the guy. He is certainly not as intelligent as he seems to think/ pretend he is. I do not believe that he has any psychic abilities and firmly believe that things have been made up to ‘legally’ justify what was done to me. I can only presume that he did this under ‘orders’ from the Police/ browncoats. From what I can gather, he seems to be the main yob in charge! He NEVER even spoke to me before doing what he did to me! I can see no other explanation for it!

After the ‘initial two week (or thereabouts) stint in their custody’ I was released without charge although I had to ‘consent’ (wasn’t real consent) to being visited/ monitored. There was a great deal of pressure to give those ‘yobs’ open access to my/ parental home (I was taught to believe that only the Police could do that and even then they required a warrant, show ID, legally required to behave professionally etc.) but I was successful in persuading them to agree to visit me ONLY in my parents’ garden. THIS WAS AGREED (RELUCTANTLY BY THEM) AGAIN UNDER THE CONSTANT THREAT OF FURTHER VIOLENCE. During the weeks after my release I repeatedly tried to gain access to my ‘so called’ medical notes. They tried to antagonise/ provoke me again by sending personal correspondence to an Eric Stamp. There is NO Eric Stamp and my mother opened that confidential letter. They know DAMN WELL what my name is. Initially they made no end of excuses for the delay in providing me access to the information that they hold on me. I was ‘coerced’ into submitting the ‘request’ (demand) in writing several times! Karen Endley had obviously told them that I intended to take some form of legal action against them as De Silva eventually forged some paperwork to ‘legally deny me access’, as he claims. I do not believe him when he says that denying me access is legal. I believe that I am entitled to such ‘files’ under the Data Protection Act. I’ve also had numerous battles with G-men (and those in the private sector) regarding information that people hold on me and gaining access to it. I have had a reasonably good education. Curse that it is now, especially in this day and age!!!

Maybe I should be bringing legal action against my old School/ University teachers for teaching me to think how I do! People are largely a product of the societies that created them. I was taught to believe that we live in a liberal democracy and there was such a thing as ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘freedom of thought’. I believe that the correct legal terminology for such a case would be ‘misrepresentation’, from what I can gather about that ‘secret’ system!

Towards the end of October I received a letter from another nameless government employee implying yet more violence against me in order to force access to my home, for someone called Ferguson. This was the first time that I had heard that name even mentioned! I still don’t really have any idea of exactly who or what he is- I presume that he is a ‘Doctor’ (he did later claimed that much) of some sort as well! They got a proportionate response in return. When I say ‘proportionate response’ I mean that phrase in proper English. Not in American English that usually involves the murder of 10 000 innocent men, women and children in response to around 200 adults (the vast majority Kenyan). Or the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocents (including children) and the routine torture of tens of thousands more in response to the deaths of around 3000 (mostly adults). I believe that it is actually called a ‘disproportionate’ response in proper English. Or just good old fashioned mass murder! I did study the subject to A-Level standard! I also believe that I do KNOW what words mean. They do NOT mean whatever G-men pretend they mean! The Americans have corrupted our language/ history in numerous ways but even I never thought that they would go as far as ‘reversing’ the meaning of words! Then again it seems that the British government has now adopted the same policy! Even this blinking American spellchecker/ grammar checker is telling me things are wrong when I KNOW that they aren’t! I believe what I was taught to believe! I simply sent them an email basically saying that I would defend myself if I was attacked (in anyway whatsoever) again. I believe that the Human Rights act is still in force and I’ve certainly heard a ‘rumour’ that there is a clause in there that makes it legal to defend one’s self when attacked! Unfortunately, copies of such documents are NOT available to mere mortals such as myself! Regardless of the law I have every right to defend myself. I’ve also never been one to let secret rules/ procedures/ laws that constantly seem to change without telling people to stop me from doing what I believe to be right! Call me crazy if you must! Also, I did hear that a precedent was set around ten years ago in relation to emails. That is that they’re not considering ‘binding’/ legal in anyway whatsoever due to the electronic nature of the medium i.e. they can so easily be changed/ fabricated! There is the very real suspicion that something like that may have been done to ‘legally justify’ what was done to me but they refuse to even confirm exactly what emails they have been talking about! Emails are CERTAINLY more like verbal conversations than written letters. I’ve always treated them as such! I believe that other psychologists/ psychiatrists/ judges and the whole legal ‘profession’ agree with me on that! I will never stop being the person that I am. Their only/ best option is to kill me but these people are way too ‘sick’ to do that…at least so far! I’m hoping that these proceedings will provoke a FINAL response from them! Judges only have ‘power’ as long as governments’ ‘allow’ them to have it and they only have it as long as the military let them have it. I say NOBODY should have the power to do to people what was done to me, never mind narrow minded, arrogant and unelected yob G-men! There does not seem to be a better option for me apart from death! I really am at ‘my wits end’! What else can I do?

I was fully expecting more violence at any time but it didn’t actually occur until a few days later. Their implied threat against me was actually realised around the end of October/ beginning of November 2006 in the form of which I still presume to be Police/ browncoat yobs again. I still can’t be absolutely sure exactly what they were! I didn’t even try to defend myself when those yobs attacked me AGAIN. I firmly believe that the ‘second beating’ was at least partly motivated by the fact that I had recently contacted the IPCC. All the IPCC did was TELL THEM that I had complained! I believe that the IPCC should have done what they are officially supposed to have done- NOT compound the problem still further by telling them! I mean, WHAT THE F**K? Are they supposed to such things to mere mortals i.e. tell suspects that they are being investigated for attempted murder or rape (for example), tell them who there accuser is and walk away and close the file? Exactly what blinking country are we living in now? A full statement with regard to that has been provided in the parallel case.

Several weeks later Ferguson informed me that it was actually him who physically and sexually assaulted me during the second police/ browncoat assault. He admits to injecting me with a tranquilliser as well as something else, but refuse to tell me what it was. He never even showed me the common courtesy of speaking to me at the time and genuinely seems quite proud of what he did- presumably again acting on Police/ browncoat orders. In subsequent conversations with him he has actually stated that he agrees with my politics and what was done to me shouldn’t have been done. He has stopped way short of an apology, instead referring to a ‘mistake’ and ‘procedural error’. I can only presume that he was again referring to that ‘secret policy that no one is ever allowed to see and constantly seems to change to agree with whoever is using that excuse’ again. I feel confident that he believes that was done to me was WRONG (and illegal) but he refuses to do anything about it. He was probably just trying ‘to cover himself’ as he is very much aware that I was intending some sort of action. He actually continues to be a part of it so that makes him just as guilty as the rest of them, as far as I am concerned. I have absolutely no sympathy for anyone that willingly accepts the power to hold people without trial and torture them solely on the basis of an individual’s word. Especially so when it is done in exchange for obscene amounts of money! I have no idea exactly what his position is but he seems to be amongst the most senior. If your average GP is earning around £100K (that’s grossly obscene, in my humble opinion anyway) he must be on at least £200K per annum by my reckoning. Apart from holding people without trial his job seems to involve harassing, threatening and patronising people. He has minions to do the really violent stuff for him! I also believe that he has the carbon footprint the size of a Yeti and still ‘pretends’ to be a ‘nice person’ and one of the ‘good ones’! As they all do! Even the so-called ‘good ones’ refuse to tell you who they think the ‘bad ones’ are!

Ferguson didn’t even bother to speak to me before participating in the assault!

After the Police/ browncoats had finished beating me and Ferguson had injected me, they all left the room and I was held in a small room (segregation/ torture chamber) for the next (estimated) 36 hours or so. During that time I was not allowed to smoke (I believe that I have a Human Right to smoke and generally need to smoke more when under stress), I was denied access to proper toilet facilities, I was denied access to food/ water and even sunlight. I also repeatedly asked (I DID NOT BEG) for a glass of water but this was also denied to me. When I did initially wake up from the effects of the tranquilliser I found that some light brown liquid in an extremely dirty plastic beaker had been left for me. It smelt and tasted absolutely disgusting but I was so desperate for fluids I tried to drink it. I had presumed that it was coffee (although I drink it without milk) and it must have had about 9-12 sugars in it. It was also stone cold. It was so disgusting/ sickly that I couldn’t help but vomit all over the floor/ myself. Later John Bishop took great pleasure in telling me that it was actually tea and coffee mixed together, again with a big grin on his face when he said it. I also believe that it may actually have been ‘fat Jim’ who mixed that disgusting concoction. It seems to be one of his ‘little jobs’ to collect and administer disgusting drinks/ food to victims that are being held in the torture chamber. I’ve also seen him pant and spit over/ in other people’s food before serving it up to them in the torture room. The man has absolutely no personal hygiene whatsoever! He really is a disgusting/ vile little man!

A few hours after that De Silva, a woman who I believed said her name was Mary Cooper (or something similar) and Lawrenson (allegedly) entered the segregation chamber/ torture room. De Silva immediately claimed that he had summoned Lawrenson claiming that she was my GP. This is NOT true. He knows DAMN WELL that she is not my GP. He WAS told repeatedly! Dr Pullinger from the same practice was ACTUALLY my GP but he had previously refused to see me (for stomach cramps/ pain/ problems- I was only after some pain relief) claiming that I was now ‘owned’ by the STEP team/ Sycamore Assessment Unit people. Those yobs routinely refused to give any ‘real’ medical attention, anyway! Let alone pain relief for what they inflicted on me! I was only after some pain relief. Prior to that telephone conversation with him I had had trouble re-registering with him as I had moved away from the area for over 10 years and I had no documents to prove my identity. Cooper and Lawrenson never even spoke to me in any way whatsoever. De Silva informed me that he had summoned those people there because he needed to make them agree with him for what he called a ‘Section 3’ (whatever that is) which he had already decided to apply to me. I don’t have access to the law (I am only mortal) but it was obvious from the outset that De Silva had specifically picked Lawrenson and Cooper because he knew it would be easy to make them agree with him. He openly admitted that he had done this to forge the paperwork and again seemed to be taunting me/ trying to provoke a reaction from me by telling me this. From what was said and done I certainly suspect that there is some ‘legal process’ that he needed to comply with to do to me what he had already decided to do to me. I do not see how Lawrenson and Cooper could have possibly formed an opinion unless it was SOLELY based on what De Silva told them/ told them to do. He also told me/ taunted me that ALL THREE of them needed to agree with regards to what he called a ‘Section 3’ but in reality it was SOLELY done on De Silva’s say so and the other two simply went along with him (I presume). The ‘decision’ had obviously already been made! Neither woman actually even spoke to me. He was certainly LYING about Lawrenson (presuming that is who she actually was) being my GP. He also stated that he now had the power to hold me without trial and torture me indefinitely, as that is what a ‘Section 3’ means, from what I can gather! Although he did also state that he had to automatically renew it every six months!

After about a ‘day and a half’ (from what I can figure) I was eventually allowed out of the torture room. I was occasionally allowed to smoke my own cigarettes after that but my treatment actually got worse for several days after. Again with no justification/ explanation whatsoever. I was constantly followed around the prison by an old man (refused to give name) who was constantly ‘bleating on’ about the fact that he had caught lung cancer even though he never smoked (apparently). I had absolutely no sympathy for that ‘person’, considering he was a part of what was being done to me. I believe sympathy was what he was after. He also appears to be another anti-smoking fascist although he was never actually violent towards me. He certainly appeared to me to be a bit of ‘a bumbling old fool’ who wasn’t quite ‘with it’ at least 90% of the time. I don’t believe that he was a ‘regular’ member of staff there. I didn’t see him again after those ‘few days’. He was the main person that I repeatedly asked for water whilst I was in the ‘torture chamber’ but he repeatedly denied it to me. Geoff was the other one! What that was supposed to accomplish I can’t even speculate at! I did actually think for a while that they were actually trying to murder me through dehydration. I don’t know how long the human body can go without water/ fluids but I felt pretty close to it. I was already fairly de-hydrated when they captured me as I had been working hard (decorating etc.). He and other people (none appeared to be regular members of staff) continued to follow me around/ harass me (I was even forced to let them watch whilst I went to the toilet) for several days after. At night they refused to let me sleep (although I was ‘allowed’ to in the torture room, although that was largely drug induced). When I was in my cell/ bed trying to sleep I was unable because I was not ‘allowed’ to shut the door and bright lights were constantly being shone in. I could have coped with that but they kept switching it off and on again periodically which actually makes it more difficult to get to sleep rather than having it on constantly. The constant noise was also a problem. The occasional screaming of their other victims made it difficult enough in itself as well as the general ‘prison’ noise. The ‘yobs’ that were constantly monitoring me deliberately sat in the doorway kicking the doorframe or constantly tapping their pens against the clipboard. I did ask why they kept doing it/ asked them to stop but they just ignored me. It was definitely a deliberate policy to prevent me from sleeping. They certainly were not doing it ‘accidentally’ as I repeatedly asked them what their problem was/ why they kept doing it/ to stop. Most of the time they refused to even speak to me. I can only presume that their behaviour was another way they were deliberately trying to provoke a reaction from me. They refused to let me back in the torture room so that I could sleep. I did ask repeatedly! I’m sure such people believe that they are perfectly justified to do such things to people considering my politics. I do not! This is what happens when you give complete and utter morons the ‘power’ to detain and abuse people! Then again, I don’t believe that the deaths of around 200 justify the mass murder of ten thousand or that the killing of less than 3000 justifies the murder of hundreds of thousands, including children! I MUST BE A CRAZY MAN! I just (genuinely) can’t see it!

I believe what I was taught to believe in!

Did I mention the fact that I am actually WHITE?

I was also taught to believe that things like sunlight deprivation, water deprivation and sleep deprivation were specifically outlawed under the Geneva Convention and rightly so. They can’t use the ‘he’s too poor to afford a uniform’ excuse on me as I used to be a Corporal in the RAF and I still have my old uniform!!! I’m hardly an expert, but there is certainly something wrong with the mentality of these people. I’m sure the majority are ‘true believers’ of some sort, just like the Nazis/ Ori/ Blairites etc!

At no point whatsoever did De Silva even try to offer any justification of the label of ‘psychotic’ that he applied to me. I am NOT psychotic and never have been! I also believe that becoming ‘psychotic’ is actually ‘normal’ in the right circumstances. It is part of a human being’s natural defence system- such as in times of extreme threat or in War! I have had an excellent education! Including lectures from ‘top people’ at Sandhurst military academy! You are far more likely to survive in most circumstances if you charge directly at the enemy and take them ‘head on’. If you cower behind the nearest rock/ wall or whatever you are actually far more likely to die when the enemy comes at YOU! It’s a moot point as such a label is entirely unwarranted in my situation! The time ‘of extreme threat’ to myself was over by at least six months and I don’t believe that I actually ‘quite got there’….. It was also perfectly obvious that ALL those involved in my detention without trial aren’t particularly intelligent and the sheer arrogance of such ‘narrow minded yobs’ never ceases to amaze me! I know I should STOP being amazed by now, but I really can’t help it! It is another myth that this society holds that such people are intelligent/ highly educated/ moral/ ethical people. That simply isn’t true! I also believe that there are a lot of really stupid people wandering around with a very expensive education and lots of letters after their names. I also believe that there are many really intelligent people (and earning a pittance) wandering around with no education whatsoever! Unfortunately, I’ve been lumbered with the worst sides of both coins! I do not believe/ accept that that makes me crazy!

I don’t believe that anyone should have that kind of power over people in what is supposed to be a liberal democracy, certainly not narrow minded, ignorant yob idiots such as those. At least they’re more honest about the situation in ‘dictatorships’! I’m sure the majority of them are ‘true believers’ (although some systematically abuse their power/ take great pleasure in it) but that does make them right or even ‘legal’ in this case. I believe that they are genuinely deluding themselves- and their delusions reinforces each other’s! It is actually relatively ‘easy’ for someone to pretend to have psychic powers to see into people’s minds claiming that they can see things other people can’t see and it is impossible to prove otherwise. However, I believe in the British legal system it is up to them to prove ‘guilt’, not for me to prove ‘innocence’. At least, that WAS what I was taught to believe! THEY DIDN’T EVEN ACCUSE ME OF ANYTHING! I find it impossible to determine exactly what the legal situation is now! There is NO evidence against me of anything. They didn’t even accuse me of anything, apart from the ‘random’ labels they used to justify it. Simply De Silva’s ‘so called’ opinion which he formed BEFORE he even spoke to me (I believe that it was dictated to him by the police/ browncoats) and everything else has been twisted to what he calls his diagnoses. I do not believe that even an ‘opinion’ (presuming that it is even a genuine opinion) should be enough to ‘convict’/ abuse me in the manner that they did. Certainly not without a ‘trial’ of some description at least. It is certainly NOT evidence of any description. I believe/ presume that they have also destroyed the CCTV evidence that did exist there (real evidence). Ferguson has told me as much. I’ve made every effort to secure it! As I always do!

During the period of my second incarceration De Silva seemed to have acquired a new assistant that also claims to be a Doctor (also refuses to provide name). She seems far too young to have actually completed the required number of years training. She kept insisting on having private ‘one on one’ meetings with me first thing in the morning. I wasn’t sleeping properly and she insisted on having me woken up and ‘interrogated’ without so much as a cup of coffee! There didn’t seem to be any particular purpose for this, apart from patronising me. She kept calling me a ‘little boy’ and just did it more so/ kept grinning at me when I asked her to stop/ explained that I was AT LEAST six/ seven years older than she was! She kept laughing at me/ making snide comments every time I tried to reason with the woman. She was obviously trying to provoke me- she wasn’t particularly subtle about it! I didn’t rise to it! She did seem to struggle with English but she did seem to understand me when I spoke to her! She didn’t really ask me any questions and just kept saying that she thought I ‘should live out in the community’, whatever that means. I can only presume that she was operating under De Silva’s instruction. I believe that she was probably a ‘trainee’ abuser of some sort and was obviously naive enough to be manipulated by the power that does exist there. She seemed to have had the mentality of a small child and (in a sense) she is probably as much a victim as an abuser! I certainly believe that she was trying to provoke me into doing something that they would have twisted to justify even further abuse against me. It is a standard tactic to continuously provoke people into defending themselves and they can then use that as an excuse/ justification for even further abuse! I managed to resist the urge to slap her. There were also numerous other examples of provocation by these people that are far to numerous to list in this statement. Some of which I believe to be deliberate but some can be accounted for by the fact that (at least) some are genuinely that stupid i.e. they can not help themselves. I believe that some of these people actually do genuinely believe what they believe and are just ‘following orders’! It is also ‘blatantly obvious’ that the vast majority of these people aren’t even up to the ‘official standard’, whatever that actually means. The fact that these people are also being paid ridiculously large sums of taxpayers’ money to do such things to people is quite offensive in itself. I believe that even the most lowly earn more than I have ever done.

I believe that I have shown a considerable amount of restraint, given the sheer level of provocation!

There have been several other things (that I am aware of) that have simply been made up/ twisted to justify what they did to me. John Bishop told me (although he refuses to tell me who) that somebody had written in my ‘so called’ medical notes that I had said that I heard voices. THIS IS NOT TRUE. IT IS A DOWNRIGHT LIE. I DID NOT SAY THIS. I DO NOT SAY THINGS THAT I DO NOT BELIEVE TO BE TRUE. I AM A VERY SELF-RIGHTEUOUS MAN. That is probably my only ‘real’ crime, although I do not believe it is illegal to be ‘self righteous’. I have also been accused of being arrogant, usually by really stupid people who are incapable of having an intelligent argument/ conversation! Just because people have said it, it doesn’t make it true! I can only presume that (presuming what John Bishop said to me is actually true and wasn’t just another attempt to try and provoke a reaction out of me) this was made up for the sole purpose of implying something like ‘schizophrenia’. I do not believe what they did to me was legal on the basis of my political views and it does seem logical that they would make something else up/ doctor the ‘paperwork’ for ‘legal reasons’. I know how G-men work! Even if I was I doubt that it is legal to torture/ rape and abuse people on that basis, presuming that there really is such a thing. Although they systematically refuse to give me access to my ‘so called’ medical notes (torture notes) I have little doubt that things have been made up to ‘doctor’ the paperwork/ legally justify what they did to me. They are a pretty stupid bunch of people but they’re not ALL that stupid!

Another example would be (again from John Bishop) regarding an incident with a beef burger. With his psychic ability he had claimed that he saw me looking inside the bap of the beef burger for concealed drugs. THIS IS NOT TRUE. In reality I was actually trying to scrape off some of the congealed fat on the burger and apply some ketchup to it. I believe that this is totally normal/ rational behaviour. I do not believe that it had been ‘re-heated’ properly, considering the globules of white fat/ lard. It is actually just another example of twisting the facts/ telling lies to try and justify what was done to me. ALL of them had obviously gone in with pre-conceived beliefs about me (probably on the instigation of Police/ browncoats/ De Silva) and simply twisted the real facts of the matter to fit their beliefs/ their own delusions. I believe John Bishop to be a ‘true believer’ but it is actually evidence of his narrow mindedness/ lack of intelligence/ lack of tolerance/ sheer arrogance in what they do. He is also an ex-army yob and routinely told me stories of the people he had killed, I presume to try and intimidate me. Despite his training he is getting old, bald and fat. If there was ever the possibility of a FAIR fight I might just be able to take him, even with my medical/ back problems! These people never play ‘fair’ though and I never lifted so much as a finger to defend myself during the whole time. If they say anything else they are lying! If I am ever successful in gaining access to my ‘so called’ medical notes I have little doubt that there would be endless examples of ‘twisted facts’ and downright lies. These are simply two examples of what was verbally said to me. They persistently refuse to put anything in writing (let alone show any ID) presumably for ‘legal reasons’. I believe it is also true to say that this is true of pretty much all government employees justified by the ‘it’s the secret policy that you are not allowed a copy of and constantly seems to change to show that we are always right all the time’ excuse and variations on the same theme. I doubt that there is such a policy and it is simply one of the phrases that they are trained to say when people ask awkward questions/ challenge them/ their behaviour. Just like ‘school rules’- I never saw such a ‘document’ when I was getting an education. IT IS FACT THAT I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO OBTAIN A PROPER SIGNATURE FROM ANY GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE IN OVER TEN YEARS, EVEN ON COURT DOCUMENTS. I believe that to be wrong and unnecessarily antagonistic, best case scenario. Thousands of pounds of tax-payers’ money (let alone my own time and money) could have been saved if G-men would actually put a signature to their threats, honoured ‘agreements’ and stopped endlessly contradicting themselves/ each other. Gross stupidity can only partially explain the things that they have done to me/ my family. I am well aware that the vast majority of the population IS pretty stupid and a disproportionate (true meaning of the word) numbers of them DO find employment as G-men. It’s just a sad fact of life! The world is far from perfect but I do HOPE that it is still legal to have an opinion/ express an opinion in this country!

On some occasions when I did ask to see evidence of who and what they claimed to be (ID) I was very often punched/ shoved and screamed at. They tried to justify their behaviour by claiming that asking to see ID was evidence of a mental illness!!! In reality G-men NEVER show ID and rarely tell you what their names are. This includes yobs that claim to work for the council, NHS staff, Police officers/ browncoats and even Court staff. According to the media, OFFICIAL government advice is to ALWAYS to ask to see ID from such people just in case they’re not who they claim to be. In practice, they even refuse to give names (for the most part)! If any G-man ever actually did show me ID I would have to presume that it is a forgery and act accordingly. I do not accept that asking to see ID constitutes evidence of a mental illness! I hate to get so anal about it, but as a citizen of this country I was TAUGHT to expect that such people should behave professionally and behave with due respect to people that they were ‘bothering’ or harassing/ threatening etc. Maybe my old school teachers should be held liable for teaching me to think like this! There seems to be a culture of ‘institutionalised yobism’ within G-man ranks in general and this is then reflected in/ pushed on to other members of the general public/ society in general. Best case scenario! A ‘moral superiority complex’ ALWAYS leads to some seriously unethical behaviour! I firmly believe that if G-men actually started to treat members of the general public with respect/ common courtesy then this would also be reflected in the behaviour of the general public. I HOPE it’s still legal to have an opinion on such things, regardless of whether or not you agree with it! I don’t believe/ do not accept that expecting people to behave professionally/ non-violently counts as evidence of a mental illness. I never will do! I’ve never had much in the way of ‘leadership skills’ but I have always tried to lead by example.

Court staff aren’t really any better with regard to telling names/ showing ID/ behaving professionally (at least how I understand the word to mean). I believe that I have every right to expect such people to behave professionally and actually do the jobs that (I presume) they are paid to do! According to them it seems that they have been re-defining the meaning of words again! Generally speaking, Court’s insist on employing some very rude and abusive people. Stupidity can only explain part of it! They have also threatened me with violence and having my paperwork thrown away/ destroyed if I didn’t stop asking them questions/ for information/ to do their jobs etc. One of them even claimed to be the manager but refused to tell me what her name was! I had hoped that such behaviour was limited to Court staff in Sheffield, but sadly this is not the case! Evidence HAS been made to go missing from Court files. They DO refuse to accept other evidence on the basis of closing ten minutes early or because I haven’t got and I was unable to obtain a POB letter. They DO refuse to give receipts for some/ most of the things that I did lodge. As evidence/ written submissions are routinely lost/ disappeared/ destroyed etc. this presumably explains why they refuse to give receipts! They also refuse to implement orders made against G-men, even on the rare occasion that I was able to obtain one! Instead they preferred to take their instructions/ orders from the SCC rather than the Judge, as I believe they were supposed to! They also ALWAYS give G-men preferential treatment- usually extending Court imposed deadlines numerous times/ indefinitely until they do eventually respond. Their proceedings are always ‘fast tracked’ with very little notice when they come after me! There have been numerous examples of this. G-men are also allowed to REFUSE to state what their names are (let alone show ID) even in Court, REFUSE to put signatures on written submissions and endlessly contradict themselves in writing (no signature) and verbally. If mere mortal men such as myself did things like that we would EXPECT to go to an official prison for a long time for perjury! ALL evidence against them is ignored/ destroyed/ made to go missing and they are even allowed to fabricate (contradictory) evidence! I do not believe it to be unreasonable for the same sets of secret rules to be equally applied to both parties! I am NOT a crazy man! This really did happen and I believe it to be very WRONG! I was also ordered to post things to them by REGISTERED POST (even though I was on the verge of starving to death, I had no money) whilst they are legally allowed to force access to my home in order to force me to accept things that they want me to have. Court staff also claim to have four sets of ‘secret rules’ that I am not allowed access to all with the same acronym (CPR). Crown Prosecution Rules, Civil Prosecution Rules, Criminal Prosecution Rules and another one, which I can’t recall. All FOUR sets of secret rules are all applicable to me, apparently, but they will not give me access! Not that they would put this in writing, either! When they have occasionally told me what some of these secret rules are they don’t abide by them anyway! The most notable example is the one regarding ‘costs’. I first used the Small Claims Court in 1995 with regard to a faulty computer that I had just bought for my University course. I initially had to employ a solicitor and ran up an approximate £700 legal bill. Apparently/ allegedly the Court suddenly decided to change the ‘secret’ rules half way through the case, which meant that you could not claim legal costs in Small Claims Court as well as ‘dropping’ the requirement to employ a solicitor. I then continued the claim by myself. Not only did I lose £700 in legal costs the case went on for three/ four months (EXTREMELY simple matter, I see no reason why more than one hearing WAS required) and I ended up being without a computer for the first six months of my University course. I was ‘eventually’ awarded the cost of the computer but NO costs and NO compensation for time spent on the case (or travel costs) or being without computer for so long. There were also several hundred pounds of costs associated with travelling back and forth from Lincoln numerous times. Taking all costs into consideration I effectively recovered around £300 of a £1500 debt (never mind time spent/ work done) and that was supposed to be justice! It also made studying in those six months extremely difficult! I believe that I would have been awarded a better class of degree if I had the necessary ‘tool’ at the start of my course. Since then I have always chosen to use Small Claims Court when ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY PRECISELY BECAUSE there is no requirement for a solicitor and NO POSSIBILITY of costs being awarded against you. I don’t enjoy using court proceedings and I have no wish to be labelled as a ‘serial litigater’ but sometimes such things can not be avoided. My ‘one man raging against the Universe’ routine is getting tiresome, but the only other real alternative is to resort to ‘yob’ tactics! I refuse to be intimidated or bullied by anyone, let alone the blinking computer programme most numpties in this country slavishly seem to follow! Everybody loses when things go to Court but that is still a better option than capitulation/ just me losing! It seems with recent events the Court is no longer applying this new ‘secret’ rule as costs were awarded against me of £561.25 in a case that Thompson TRICKED me into pursuing against the bank. It also seems that there is no way that I can have that case re-instated and he has also NOBBLED my legal claim for payment of benefits in exactly the same way! I DO expect to be fined a ridiculous sum of money (again) for having the audacity of taking these people on! If Courts can’t even abide by their own secret rules how the smeg do they expect anybody else to do so? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??? I SAY YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS- YOU EITHER CHANGE THE ORDER REGARDING COSTS AGAINST ME OR YOU RETROSPECTIVELY CHANGE THE OTHER ONE RE: COMPUTER AND I’LL HAVE INTEREST (FROM 1995) ON THAT AS WELL!!! IN WHICH CASE I’M LIKELY TO BE AROUND £3K BETTER OFF (AT LEAST)!!! In an other case I had ordered some goods from a web based business and HAD to resort to legal action to recover my money as the goods NEVER actually turned up. The case wasn’t even accepted by the Court supposedly for the reason of ‘not having a Doctor’s note/ medical certificate to support the case’. THAT STILL MAKES NO SENSE TO ME AND NEVER WILL DO. I do not believe that I am crazy! I’m pretty damn sure that that does not make any SENSE whatsoever! Not that I am ‘legally qualified’ or anything but I do understand English and I have common sense! Court staff also writes in incomplete/ non-coherent sentences and they do not make any sense whatsoever either! Such as the standard phrase ‘Order 3 Costs in the case’. I did study English to A-Level standard. I’m intending to sue the Courts in separate proceedings but even Court management refuse to confirm or deny whether this is actually possible or not!!! Grantham Court ignores me entirely, I believe/ suspect on the instigation of Sheffield Courts!

With regard to Nottingham Court, it also seems that there are at least three people running around claiming to be THE court manager. I have had some experience of G-men (I know how they work) and I suspect that only one of them is actually THE Court Manager although even that may also be untrue. Going on previous experience, ONE of them is likely to be a deputy and the other one is SIMPLY pretending to be management. This is usually how G-men like to work! It is not a delusion! It is a fact! Saying that it is not does not make it true! Nor does it mean that I am a crazy person! Even more bizarrely, Malcolm Lewis (who is one of the people who claims to be THE manager) has also stated in WRITING (with a valid signature for once) that Judges are responsible for writing the law. I was taught to believe that the writing of laws could only be done by Parliament. NOT Government, NOT Judges! However, my History teacher didn’t actually put that in writing. Therefore, I have to work on the assumption that Malcolm Lewis is actually telling the truth as he did put that in writing! So what is the point of Parliament? I suspect that he may be lying, considering my education, but what else can I do? I am, therefore, left considering suing my old History teacher for teaching me complete and utter b****x!!! I have an official Court letter with a signature to prove it! It makes it impossible to know what to believe! When people that claim to be management behave like this how can one have any faith in what they say, even when they put it in writing? Never mind the other numpties that you employ!!! They can’t even spell ‘Judgement’ properly on pre-printed official forms, either! I was also taught to believe that The University of Oxford was the government’s body for deciding such things as spelling/ grammar NOT Microsoft (spellchecker). I hate to get so anal about it but if you can’t even rely on Court staff to do their jobs properly how can anyone have any faith whatsoever in any G-man? G-MEN REALLY ARE THAT BAD/ STUPID, best case scenario. IT IS NOT A DELUSION. ALTHOUGH COURT STAFF ALSO CLAIM THAT THEY ARE NOT G-MEN THEY REFUSE TO TELL ME WHO PAYS FOR THEIR FUNDING SO I WORK ON THE PRESUMPTION THAT THEY ARE PAID BY LOCAL OR CENTRAL GOVERNMENT. I do not believe them/ you to be a charity! They also claim NOT to have conflict of interests in the matter! This is obviously bollox, I’m unaware of the official legal terminology for this. My experience certainly suggests otherwise! I am also capable of comprehending the blatantly obvious!

Only some of the Court’s staff behaviour can be explained by gross stupidity. I’m aware that they don’t pay particularly well and (yob) idiots are more likely to find employment in government type jobs rather than the Private sector. Just a sad fact of life! If any of those idiots actually read this they are likely to destroy this document/ cause more problems for me as confronting such people with the TRUTH (or even an opinion) does have a tendency to provoke them! Sadly, this is what the real world is like! I don’t believe that they are ALL that bad, but as some are (including management) I see nothing wrong with treating all with the same level of contempt. I find it difficult to know what else to do! You/ they act collectively so I will treat you collectively! The fact that evidence went missing/ was destroyed, they refused to accept some paperwork and the fact that they refused to implement orders made by a Judge makes the matter CRIMINAL, in my humble opinion (regardless of whether that is ‘legal’ or not). At least, that is what I believe. Taught to believe! Call me crazy if you must!

Just because you don’t, can’t or won’t believe that this could happen/ does happen it does not mean that I am crazy! I DO NOT TELL LIES!!!

Although I have an ‘evil Spock’ beard I am not actually evil and I’m not Vulcan either- but I still DO NOT TELL LIES!!!

I was also quite amazed to see some of the staff at Sycamore blatantly involved in ‘other’ illegal activity. Some members of staff routinely sell/ trade pirate DVDs/ CDs with each other, prisoners’ ‘visitors’ and even people in (what appeared to be) proper Police uniform that frequented the establishment. I saw and heard this with my own eyes and ears. IT IS NOT A DELUSION. The main ringleaders appear to be John Bishop and ‘Pete’.

Shortly after the initial ‘gang attack incident’ on the first morning of my detention/ incarceration ‘fat Jim’ returned, punched me and stole my mobile phone. During the following days he took great pleasure in telling me that he had been through some very intimate/ private text messages between myself and my former partner. He also stated that he would like to do the same things to me. In the context of those text messages he was certainly alluding to a threat of anal rape and had a big grin on his face when he said it! During the following weeks he randomly punched me for no apparent reason. On several occasions I noticed he did look around to see if anyone else was watching when he did it. I suspect that this may not have been ‘officially sanctioned abuse’. Jim is one very weird/ strange little man! It was also perfectly obvious from his manner and demeanour that he is a homosexual and had taken a particular ‘liking’ to me. He constantly interrogated me with Star Trek related questions and kept calling me his ‘personal commander William Riker’. He also stroked my beard in a very strange/ weird/ very scary way on several occasions! It was very disturbing! As it happens, Will Riker had a full beard and I only have a ‘goaty’ (most of the time). It was Tom Riker (created by virtue of an unfortunate transport accident) that had the goaty, not that it really matters. Jonathon Frakes is also quite a good-looking chap, whilst I am not. Therefore, I fail to understand why he took such a ‘liking’ to me but suspect it was more about exerting power/ trying to humiliate me rather than gaining any sexual gratification. Sexual abuse is quite prevalent in society and is massively under reported. Especially against white Caucasian males, such as myself! I have several life experiences with regard to this. I don’t have ‘victim’ tattooed to my forehead or anything, but believe that I am probably considered an easy target, as I am generally quite a quiet chap! There was also another incident during my second period of incarceration where he threatened to inject me with ‘something’ and was obviously taking great pleasure in what he was about to do to me/ prospect of seeing my bottom again. Fortunately, there was another member of staff present at the time and I was successful in persuading them to let Katie do it rather than that ‘pig’ of a man. It was humiliating letting a women do that to me (although it wasn’t really consent as it was done under the constant threat of violence) but it was still preferable to the alternative. People like that often use the expression ‘no choice’ (in reality there is always a choice) but in that situation I really had no other realistic alternative. Mind rape was actually worse than the sexual abuse.

When my mobile phone was eventually returned to me it was damaged beyond repair. It had labels stuck all over it and it took me best part of an hour to clean it off. There were also several scratches to the casing and the front fascia was chipped. The hinge was also very loose and I suspect it is that that has caused the loose connection. I presume that it had been ‘thrown about’. It is now impossible to play games on it as the screen keeps ‘cutting out’/ resetting part way through. Sometimes I end up having to type out text messages two or three times because it keeps ‘cutting out’/ resetting. Similarly, the phone keeps cutting out on phone calls. The phone was virtually brand new and was a recent gift from my father. I claim £100 to cover the cost of a replacement phone. I also claim ‘an amount of compensation’ for being effectively without a decent phone for over a year. I also claim enough for a replacement ‘pay as you go’ SIM card to make it more difficult for such people to track my movements/ eavesdrop/ check camera etc. via it. Of course, when the PTB do away with Pay as You Go SIMS and cash there is not a damn thing I can do about it! Those people are also so stupid that they would probably claim that that statement is also a delusion. In actual fact it is the law, apparently, and has been since 2004 (if memory serves). If I am ever able to find a way to ‘get back on my own feet’ I’ll be changing my mobile number every couple of months for the rest of my life, because of the law! Un-elected G-men should not have that kind of power over people, in my humble opinion! NOT without due process/ warrant etc. I believe that every human being has a basic right to privacy.

There was also another incident involving fat Jim several months after my release. During March 2007 I was in Asda supermarket when I was punched/ jabbed between the shoulder blades. When I turned around I was confronted by fat Jim grinning/ leering at me again. He is a very strange little man. He did not say anything. My initial instinct was to deck the f***er and believe that to be a normal human reaction. I do not believe that it means I am insane. I managed to resist the urge and walk away. If I had not been able to resist the urge I have little doubt that I would have been imprisoned and tortured again without trial. This is, presumably, why he did what he did!!! You can’t have an ‘intelligent argument’ with the kind of people that have the sort of power and do what they do. Although ‘some are better than others’ I believe that I am perfectly entitled to ‘protest’ against such people and, consequently, treat them all with the same level of contempt. They act as a collective so I will treat them collectively! I will never accept that anybody that willingly accepts that kind of power/ does such things to people can, in anyway, be considered a ‘good’ person!

There were also numerous other incidents of abuse that occurred during my detention without trial and since then. However, with what happened on the morning of 08/07/07 (see parallel case) it seems that my days of (relative) ‘freedom’ (although I’m not currently really free) are numbered. I am currently/ effectively under ‘house arrest’. I expect to be dragged in and detained without trial again at any time in order to prevent me filing this paperwork or for ‘no reason’. I would rather take my time and write this statement out in detail but I feel the need to get it done as quick as I possibly can. Therefore, I will try to prioritise and only (briefly) detail examples of the worst incidents.

Systematic physical and sexual abuse is normal practice there. Female and male members of staff (particularly fat Jim) make a point of ‘bursting in’ on you when getting dressed, in the shower and even when you are on the toilet. A member of the cleaning staff in particular seems to find this kind of behaviour particularly amusing (laughing hysterically every time see sees me naked). If it were men that routinely forced entry into rooms where they know naked women are present, I doubt that there would be little dispute that this constitutes a form of sexual abuse. Homosexuals are capable of sexual abuse just as much as any heterosexual! It is a myth that ONLY men are aroused by the opposite sex’s nudity. There has been a recent scientific study in America that has PROVED that both men and women are EQUALLY aroused by sight of the opposite sexes’ nudity. I have also noted how wet and horny women become when I release my own mighty meat, as it were! ;-) I know from personal experience that the ‘myth’ isn’t true and recent scientific research backs me up on this. A member of staff also sexually abused me (and numerous other little boys) at my old school in my early teens. It was never made clear whether she was allowed to get away it simply because she was a woman or because she was a government employee. It also seems that female paedophiles didn’t ‘officially exist’ until about five years ago. The media certainly didn’t report on them before this. IT IS NOT A DELUSION! Then again Carol from the recent Big Brother show was allowed to get away with the numerous physical and sexual assaults she inflicted on men and one woman! I do believe that the abuser would have been immediately removed and brought up on criminal charges/ put on sex offender’s registrar if the abuser had happened to be male! I will never stop stating facts or even stating my opinion on such things!

During my incarceration I was also randomly punched and forced to sign paperwork without reading it and I was not even allowed to retain a copy. There were several slips of yellow paper and some A4 type pages. They seem to employ a ‘specialised yob’ for this. He was rarely there but he had no hair and no neck. His job seems simply to be to use random acts of violence to force vulnerable people to sign such paperwork and to intimidate people into quitting smoking. He also refuses to provide a name. The best description that I can come up with for him would be ‘Captain Caveman’. For all I know I could have signed over ‘Power of Attorney’ or could have confessed to being the second gunman on the grassy knoll in the Kennedy assassination. I want all such documents returned and destroyed. I believe that some of the forms that I was forced to complete was a claim for Incapacity Benefit and, possibly, some other benefits. I believe that I may now be ‘legally’ guilty of fraud, as I am certainly NOT incapable of working! I haven’t received ANY benefits for nearly two years now! Therefore, it seems possible that somebody else may be cashing those cheques? Impossible to know what to believe on that one! I believe that I am entitled to JSA, HB, CTB, interest and compensation for the last (nearly) two years!

During my second period of incarceration they changed the smoking policy there. They closed the smoking room and forced people to go outside. This wasn’t a problem in itself but it did provide a mechanism for the anti smoking fascists to prevent people from smoking. Captain Caveman in particular seemed to find the situation amusing and used it as an excuse to randomly punch, threaten and intimidate people. I believe that he may actually be deluded enough to actually believe that he is ‘good’ and doing it for the right reasons. You can not reason with yobs like that! In order to get outside you had to go through another room which is routinely closed to the ‘prisoners’ when the ‘staff’ have meetings in there. Sometimes such meetings can run on for a couple of hours. They also seem to occur quite randomly. Sometimes you were trapped outside in the freezing cold and rain for an hour or more (wearing just a T-shirt). They also prevented access to outside for several hours a day calling it ‘protected time’, although they refused to explain exactly what that euphemism meant! The door is also locked. This means you have to ask/ made to beg EVERY time you want to go outside. Some members of staff open the door quite promptly (merely taking around five minutes to open it) whilst other members of staff keep making excuses and it sometimes takes half an hour or more for them to open it. I’m sure that some of them genuinely believe that they are doing the right thing in stopping people from smoking. Standard ‘for your own good’ excuse, I suppose! They also refuse to open the door in the evenings claiming that it is dangerous. When asked why it is dangerous they say because it is dark. Just because such people have an irrational fear of the dark (presuming that is true) it does NOT make it dangerous! I have no such irrational fear! That is typical of the ‘obvious bullshit’ phrases/ excuses that such people employ! Captain Caveman in particular uses his muscles/ implied threats/ random punches/ intimidatory behaviour to try and force people to stop smoking. It doesn’t seem to stop the staff from going outside when they want to smoke. They do so whenever they feel like it. I believe that all the other prisoners and I have a Human Right to be able to smoke as and when they want to/ need to. None of the prisoners are allowed to smoke at night! I believe that humans are still allowed the ‘basic right’ in official prisons!

There was also one other notable incident when a ‘very plump woman’ (refused to give name) punched me very hard in the mouth. I hate to have to keep making up nicknames for these people/ refer to them by descriptions but when they refuse to give names what else can I do? I was actually trying to watch television at the time. She came in from the Dining area and left the door wide open. There is a drinks machine in this area and it is very noisy. It makes it impossible to hear the television when the door is left open. I did not see any harm (wasn’t expecting violence) in trying to shut that door. She immediately punched me hard in the mouth screaming ‘I’m going back through there’. She appeared to be a deranged lunatic, although I believe her to be an employee! She then tried to justify her behaviour by accusing me of leaving half a dozen or so dirty cups in the so-called living room area. I did not respond. I used NONE of those dirty cups. I was not allowed a cup of coffee on that particular day. Late in the evening of the same day I heard the same ‘deranged lunatic’ screaming abuse at someone I believe to be called Gene, another very vulnerable prisoner. She was obviously in a traumatised state. I heard the lunatic scream ‘you f***ing stupid woman’ and other abuse. I believe that she also hit Gene. Gene’s ‘cell’ was virtually next to mine and I could hear very clearly. There was also another female member of staff in the same room and was witness to this. I ‘discreetly’ made a visit to the toilet, which is in between the two rooms, although I didn’t really need to go. I did glance through the door and saw Gene (who is a very elderly/ vulnerable woman) cowering on the floor in fear with her arms raised, presumably in a feeble attempt to protect herself. I wish I was strong enough to intervene. I’m not usually one to stand by and do absolutely nothing when something so wrong is happening right in front of me. I believe it was mostly the drugs that prevented me from taking any action, although the fear of further retaliation against me was undoubtedly a part of it. I doubt that I would have been able to achieve anything if I did have the strength to intervene. It may have actually made the situation worse for the poor woman. It certainly would have made it worse for me. The plump woman also randomly assaulted me on several other occasions. It seems to me that only the men are ‘officially allowed’ to get away with such things. That seems to be the (secret) policy!

I do have the sneaky suspicion that the ‘woman’ may actually be suffering from ‘mad cow disease’! ;-)

I’m never going to apologise for having a sense of humour either! Although it’s probably inappropriate to make jokes about such things…

There were also several other incidents when they extracted several pints of blood from me with no explanation and again under the constant threat of violence. They also forced me to give a urine sample, again with no explanation as to why. They literally took the piss!!! They undoubtedly also have a record of my DNA and it is also perfectly possible that they took my fingerprints, photograph and Iris scan whilst I was unconscious. They may also have put a RFID chip in me, for all I know! THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO DO SUCH THINGS TO PEOPLE!!! I want all such records destroyed/ chip removed.

There was also another incident when I noticed several things had gone missing from my ‘cell’. I did try to report the matter initially to ‘Geoff’, who wasn’t even prepared to take the matter seriously/ investigate. I had initially noticed that my newspapers and bags had been stolen. Geoff, with his psychic ability, immediately blamed the cleaners and saw nothing wrong with this. I wasn’t too concerned about the bags but those newspapers were actually a gift from Karen Endley and they were stolen before I even had a chance to read them. I refused to accept further gifts from Karen as there seemed to be little point and I did not want her to waste her money. I presume that her motivation for making such gifts (out of her own pocket) was to ease her own conscience for doing what she was employed to do. She eventually resigned in disgust at their treatment of people. It was clear to me that she did not want to be apart of that. I believe that she now ‘legally’ abuses children for a living, presumably some on the basis of ‘they’re a bit fat’ given current media reports. After Geoff had left I noticed food had also been stolen (chocolate, crisps and the like) as well as several packs of cigarettes. I was in desperate need of those cigarettes more than anything else. I believe AT LEAST three packets had gone missing, although it could have been more. I claim £20 to cover the loss of those cigarettes and food. I can’t claim for the newspapers as I didn’t actually buy them. The loss of the carrier bags was a pain (as I needed them) but they don’t really have any monetary value. I believe some ‘small change’ may also have gone missing but I have no idea exactly how much- a couple of quid at most. At least in official prisons they have locks on the doors!

There was also another notable incident regarding what they term as ‘medication’. On one occasion I was ‘offered’ a very large blue pill, rather than the tiny white ones that I was usually forced to swallow. I made the ‘mistake’ of querying it as it seemed ‘unusual’, presuming that anything could be considered ‘usual’ in a place like that. I was immediately threatened with further violence and forced to swallow it. To this day they refuse to tell me what that blue pill was or why they had changed what they called my ‘medication’ that day.

There was also another incident regarding a water jug. They have a water jug for the so called ‘medication’ but on this occasion I noted that it had obviously been standing out for several hours as it was full of air bubbles. There were also several hairs floating in it. I tried to fill the little plastic beaker directly from the tap but the woman screamed ‘there’s nothing wrong with this water’ at me (and waved her arms at me in a threatening manner) so I ‘submitted’ to drinking the stagnant water in order to avoid being hit again. There was also several other occasions where I was forced to drink the ‘stagnant water’ but I never made the ‘mistake’ of challenging it again. It makes one think that there may have actually have been something ‘else’ in that water. Although that makes no sense as they refused to tell me what I was swallowing/ being injected with either. I can see no rational/ logical reason as to why they would not let me take water directly from the tap. I believe myself to be sane but I do genuinely question the sanity of some of the people that work in these places! Being very, very stupid or having the ‘yob’ gene is not an acceptable excuse!

The level of ‘general hygiene’ is also pretty disgusting in that place. Eating utensils/ glasses/ plates etc are routinely ‘dirty’/ greasy and often have pieces of decomposing food (I presume) stuck to them. I did manage to ‘summon the strength’ to ask if they could clean such things properly and, surprisingly, I wasn’t assaulted on that occasion. Possibly because there were so many witnesses at the time or it happened to be a ‘relatively decent’ member of staff that I queried it with. She simply claimed that they were simply marks left by the dishwasher and they were actually ‘really clean’. This is not true. At no point did I ever see anyone using the dishwasher. I didn’t even see a dishwasher! Dishwashers generally do not do ‘what they say on the tin’, anyway! At least not all the time! What I did see were members of staff simply ‘swilling’ glasses/ plates/ cutlery etc. in filthy/ lumpy/ greasy/ occasionally soapy water. They didn’t even pretend to ‘scrub/ wipe’, let alone rinse. Simply ‘swilling’ such things in filthy water that has lumps of food floating around in it actually made them dirtier. Lumps of dried on food were routinely found stuck to sides of glasses and between prongs on forks. I did actually start washing the cutlery and glasses (actually on the suggestion/ instigation of Phil Thompson) although I was not allowed access to the plates before food was served on them. I managed to ‘get away’ with this for nearly two days before I was forced to stop doing this under the threat of further violence. They justified the threat this time by claiming I had a mental illness. I do not believe that being hygienic/ trying to eat/ drink from clean utensils (that have been in other people’s mouths) to be a mental illness, not that I’m ‘obsessive compulsive’ or anything about it! There was a time whilst I was incarcerated that they very nearly did convince me that I was actually a crazy person- I presume due to the 'gullibility/ suggestibility drugs’ that they inflicted on me. I do not believe what they believe and I’m not even sure that they actually do believe it!

Apart from that the ‘serving staff’s’ attitude left a lot to be desired. Never did I see any of them actually wash their hands. One of them in particular routinely rubbed her face, eyes and picked her nose before putting her hands all over the food. It made me feel physically sick. Several of them also routinely spat as they spoke into the food as they were serving it. The ‘spit guard’ is actually pointing the wrong way, towards those who are being served. Several times I found hairs in my food, once one that looked like a pubic hair. There was also one occasion where I thought I was eating steak pie, but it turned out to have (what I presume were) kidneys in it. I don’t eat internal organs of dead animals like that when they are simply ‘sliced up’ as I find the whole idea pretty disgusting, although I do eat sausages and beef burgers. You don’t think about it when it is all minced up. When I realised what I was eating I couldn’t help but rush out and vomit. Even when the staff do wear hair nets/ hats hair is frequently left dangling out of it/ over the face etc. I’m aware that there are ‘legal standards’ applicable to the private sector as far as hygienic practices go (not that they are ever enforced properly), but I am unaware if these standards apply to those that work for government. I know from my personal experience that all government employees are effectively exempt from the law. You have to be a senior government employee or group of senior government employees to even get another government employee investigated. At least in the 60’s they did irradiate the food killing off the extra bacteria that had been spread onto it. Back in the times of ‘common sense’ and radiation didn’t have such a bad press. Of course, they would also presumably claim that they don’t have a ‘conflict of interest’ when it comes to spreading disease, either!

The food isn’t actually cooked on the premises. It is actually reheated in a special machine that is faulty. Sometimes the food is stone cold and sometimes it is too hot to actually eat. Letting it cool to a ‘congealed glob’ sometimes makes it possible to eat it! Sometimes there was no food at all as the machine broke down completely. On one of those occasions they even refused to serve the sandwiches that I could see that they had- they did not require re-heating. They did try to make me eat fish (from the local fish shop) on that occasion (that the filthy woman had just smeared her dirty hands all over) but I DO NOT EAT FISH. I see no reason as to why they refused to let me eat just the chips from the paper they were wrapped in. I don’t eat fish mainly because I don’t like it and partly because I very nearly choked to death on fish bones when I was a child. It was bad enough trying to choke down a few of the manky chips that she had just wiped her hands over (refused to let me eat directly out of the paper) but I was desperate to eat something. I wasn’t literally starving at the time but metaphorically speaking I was by this point. I have also literally faced starvation in my life as a result of what other G-men have done to me. Shortly before being made homeless! I believe that two bags of manky/ disgusting chips and a few bananas a WEEK for several months does literally constitute starvation (at least almost). I did actually pass out several times, I believe through lack of nourishment or possibly through poisoning! Officially, of course, people in this country are NEVER reduced to that. Let alone white people!

Some members of staff also brought in ‘top quality/ EDIBLE’ food and forced us prisoners to watch whilst they ate it. Talk about ‘rubbing our collective noses in it’! When you are not getting enough to eat and what food that is available is quite disgusting/ virtually inedible (for the most part) the smell of top quality food/ being forced to watch whilst they ate it is quite provocative. I see no reason why they had to subject us to that but it may well be that they are genuinely too stupid to realise what they were doing by doing that!

I happen to believe that far greater crimes are routinely committed by those in authority, as opposed to members of the general public. I doubt that all of them are actually legal.

A ‘moral superiority complex’ ALWAYS leads to some seriously unethical behaviour!

You had little choice but to eat the food off filthy utensils etc., as there was no alternative. I did initially go on ‘hunger strike’ in protest (for being detained and abused like that, as well as the disgusting environment) but they threatened to force a plastic tube down my throat and pour ‘god knows what’ into my stomach. Eating the manky food actually seemed a better option. I feel physically sick again re-reading this! It didn’t seem to bother some of the staff though, who routinely ate it. Most had a higher regard for themselves! I believe them to be in violation of Inland Revenue rules and are GUILTY of tax evasion, but that really is a minor point in the general scheme of the level of (probable) ‘illegal’ activity that goes on there. They obviously have the full backing and support of the local police as they do their bidding/ give them pirate DVDs, CDs and who knows what else. There doesn’t seem to be anyone that I can ‘report’ these crimes/ illegalities to. Even if there were I doubt that I would as I have a whole host of experience of what happens to people who complain, try to make a constructive criticism or, god forbid, report a crime to the Police. I’ll never risk trying to do that again even if a family member was murdered, or something! I will never willingly speak to such people again- they will have to torture me to make me talk! Or at least allow me proper legal representation! Which I can’t afford, so even if they did allow me that ‘right’ (for once) that still just leaves the torture option! I know I should really kill myself before that happens again but I just can’t bring myself to do it! I’m obviously not as strong as I used to think I was!

They also claimed that the fact that I hadn’t shaved for several days was also evidence of a mental illness. IN REALITY THEY WOULD NOT GIVE ME MY OWN RAZOR! WHAT did they expect me to do? Pluck out the hairs with my fingernails? I had to ask (virtually) every day to use it and (approximately) every ten days or so they would actually let me use it. I do also choose to grow a full beard occasionally (rather than just the ‘goaty’) NOT that I am a Muslim or anything! Even some of their own people have beards but they don’t seem to hold them without trial and torture them! It was also very rare that they would let me use my beard trimmer. Most of the times that I asked they just ignored me. On one occasion they claimed that they couldn’t give it to me because the lock was broken on the cupboard and they were waiting for the electrician to fix it. This excuse went on for several days. I did finally summon up the courage to ask why it took an electrician four days + to fix a mechanical lock at which point I was punched/ jabbed in the throat and accused of trying to be clever! When I finally did get my hands on my own beard trimmer I found that it was broken. I have not been able to have a proper beard trim since, as I have no money to buy a replacement. I’ve been struggling on with it but it does cause considerable pain every time that I use it. The blades now snag and pull/ rip hairs and it does not trim evenly anymore. I have to use it as I have no alternative. The battery no longer holds it’s charge. It was quite expensive (around £70) when I bought it eight years ago but I have never had a problem with it until they ‘knackered’ it. I always kept it well maintained. I don’t know what they did to the blades but I believe I know how they knackered the battery. The electrician does have his own private ‘office’ and I could see in through the window when I was allowed outside. I did look in and I did notice that the trimmer was left on constant charge for four or five days. I believe that eight hours was the absolute/ recommended maximum. This is undoubtedly what did the damage! I have no razor point in my bathroom so I have to put it on continuous charge over night and use it within five minutes of unplugging it or the battery is totally dead. I claim compensation for a replacement trimmer and compensation for having a very painful chin/ crap beard for well over a year!

There were also other numerous threats routinely made my John Bishop and ‘fat Jim’, as well as other people. They did state that if it were not for the fact that I was already homeless they would have entered my flat/ stole/ destroyed all my personal possessions, gained access to my bank account and kept me prisoner for a lot longer. They repeatedly ‘bragged’ about how they had done this to other people, again with big grins on their faces. I know that they have actually done precisely that to some of their other victims, notably ‘Barry’ and he used to be a G-man/ marine! This IS how perverse/ sick those yobs are! At the time they hadn’t even told me what their names were, let alone accuse me of anything! I simply can not accept that such conduct is ‘legal’ in anyway whatsoever. It certainly isn’t right. I do know the difference between right and wrong. I’m not sure if these people actually do or they just don’t care! I believe Heretics used to be the word for such people! I was taught to believe that in this country individuals are legally entitled to a ‘show trial’ at least where G-men are required to actually accuse you of something, at least state what their names are and provide some fabricated evidence of some sort at the very least! I was also taught to believe that it was then up to a Jury to decide if you are guilty of what you have been accused of or not. I have had heard rumours that this government has ‘done away’ with Juries in some situations but I’m unsure of exactly what the current situation is with regard to that! I doubt that I will EVER be allowed to put my case to a Jury! They also claimed that if I had children they would also have been ‘imprisoned’ without trial and kept away from me. I believe the euphemism they used was ‘taken into care’. I have heard rumours that un-elected G-men are also routinely doing this to other children simply because they have decided they are a bit fat. THIS IS THE KIND OF COUNTRY THAT WE'’E LIVING IN NOW!!! They also repeatedly threatened me with more extreme torture such as electric shock treatment. I have done some research since I got out and was shocked to discover that this is actually legal and routinely done to people in numerous so called ‘civilised’ nations around the world (allegedly). These threats weren’t made on the basis of if you do this or don’t do that- they were simply random threats. They obviously took great pleasure in making them. It does seem that these people are beyond ‘civilised behaviour’ and are beyond the law (I do know that, at least in practice). I’m still trying to find some way of fighting these yobs WITHOUT resorting to their kind of tactics i.e. violence etc. They continue to insist on trying to provoke a reaction from me! ALL THAT I want now is to be left alone to die in piece. I do not believe that they will ever allow me to do that!

After I had been released (for the second time) I DID manage to get a copy of the standard letter available at printed off, signed and gave it to Ferguson. He refused to provide a receipt, presumably because of the ‘secret policy that you are never allowed to see’ excuse. I didn’t bother to ask for the receipt/ excuse on that occasion. I was fearful of the consequences if I did. I have been living in fear for around 18 months now. As they have already released my ‘so called’ medical notes to Lawrenson (who they claim is my GP, but isn’t) I’m sure such libellous material WILL undoubtedly find it’s way onto the spine at some point. I do not believe that the Data Protection Act has been repealed although, in practice, it is never enforced- let alone against government employees. Such people ARE above the law (apparently) although it impossible to determine whether or not this is official or unofficial.

I was eventually released again for the second time around mid-December 2006. I was ‘forced’ to ‘allow’ my own mother to attend that final ‘meeting’. I had no choice in the matter- if I had any say in it my mother would not have been there. At no time, whatsoever, did I consent for those yobs to even communicate with her or any of my family! During the ‘meeting’ they coerced myself and my mother into ‘agreeing’ (wasn’t a real agreement- I do know what the word means) into allowing those people (and others whose names I still don’t even know) ‘open access’ to my parents’ home/ my home whenever they felt like it without any notice whatsoever! I could have let anyone in for all I know, as all refuse to show ID and some don’t even bother to tell you what their first names are! Again, I was taught to believe that ONLY the Police could do things like that and even then they required a warrant, required to show ID/ state names and behave professionally. Again, this was what I was taught/ programmed to believe! I have no idea exactly what the current legal situation is but I do know RIGHT from WRONG!

NB Jake Maverick is ALWAYS right and numpties like that are VERY, VERY WRONG!!! People, on occasion, have accused me of being arrogant. However, I have recently come to realise that I am actually the man that is always right about anything and everything ALL THE TIME- that is NOT called arrogance! It just happens to be another sad fact of life! I take no pleasure in it! ;-)

Since then such people have turned up randomly and harassed my family and myself for no particular reason. Some don’t even state what their names are and ALL have refused to show ID. Karen Endley was the ONLY one who told me her full name. Ferguson told me what Phil Thompson’s surname was and some woman with no name (I believe/ guess ‘admin’ staff) told me that Ferguson’s first name is Brian, allegedly. Both refuse to show ID! They did finally STOP coming into the house but continue to turn up at my door whenever they ‘feel like it’. They do keep going through the pretence of ‘making appointments’ but in reality they NEVER show up on the date and time that they say they are going to! When I say ‘never’, I mean for all intensive purposes ‘never’. Occasionally they do actually turn up when they have said they are going to (about 1 in 20, although usually twenty to thirty minutes ‘late’- leaving at 15:05 hours for a 15:00 hours appointment when they know it is a 20- 30 minute drive is what passes for ‘professional’, in G-man terms, allegedly). I never actually expect them because they virtually ALWAYS refuse to honour such ‘agreements’. I say that appointment means what appointment means! Ferguson has promised REPEATEDLY to put a stop to that and make his ‘minions’ honour such ‘appointments’. In reality this has never happened so he is either blatantly lying (I presume in an attempt to provoke some kind of reaction out of me) or he has absolutely NO control over his own staff! They are all extremely stupid people (in my humble opinion) but not all of them are violent! At least, not all of them have been violent towards me! They just do what the violent yobs tell them to do. I’m sure some believe what they believe. I know it is very easy to manipulate stupid people, although I have never done such a thing! I actually have respect for people. Even stupid people! Stating facts (i.e. that they are stupid) does NOT negate the fact that I have respect for people! I do mean RESPECT in the sense of what that word actually/ really means. NOT whatever it is re-defined to mean! Not what the likes of Al Capone and Heir Blair pretend to mean i.e. fear!

There is also some fat bloke with a beard that likes to turn up unannounced. He also refuses to tell me what his name is but I presume that he is one of them as he tends to ask the same sort of questions and I have seen him hanging around with Thompson. He even refuses to confirm or deny that he is actually one of them! Each and every time he turns up I REPEATEDLY ask him who/ what he is and what his name is. He completely ignores everything I say to him, mutters the ‘usual’ questions at me (I refuse to answer) before he finally waddles away! Very, very strange individual! There is the very really possibility that he may actually be ‘officially’ employed as a Policeman, considering his behaviour! I do wonder exactly how much wastage of taxpayers’ money he is personally responsible for! I really can’t help thinking such things and I do not accept that there is anything wrong with it and I do doubt that thinking is illegal! Unenforceable if it is! I doubt that speaking is either, despite their assertion.

Fat bearded bloke and the child known as ‘Ben’ (I’m not even sure if he’s reached pubity, let alone ‘legal’ employment age) have also vandalised my father’s car! I’ve seen both whack it/ scrape by it with their ‘man bags’ (plenty of room to walk by without doing so) and have also deliberately scratched and tarnished the paintwork. Maybe they are actually too stupid to realise that ‘drawing/ writing’ in the dirt/ sand on my father’s car does damage. This was explained to me when I was six and I have never done such a thing since! Thompson and the others also routinely walk over the neighbours’ gardens/ trample flowerbeds etc. It’s just another example of the general lack of respect that G-men in general have for people and their property. I’m sure it’s got more to do with the general standard that such people are recruited to rather than a deliberate policy of employing such people! The private sector DOES generally pay better than government type jobs! I believe them to be genuinely too stupid to understand WHY this irritates people and it may well not be a deliberate policy of trying to provoke/ antagonise people! I, personally, do not accept gross stupidity as an acceptable excuse! Then again I am arrogant, allegedly! However, I say criminal damage/ trespass is criminal damage/ trespass! I do not accept the ‘I am really too stupid to understand the blatantly obvious’ excuse, not that they actually ever say things like that! Is it really asking too much to expect people to have respect for other people and there property? I do doubt that they even know what the word means! The kind of power those yob idiot children have has, presumably, corrupted them absolutely. Then again there must be something wrong with the mentality of such people, to willing accept such employment in the first place!

The people that have been visiting/ harassing me since my second release have also made many threats/ promises. There is ALWAYS the general threat of random acts of violence and incarceration and torture at any time whatsoever. I’m sure the fear of that will be with me for the rest of my life! However long that is! That is the kind of country we’re living in now! G-men can actually do that to anyone at any time, although they ‘pretend’ that they have to comply with (secret) legislation/ due process etc. Intellectually, I KNEW that was possible (despite the myths this society perpetuates) but when it has happened to you, YOU really do FEEL the fear! Until you’ve been there you can not understand! There have also been threats/ promises to take me to the cinema and take me out to dinner! I presume in a feeble attempt of compensation or to relieve their own consciences (presuming any of them actually have one)- NEITHER has actually happened so I’m actually grateful for that! I have no ‘wish’ to spend any time with such ‘people’ in any sense or form, although I believe that some of them believe what ‘they believe’ that they are doing a good thing (for the most part). However, a free/ decent meal would have helped me to endure dealing with them. I can’t be ‘choosy’ as I’ve been reduced to living of other people’s charity and have been for nearly two years now (through no fault of my own). Anything that could have helped relieve the financial burden on my family would have been somewhat helpful/ appreciated. It never actually happened! They’ve also promised that they have ‘magical powers’ in order to get me a ‘proper’ solicitor so that I can sue them (?) and my previous landlord. This has never happened either! When Thompson eventually admitted that he didn’t have any ‘magical powers’ he also promised to drive me to Nottingham so I could actually get access to the Small Claims Court track there. As Grantham court chooses to ignore me completely! I can’t believe that I actually believed him! He was VERY convincing- professional/ legal con man. I can only presume that the gullibility drugs were still in my system! As it happens, he reneged on that promise and he has effectively neutered my legal claims for benefits as well as proceedings against the bank. He also took a very perverse pleasure in it! I used to believe that taking a perverse pleasure in somebody else’s suffering was indicative of something ‘mentally wrong’, but apparently not! He is ‘one of them’, after all! He also seems to have chosen to grow a full beard lately or is just to lazy to shave- I doubt that he has been held without trial and tortured on the basis of that, either! There’s not a damn thing that I can do about it and there is now NO possibility of getting those claims re-instated, as I was unable to attend. I would not have gone to all that ‘time and trouble’ if it were not for his promise- I did take some convincing that he was actually being ‘genuine’ in what he promised to do! He obviously took a very perverse pleasure in reneging on the promises that he made me! I BELIEVE THAT HE HAS COST ME IN THE REGION OF £50K!!! In addition to that he has also created a significant amount of work and cost me a substantial sum of money in pursuing those cases! He has also had me fined a ridiculous sum of money for having the audacity to take such people on (£561.25)!

He has also tried to ‘order’ me to commit a criminal offence, namely refusing to pay tax on the grounds that it will be used to buy bombs/ bullets etc in order to kill innocent poor brown people/ children. I did hear a rumour that instigating somebody to commit a criminal offence is a criminal offence in itself! Again, it is a moot point as I have no income/ money (bas***d Inland Revenue always overcharge me anyway and refuse to provide evidence/ destroy evidence) and I now have NO HOPE of getting money (bank account) or any income ever again BECAUSE of what Thompson has done! More recently (14/11/07) he has attempted to bully/ intimidate me into settling ‘out of court’ for the ‘benefits claim’ (although the benefits agency has actually refused to do so, hence the legal proceedings) for less than one third of what they actually owe me! It’s not technically possible for me to accept such an offer now, as there is now NO legal prospect of opening a bank account BECAUSE of Thompson! I WILL NOT willingly give G-men that kind of information anyway- A FACT THAT THOMPSON IS ALSO VERY MUCH AWARE OF!!! They are just incapable of keeping such things secure/ abiding by their own rules/ laws that I’m probably not supposed to know about! Recent media reports only confirm what I already knew for the last ten years and the blatantly obvious! Then there is always the possibility of ‘officially’ abusing such information, like giving or selling it to other people/ G-men/ companies! I wouldn’t give such people that kind of information, even if they were capable of keeping it secure! Experience tells me that such people can not be trusted when I KNOW they will put in onto insecure computer networks/ yell it across rooms where there are a couple of hundred people present including the general public and it IS entirely irrational to trust complete strangers! It is a fact! It is not a delusion! IT IS NOT RATIONAL TO HAVE ‘TRUST’ IN PEOPLE THAT YOU HAVE NEVER MET BEFORE. NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES THAT THEY INSIST THAT STATEMENT IS IRRATIONAL AND THE ‘OPPOSITE’ IS TRUE IT WILL NOT CHANGE WHAT I KNOW TO BE TRUE!!! IT IS NOT RATIONAL TO TRUST COMPLETE STRANGERS!!! Maybe I am actually insane (they nearly had me thinking that for a while) but I just really can’t see it! I simply can not accept that it IS rational to blindly trust people that you have never met before, especially when they refuse to tell names/ show ID! I DO believe myself to be sane and I can’t help thinking WTF?

Such people are simply not competent to keep such information secure!

I’m also facing an unspecified amount of time in an official prison BECAUSE of the FINE that was imposed on me BECAUSE I was not able to attend (RE: Bank and presumably benefits as well, eventually)! Full statement with regard to that in parallel case! Also, I am ONLY trying to bring THIS claim because he promised me access to the Courts as well as the parallel case I hope to bring against IPCC. Apart from resorting to their kind of tactics there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE I CAN DO APART FROM LYING DOWN TO DIE!!! As there is now no way I can actually get access to the Court there seems to be little point in continuing to type all this. However, the IPCC statement and 40% of this one had already been done so I figure I may as well continue with it and just HOPE that the Court will actually issue it and do SOMETHING to help me. Regardless of the fact that I can NOT physically get there!!! Also, there is no incentive now to make this statement as concise or complete as I would have liked to do. I figure I may as well ‘type as I think’ and just get the main points down the best I can. I hope that I can finish/ submit it/ get it issued before I die but I am doubtful that either will actually happen. The only other option is to become something I’m not and with my back/ bowel problems I am no longer fit or healthy enough to undertake such a mission! Not that I would even if I could!

Thompson has also attempted to ‘knobble’ this claim against them by ‘pretending/ implying’ that he is legally qualified and ‘advising’ me to name names on the Summons form. He claims that the Court will not accept it if I name ‘Sycamore’ or ‘NHS’ on the Claims form as, according to him, it is not possible to ‘sue’ organisations. The Benefits Service also tried this trick and I did fall for it as I did name the person that was supposedly dealing with the matter as a ‘contact name’. It seemed perfectly reasonable/ helpful to me! Net result was that doing that delayed the claim by nearly six months and it had to be re-submitted numerous times! It’s just another example of how Court’s give preferential treatment to G-men and how G-men manipulate one another! I ‘played along’ but I’m not actually stupid enough to fall for the same trick twice! Besides that, these people REFUSE to give complete names, let alone show ID! So how the smeg can I do that anyway? ;-)

When I have refused to do what he orders me to do he generally resorts to calling me names! Like immature, cunt, fool, idiot, child, delusional, psycho boy and arsehole. When on the rare occasion he has managed to provoke me into calling him a name back he starts making threats and has sent ‘pigs’ to harass, threaten and intimidate myself and my family in the early hours of one Sunday morning! WHAT IS THE LEGAL WAY OF DEALING WITH SUCH ABUSIVE/ THREATENING G-MEN? IS THERE ANY WAY THAT I CAN PUT A STOP TO IT WITHOUT ENDING UP BEING WORSE OFF I.E. SUCH AS HAVING THE SH*T KICKED OUT OF ME, HELD WITHOUT TRIAL AND TORTURED AGAIN? OFFICIAL PRISON IS LOOKING LIKE MY BEST OPTION, APART FROM DEATH, BUT I DON’T THINK THEY WILL LET ME GO TO ONE OF THOSE!

He also continues to taunt me with the fact that the Benefits Service keeps providing confidential information relating to me to him. I would have liked to add the numerous DPA violations that the Benefits Service have committed to my claim against them. However, ‘evidence/ proof’ is very difficult to come by where G-men are concerned as they control the evidence/ proof and ALWAYS destroy the evidence/ proof rather than hand it over! I have repeatedly asked him if he would be prepared to put a statement in writing simply stating that the Benefits Service has been (repeatedly) providing very personal information to him regarding me, but he refuses to do so. It is highly unlikely that a G-man will ever testify against another G-man! Unfortunately, that is reality! I have also repeatedly instructed him to put the phone down on such people should they phone him again! He continues to taunt/ try and provoke me by repeatedly telling me that ‘they’ve called again’ and what intimate information that they have provided to him! There is certainly ‘something’ wrong with the mentality of such people- he is obviously taking a perverse pleasure in it!

Those people also continue to copy the ‘secret files’ that they hold on me to people that they claim is my GP but isn’t, local and regional Councils and Christ only knows who else! They don’t even bother to ask for permission and I KNOW that such behaviour is illegal considering my education- permission certainly has NOT been granted! When they’ve been repeatedly TOLD it is hard to see such behaviour as anything other than DELIBERATE PROVOCATION!

Apart from a solicitor Endley and Thompson have also promised me many things. They have promised to gain ‘magical powers’ in order to allow me to open a bank account, although this has proved impossible now. It is not legal (allegedly) for people such as me to have bank accounts, although I do doubt that this is actually the law! They have also promised free driving lessons! They have also promised me my own home and claim to have ‘magical powers’ to get me onto the ‘social housing’ list, or whatever ‘name’ it goes by these days. NONE of these promises have ever materialised. Just goes to show that you simply can not trust anything a G-man says to you! Certainly DON’T ask them to put anything in writing or ask what their names are/ show ID as you are likely to provoke even further abuse from such people! I realise that that DOES SOUND paranoid. In reality it is NOT called paranoia when it is TRUE! Until you have been where I have been you can not understand! Despite their assertion, I am NOT actually a crazy man! At least, I believe what I believe and I believe it is entirely wrong to put such labels on people and abuse them just because you believe something different, presuming even that much is true!

Everybody acts according to his or her beliefs and I am ashamed to say that I am still actually a human being after all! I really do wish that my previous landlord was actually successful in their attempts to kill me. I will never stop talking and it was partly talking about that that led to/ ‘justified’ (allegedly) even further abuse! Far worse things than dying- I’ve been there! Still pretty much there! There is NO way out for me! At least, legally, from what I can gather and I don’t have any ‘illegal’ contacts so that’s not an option for me either! Even IF surviving/ living is actually illegal in some circumstances, I have absolutely NO PROBLEM with breaking the (secret) law on that one, if I were able to! I also have no problem with the Iranians breaking this ‘secret’ special law that has unilaterally been imposed on them either! If I were surrounded on three sides by the biggest and most hostile armies on planet Earth (ALL armed with Nuclear weapons and Christ knows’ what else!) I would want nuclear weapons to! Everyone and everything has a RIGHT to LIVE/ SURVIVE/ EXIST regardless of the (secret) law, in my humble opinion! Remove the need for nuclear weapons and then they wouldn’t feel the need to develop them! However, if someone does break into your house in the middle of the night I would RECOMMEND that you still let them murder you and your family as life in prison is actually far WORSE than dying! That IS what happens to people that defends themselves whether or not it is G-men that are doing the violating/ murdering etc.! Sometimes G-men don’t even tell you they are G-men!!! Best not take the risk!

It is also perfectly possible that such people really are too stupid to realise that it simply isn’t possible for people such as me to open a bank account. I’ve contacted EVERY single bank available to ‘mere mortals’, such as myself. This includes all the major and minor high street banks as well as all the Internet ones. The likes of Cahoot won’t even let you open an account with them unless you already have a bank account and give them your current bank account details. They don’t even actually bother to ask for permission/ you to sign over consent for your current bank to provide personal information to them! Presumably because the Data Protection Act does not apply to such people! All bank staff claim that they can’t allow me to open an account with them because of the law. They refuse to give full names either and I do believe that they may actually be lying i.e. they are actually so stupid that they do believe that the government telling them to do it is the SAME as the law. I believe what I was taught to believe and I believe that Parliament is the body that makes up laws, NOT the government i.e. the Cabinet, or even judges as a ‘manager’ at Nottingham Court claims!

In order to open a bank account you need two forms of ID, allegedly, Primary and Secondary. Primary ID (basically) is either a) Passport, b) Driving Licence, c) National ID card. I have no money and in order to get money (legally) I need a bank account. You can not get any of these documents without money! Therefore, I can not open a bank account! Even if I did have money it would be pretty damn stupid to send money (cash) through the Postal Service. Even the Royal Mail has no obligation to actually deliver items of mail (as they are paid to do) because of the (secret) Postal Services Act, allegedly! That also makes a mockery of every commercial piece of legislation that I was taught to believe! I also have an ethical problem with applying for a new passport. In order to get one you need to a) pay them an obscene amount of money that I simply do not have, b) travel down South somewhere to an interrogation centre (no money for travel) where you are interrogated by anonymous G-men with very personal questions (allegedly- refuse to give you advance notice of what they are) and I dread to think what would be done to you if you refuse to answer, c) probably have to submit to handing over DNA and having your Iris scanned/ fingerprints taken/ RFID chip inserted etc., although the passport authority refuses to either confirm or deny this! Bizarrely, it also seems that I may not be allowed to travel out of the country anymore BECAUSE of what they did to me (the ‘label’ that they have applied)! So why would I go to the expense and trouble of getting a passport, even if I were prepared to ‘submit’? According to ‘Paul’ I am no LONGER allowed to travel to America and (at least) most of Europe because of the ‘Section 3 Crazy man’ label they have applied to me! He seemed very unsure if there was anywhere that I am legally allowed to travel to! He even refused to confirm or deny whether it was legal for me to travel to Whales, Scotland or Ireland! I know that a G-man’s word can not be relied upon so I did make him say it repeatedly! At least four times! Ferguson has actually claimed that I AM still allowed to travel legally, as long as I go around telling lies to complete strangers/ write it down on forms i.e. that I am a crazy man! I do not tell lies and I am NOT going to do this! Ferguson has also claimed that I’m the one that is actually stupid for misunderstanding what Paul told me (with his psychic abilities, he wasn’t even there- I don’t believe that he has the power to become invisible!). I am NOT stupid and I do know that the vast majority of G-men are stupid and their word can simply not be relied upon. That is WHY I made Paul say the things that he said to me repeatedly! There was absolutely no room for ambiguities in what he said to me! I DID make sure! It is now impossible to know which G-man to believe. BOTH refuse to put it in writing, which is actually standard policy for G-men! THIS IS TRUE!!! I AM NOT A CRAZY MAN!!! G-MEN ROUTINELY/ REPEATEDLY CONTRADICT THEMSELVES AND EACH OTHER!!! IT IS NOT ME THAT IS ‘CRAZY’!!! I have no real wish to travel, anyway. I was born in this country and I have every right to live my life here how I choose! However, if I was actually capable of leaving this country I may well choose to run to Italy and claim asylum on the grounds of ‘political persecution’. ALL that I want right now is a Bank Account!

There are also similar problems with obtaining a driving licence. All the above seems to apply and it is actually far more expensive to obtain a driving licence. You also need money to do that and I can not earn money (legally) without a bank account! It also takes a lot longer as you need to have lessons/ training. The DVLA also refuses to confirm or deny whether or not the same sort of things applies to the issue of new driving licences as passports (i.e. DNA testing/ Iris scan/ RFID chip etc.) Ferguson also claims that I require his written permission now for a Driving Licence which he keeps saying that he is going to give me but has never actually done so! The promise of free driving lessons has never actually materialised either and it is not possible to obtain lessons (never mind a licence) without money! I am certainly never going to admit to something that I am NOT i.e. being a crazy man!

I also REFUSE to co-operate with the ID scheme in any way whatsoever, regardless of what is done to the law! I’m totally with Nick Clegg MP on this one! It is also nice to see at least one MP standing up for the Liberal Democracy that we used to have in this country! I just hope he doesn’t get himself assassinated for it, or anything! He’s probably the last best chance this country has! Not that the PTB will ever ‘allow’ him to take office, highly unlikely in my humble opinion!

There is also a problem with providing secondary ID i.e. Utility bills, although this is a moot point as I have absolutely no hope of obtaining the Primary! At least whilst this government is in power! I was FORCED to become HOMELESS. Consequently, NONE of the utility bills are in my name! Even if I had utility bills I would be reluctant to hand them over to bank staff with no name. Who I buy my electricity from and what numbers are contained on my phone bill are absolutely none of the bank’s business! It’s a moot point anyway as I do not have and I am unable to obtain Primary ID!

I do believe/ suspect that what Banks are now doing may actually be ILLEGAL, but I find it impossible to ascertain this for sure! I did hear a ‘rumour’ that the COMPULSION element of the ID card scheme had been voted down by Parliament. COMPULSION is EXACTLY what is happening in regard to that! New passports and driving licences ARE ID cards (effectively) and you can’t even open a bank account WITHOUT AGREEING to it now! That IS COMPULSION! COMPULSION MEANS WHAT COMPULSION MEANS!!!

I believe that it is certainly possible that bank staff are actually so stupid to believe that government telling them to do it is the SAME as the law!!! I have asked some of them ‘which Act of Parliament they were referring to’. Some admitted that they did not know and others became abusive! I fail to understand why asking questions always seem to illicit a deranged response from (some) people! Being really, really stupid is NOT an acceptable excuse for such behaviour! It may help explain it but it does NOT justify it!

You can’t even buy or sell a (your own) house without (effectively) signing up to the ID card scheme. Estate Agents also claim that this is the law! You have to give them/ allow them to photocopy your passport, driving licence or ID card and they ALSO require secondary ID. If you are ‘self sufficient’ (i.e. NO utility bills) it is actually illegal for you to sell or buy another home, allegedly! If I can ever find some way of getting ‘back on my feet’ I doubt that I will ever be able to rent a property/ home without any of these things either! THIS IS THE KIND OF COUNTRY THAT WE’RE NOW LIVING IN!!! My business is my business, what is none of their business IS NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!

There is another way to open a bank account, apparently. They will let you open one if you hand over the last 3 months bank statements from your previous bank. I have an ethical problem with that anyway, as I do not see that my previous banking/ business dealing is any of their business! However, this is not an option as my previous bankers made such a mess of it they did not give me my last three months/ recent bank statements! The very least that I hoped to obtain from my legal claim against them was PRECISELY that i.e. 3 months of recent bank statements so that I could open another account! That ‘last chance’ of (legally) opening a bank account was effectively neutered by Thompson! He has actually caused me far more damage than those psychopathic yobs that PHYSICALLY tortured me! I believe that he is probably too stupid to understand what he did, although I do doubt that! Best case scenario is that he is a genuine numpty! The numpty believes what the numpty believes! Despite the fact that I have repeatedly explained it to him! Some people just can’t be helped! I also believe it to be entirely WRONG for those kinds of people to have such power and sane/ intelligent/ rational minded people such as me can’t acquire any! It is just another of the ‘sad little ironies of life’- the ‘wrong’ type of people tend to crave it and the ‘right’ type of people don't want it! I could actually ‘rationalise’ it now by the ‘lesser of two evils’ philosophy- that IS what they did to me!

In my humble opinion (and in this day and age) access to (at least basic) bank accounts should be like access to cash. You shouldn’t be FORCED to hand over personal telephone number and home address to such people either. To EXIST in current society you NEED a bank account and this country does continue to masquerade as a Liberal Democracy! If you require credit then it seems acceptable that lenders should require proof of address, but that is all! Credit Reference agencies should also require PERMISSION from individuals that the checks are being done on! Especially considering that the check itself DOES damage to your credit rating! You can actually LEGALLY destroy the ability for an individual to EVER obtain a mortgage/ further credit for around £100 (£50 to register company, £2 per credit check). You should not be FORCED to hand over phone number, buy a passport, sign up to ID scheme etc. in order to obtain such basic things as a bank account! In my humble opinion! I am a product of the society that created me! Presuming that they have actually changed the ‘secret rules/ laws’ of this society (without telling me) it DOES NOT mean that I am a crazy man! I also believe that there is a strong case for nationalising the banking industry. However, putting G-men in control of such things is likely to make the situation a damn site worse! Right now they have ‘the best of both worlds’- they can behave like businesses and reap the rewards of that but with none of the risks associated with it as the Government will always bail them out with taxpayers’ cash when they ‘screw up’! Recent media reports again confirm the blatantly obvious!


Perversely, the yobs that continue to harass, threaten and intimidate myself and my family CLAIM that the fact that I can’t legally open a bank account is PROOF of being a crazy person. I can not and will not accept this!

The whole bloody world has gone mad! Not me! Maybe I am actually the last sane man in an insane world but re-defining the meaning of words does not make it true!

The ‘magical powers’ to get me my own home have never actually materialised either! I have no income whatsoever and if it were not for other people’s charity I would be dead by now. I can’t earn without a bank account and getting out of this village that I have been trapped in for nearly two years now. It is doubtful that I would be allowed on to the ‘social housing’ list whilst on ‘benefits’ anyway. As I’m not, there is no way I can get on it. Without ‘bus fare’ I can’t even physically get to the nearest town to work! Cash in hand jobs are virtually non-existent and those that do exist are probably illegal in some way! Apparently, it is not legal for me to obtain access to the ‘social housing’ list in another area. You need to already live in the area to be entitled to access, apparently. That said, I did complete and return the form for the ‘social housing’ list for ‘Grantham’ in February 2006- despite having to request it numerous times and even then they still sent it to the wrong name (despite spelling my surname to them four times). Since then I have heard absolutely nothing from them! Possibly because the ‘computer says NO’ on the grounds of the benefits computer told them I’m claiming benefits but that they are paying £0.00. Possibly because I refuse to give my previous address simply because I did not want my previous landlord (attempted murderers) tracking me to this location. I believe it perfectly reasonable to take steps to protect my own life, but this is rather a moot point because the DPA does not apply to such people- I’m bound to turn up again on a database sooner or later! Unfortunately, my name is NOT John Smith! I have no money to change my name by deed pole and (presuming that is still legal) it is highly likely that G-men will still KNOW what my previous name was as it would be linked up on the computer! Of course, G-men never do anything wrong! It’s embedded in the ‘system’, so it must be true! They refuse to give me any reason or even communicate with me and haven’t done since February 2006! I certainly don’t have any ‘magical powers’ and I do not believe that Endley or Thompson has any either! They have failed to materialise so far! I do believe them to be ‘full of sh*t’! It is perfectly possible that they do actually believe what they have been shovelling! It simply is not possible to have an intelligent/ rational conversation with people that are actually that stupid! I don’t have ‘proper’ conversations with such people anyway. Conversation means what conversation means- you can’t have one of them with people that have tortured you and are constantly threatening you with violence, rape, further abuse etc.! Conversation means what conversation means!

I have also been forced to endure numerous ‘meetings’ with the one known as ‘Ferguson’. He has also claimed to be a Doctor, but from what I can gather he is probably more senior in the hierarchy than De Silva. He tends to be very patronising but has also stated that he agrees with my politics and what was done to me shouldn’t have been done! However, he continues to harass and threaten me for no particular reason! He has also made up three other ‘reasons’ to retrospectively ‘justify’ what he/ they did to me! I don’t accept any of it!

Firstly, he has claimed with his (psychic/ retrospective) abilities that I was about to become a recluse/ hermit, shun society and go live in a cave! This wasn’t and is not true! Supposedly, doing what they did to me was supposed to stop this from happening. I’m not sure if he was trying to be ‘funny’ or not. Perversely, what they did to me just makes me more likely to do such a thing! I believe that I have every right to ‘choose’ that lifestyle, if I so wished! I do not believe it to be illegal (impossible to be sure) or even anything wrong with it! As it happens I’m a great fan of technology and enjoy my ‘creature comforts’ too much. I also don’t actually know where any vacant caves are located around here. I also have (had) an intense/ irrational phobia of rodents, so a dark damp cave would be absolutely the last place that I would feel safe sleeping! Apart from in that ‘prison’, of course! I say ‘had’ as the things that used to frighten me just doesn’t frighten me anymore! I have become a man with no fear as a direct result of what they did to me! Maybe they have actually succeeded in driving me insane! Some fear is usually considered perfectly rational/ normal! They have obviously turned me into a crazy man! ;-)

The only ‘vacant’ caves that I have heard about were those formerly occupied by the so-called ‘evil’ Taliban in Afghanistan, although you can’t believe everything that ones sees on TV. I can’t actually get there as it’s a bit too far to walk and I’m not (legally) allowed out of the country anymore! However, if I could it may prove to be the best idea! I certainly don’t believe everything that the man inside the TV says about them (largely G-man propaganda). It is ‘not legal’ to even hear their side of the argument any longer! There is also probably some truth in the ‘enemy of my enemy is my friend’ business. They seem intent on driving me that way! Unfortunately, that just isn’t an option for me and Ferguson was perhaps just trying to trick me into having another ‘illegal thought/ saying something’! Now I’ve just written it down- hope he’s proud of himself! Maybe he was just trying to be funny!

Secondly he has tried to retrospectively justify what was done by claiming that I don’t trust government employees. I don’t ‘trust’ complete strangers anyway and I do consider that to be irrational! Call me crazy if you must! Considering what government employees have done to me personally, my family, other citizens of this country and in the world in general, has any sane man got any reason to trust them? G-men have tried to murder me, made me homeless, destroyed my ‘life’, driven all my friends and family away and held me without trial, tortured, raped and mind frelled me! Would I actually be considered sane if I did trust such people? I mean, WTF? The fact is that I have only ‘willingly’ been prepared to communicate with G-men in writing since August 2002 because of all the lies they tell! You simply can’t trust G-men to tell the truth as they endlessly contradict themselves and each other. It is a sad fact and I do not believe that makes me a crazy man! Same with the private sector- especially salesman. They MAKE MONEY by getting you to agree/ sign things! Of course they are going to lie to you! That IS what the ‘real world’ is like! The so-called ‘upgrading’ from ISDN to ADSL would be one prime example! Fortunately, I wasn’t stupid enough to fall for that, but a lot of people were! Fortunately, Private sector employees are more willing to confirm things in writing and if they don’t it is usually possible to find another private company that will! G-MEN ALWAYS REFUSE TO PUT ANYTHING IN WRITING AND THEY NEVER LEAVE YOU ANOTHER OPTION BUT TO TRY AND FIGHT! Capitulation isn’t even an option as they implement threats against you anyway! I refuse to waste my time speaking with them verbally (it’s just not worth the risk or the cost in time or money) and they refuse to correspond in writing, I presume for legal reasons. G-men also get paid for wasting their time whilst those that are unemployed/ work in the private sector generally don’t! It’s a bit of a moot point again as I expect to be dead shortly, with one thing and another, but if I ever can get ‘back on my feet’ I expect to be ‘done over’ again repeatedly for the rest of my life! As G-men always go around threatening people and endlessly contradicting each other. I don’t believe that I’m even allowed to stand as an MP now, so they do seem intent on driving me to the suicide bomber/ raising my own private army option!

Capitulation isn’t even an option as they do not ‘honour’ so-called ‘agreements’, even when you do capitulate. Sometimes I doubt that any of them are actually sane! I have refused to deal with them verbally since August 2002. As they refuse to put things in writing any dispute WILL ALWAYS escalate to Court proceedings. Logically, there doesn’t seem to be anything else you can do to deal with such people. I am a product of my experience/ education! Then they will endlessly contradict themselves in Court, refuse to state what their names are/ show ID, fabricate evidence and STILL refuse to but proper signatures on Court documents (considering previous experience) and the Judge, undoubtedly, will still side with them! Due process MEANS due process. That is NOT due process. That is ABUSE of what probably/ presumably is the (secret) process! Therefore, I will not accept such a judgement and the situation WILL escalate again until they ‘legalise’ violence (and or theft) against me and they’ll end up murdering me or putting me in an official prison, probably for the rest of my life. They may also choose to keep me alive for years/ indefinitely by forcing a tube down my throat, given previous experience of their ‘threats’. Despite phrasing what I just written in that particular way I do not believe that the point I just made actually makes me a crazy man! The (secret) system simply doesn’t work as it is routinely abused to ‘officially’ make G-men always right about anything and everything all the time! Just who do they think they are? Jake Maverick? ;-)

I have actually adopted the same ‘secret’ policies now. I say a proportionate response means what a proportionate response means!

I suppose that Ferguson may actually be considered ‘right’ on that one but I say he is just stating the blatantly obvious! I have every right to ‘protest’ or even argue with such people and fight them anyway I can but I DO NOT ACCEPT THAT MAKES ME A CRAZY MAN OR IN ANYWAY JUSTIFIES WHAT WAS DONE TO ME! I would also stand up to ‘private sector’ yobs in exactly the same way if they behaved towards me how they behaved towards me. The best predictor of future behaviour is previous behaviour! Why on earth would anyone in their right mind have ‘blind faith’/ complete trust in total strangers? Especially considering my experience of them? I do not believe/ accept that that makes me a crazy man!

I will NEVER stop talking!

Thirdly, he tried to justify the abuse by claiming it was because I am angry! He is extremely patronising! I think he may have been trying to be ‘funny’ again, or just stating the blatantly obvious. I see nothing wrong with stating that my initial ‘base line feeling/ limbic level brain response’ is to slap such people. Provocation means what provocation means! Every human ‘has a beast within’ and we are genetically wired to ‘react’ to perceived threats/ abuse etc. IT IS NOT ABNORMAL! I am not a ROBOT! However, other more rational parts of my brain have managed to control the ‘beast’ so far! Not that I have ever turned ‘green’, or anything!

I also believe that I have shown considerable restraint, given the extreme level of provocation!

The fact is that I was very nearly murdered, was made homeless and I lost EVERYTHING including my basic human right to a bank account/ live/ contribute to society. Before that I was very nearly starved and frozen to death. I was also made to live in a state of ‘abject terror’ for over a year. I was also forced to drink ‘poisoned/ contaminated water’, possibly contaminated with raw sewerage! There were several occasions where I actually passed out, I presume due to the lack of food and/ or being poisoned/ made sick. Officially of course, people are not made to live like that in this country. Certainly not white people! I may actually be guilty of being ‘black’ by association but I am NOT actually black OR guilty of anything, apart from talking! As it happens, I haven’t made any ‘white’ friends since the start of 1999! It’s just the way things worked out! There’s certainly nothing wrong with being black- this statement says what it does say! It does NOT say whatever they say it says! I’ve lost all my friends and they’ve even actually succeeded in turning my family against me! Not that that is any great loss! Approximately six months after being made homeless and losing ‘everything’ I was abducted, viciously beaten up (had my back dislocated and testicles virtually ripped off), held without trial and tortured whilst being subjected to regular mind frell drug attacks, random acts of violence and gang raped (legally, allegedly) on numerous occasions. I believe that there was also at least one occasion where I was literally (not just legally) anally raped, although I have no actual recollection of that event! Then there is what has been done to my family! Then there is what has been to other humans on the rest of this planet over the last 9/ 10 years!

I HUMBLY/ RESPECTIVELY SUBMIT THAT THERE WOULD BE ‘SOMETHING’ WRONG WITH ME IF I WAS NOT ANGRY ABOUT SUCH THINGS! I am a human being and I do experience emotions- that is part of what being a human being means! At least, I believe that to be true! I do not accept that having emotions means that I am a crazy man! Again, I can’t help but think WTF?

I am also extremely angry about what this government has done to this country and what they have done to the world as a whole! I DO NOT believe that Tony Blair is a nice man! I am NOT one of the gullible sheep in this country that can me manipulated by the endless PR campaign! Whether it’s legal to think (let alone speak) is totally irrelevant to me! It does not actually mean that I am crazy!

I’m also angry about the general level of contempt that Court’s appear to have for ‘mere mortals’, such as myself, and the blatant preferential treatment that they give to G-men!

I am ashamed to say that I am actually a human being! I can only ‘hope’ it is still legal to have ‘emotions’ (and use metaphors/ similes etc). I may also choose to use a ‘naughty word’ or even hyperbole again! I believe that the English language is NOT as precise as I would like/ need it to be so why would I want to compound that problem further by ‘censoring’ myself? I am NOT a robot! I would NOT be a human being if I did not have emotions or wasn’t angry about what has been done to me, my family and the humans on this planet in general! I do not believe there to be anything wrong with having emotions or even expressing them, by way of a naughty word, for example! I do believe that there would be something abnormal about me if I wasn’t angry- call me a crazy man if you must! I believe that there is obviously ‘something’ wrong with him for suggesting that the abuse that they inflicted on me made me angry and that (retrospectively) justifies it! I DO NOT BELIEVE/ ACCEPT THAT I AM THE ONE THAT HAS SOMETHING MENTALLY WRONG WITH THEM. There is obviously ‘something’ wrong with such lunatics that willingly accept the kind of power that they have and do such things to people! Gross stupidity and extreme arrogance can only explain so much!

I am also angry about many other things. I’m angry that the ‘idiot’ that opened his car door without looking and forced a fourteen-year-old boy into the path of a lorry (killing him) wasn’t charged with manslaughter. Being a complete, utter and totally inconsiderate moron is not an acceptable excuse, in my humble opinion! I presume that he must have been a G-man, but the media reports neglected to mention that!

I’m angry that the Deputy Head master who lied about his qualifications for over twenty years was never prosecuted for fraud. I’m angry that BT employees’ culpability in Jill Dando’s murder and several other murders/ kneecappings (that I AM aware of) wasn’t even investigated by the Police! Publicly, they have claimed that they had lost the monopoly by then but in every real sense they still have it to this very day! Even the Police afford them the same official/ unofficial ‘rights’ as G-men. I’m angry that even my own brother has stolen many thousands of pounds from, sexually assaulted me (I believe him to be a repressed homosexual) and attacked me with knives on several occasions! I’m angry that my own parents are actually as gullible/ stupid as they pretend to be- I really have no idea where I get this self righteous streak from! They are what they are and they truly can’t help being what they are! I’m angry that NHS employees are ‘allowed’ to balance buckets of filthy, frothy black liquids on chairs and repeatedly kick/ ram it into electrical equipment that was keeping a family member alive. She then proceeded to slap/ spread this ‘filth’ all over the floors and up the walls. When she had finished doing that she then proceeded to smear the remnants of that bucket over a family member’s open wounds (under the pretext of washing him)- and this was an intensive care suite! I believe that such people have the nerve to go around calling themselves ‘cleaners’ and they actually get paid for spreading filth/ muck/ disease about the place! Publicly, of course, the NHS claims that they don’t have conflict of interests when it comes to spreading filth/ disease etc. around hospitals! Creating extra work for themselves so that they can pay themselves more money, employ extra people and buy more equipment doesn’t present conflict of interests? Seriously? WTF? Maybe they really are actually as stupid as they pretend to be, but I can’t help but doubt it! I believe that such people should be sacked for gross incompetence/ negligence and face criminal charges e.g. ABH/ GBH. That charge should also be increased to murder- by reason of depraved indifference, should a patient die from MRSA (for example) or some other ‘reason’ that should never have happened! I will NEVER stop stating my opinions on such things, no matter what they do to me next! If you sign the contract then you accept the responsibilities of that contract! Same with accepting a driving licence, although that is hardly the best example as it is NEVER considered murder or manslaughter when people are killed by some numpty behind the wheel! Gross stupidity/ laziness is not an acceptable excuse for what is, effectively, murder in some circumstances!

Such behaviour will NOT stop until people start being held accountable for such things! I do not believe it to be wrong (or even illegal) to say such things and/ or try to put a stop to such things!

I’m also angry that the senior doctor/ Consultant that killed a young girl with a radiation overdose (whilst supposedly treating a brain tumour) wasn’t even investigated by the Police to ascertain whether it was murder or manslaughter or not! If he/ she had made the decision to ‘accidentally on purpose’ overdose her/ euthanise her in order to save/ better target NHS resources (or just reduce her suffering) then that constitutes murder. Of course, it’s impossible to ascertain what went on in a person’s mind (in reality, barring special ‘psychic abilities’), so even if the Police had investigated the only possible charge would have been one of manslaughter. Unless you look back at the history of that individual to see if there was a ‘pattern’ or not! They STILL don’t have appeared to have learnt the lesson from the Shipman case! Incompetence should still constitute murder, by reason of depraved indifference, in my humble opinion! Best case scenario is that he or she simply got the Maths wrong i.e. the official story. I doubt that the formula was particularly complicated- it’s NOT like they needed to calculate ‘orbits to the moon’, or anything! Such a calculation needs to be double-checked, tripled checked and passed to a colleague who should also double check and triple check. That is simply common sense, surely? If they both come up with the same answer then go ahead and start putting radiation directly into people’s brains! Sounds reasonable to me- in my humble opinion! I must be a crazy man! I do not believe it unreasonable to expect that someone in such a senior position as that, who is earning hundreds of thousands of pounds of tax-payers’ money a year and responsible for doing that job to be capable of doing basic arithmetic!

As absolutely nothing was done it’s just another example of the ‘blind faith’ that the general public/ numpties in this country have in G-men! I do not have ‘faith’ but still refuse to accept that losing faith is/ was a valid excuse for what was done to me!

A ‘moral superiority complex’ ALWAYS leads to some seriously unethical behaviour! I now know that I have better/ higher morals than they have. They have, effectively, given ME a superiority complex! This IS exactly how stupid these people are! THEY HAVE GONE AND RADICALISED ME!!!

I also used to have friends that worked in the NHS and have heard numerous ‘stories’ where such gross incompetence is simply covered up- best case scenario is that such ‘offenders’ are simply demoted! Even that very rarely happens and is nowhere near good enough, in my humble opinion!

I can not and will not accept that thinking the way that I do, let alone talking about it or even phrasing it in a provocative way makes me a crazy man! Let alone justify what was done to me!

I’m also quite angry that some ‘numpty’ DELETED my entire credit report/ history! It is actually far easier to obtain credit with a BAD credit history than NO credit history whatsoever. I also found out that numerous people and organisations had been running credit checks on me without my knowledge or consent. This has also massively damaged my credit rating (5 points per go). When I complained about it the ‘numpties’ tried to antagonise me even further by linking several other people’s credit histories up to mine! The computer now says that I am responsible for several hundred thousands pounds worth of debt! Never mind the repeated DPA violations! I haven’t been able to obtain credit for over five years because of this. I will never qualify for a mortgage because the computer will always say NO! Now I can’t even get a bank account because of the law, allegedly! Not a damn thing I can do about it. The computer system doesn’t even bother to record the names of the individuals that have done this to me. I can’t even challenge it through the Courts because if the computer says you’re guilty then, to all intensive purposes, you are GUILTY!

Then there are the numpties that were foolish enough to put their bank account details/ credit card details into Microsoft Money Manager. I believe that there are numerous people around the world that have had money stolen from them, lost their families, careers, reputations, homes and their liberty. All because the computer has automatically branded them PAEDOPHILES. Even Judges are generally so stupid that they actually believe that because the computer says so it must be true! The media are banned from reporting on the story, of course, and there is still the myth that we have freedom of speech in this country!

I also saw another media report whilst I was being held prisoner/ ‘tortured’ that I can’t help having an emotional response to. A 14 year old boy was murdered by G-men again with the standard ‘we’re trying to help you/ it’s for your own good’ excuse! Basically, some G-man yob got his mates to beaten the little boy up and hold him down whilst he choked/ strangled him to death. His nickname was ‘Choker’ for f***s sake! Of course, never any criminal charges brought against G-men and he is STILL working there and LEGALLY abusing little boys! This IS the kind of country that we’re now living in! When G-men are allowed to ‘legally’ get away with things like that it seems that this claim has absolutely no hope of succeeding! But what else can I do? I do keep forgetting the kind of country that I am actually living in now. I really can’t help the education that I have had or thinking the way that I do. I do believe that people that willingly accept such responsibilities should be held RESPONSIBLE and accountable. I do not believe/ accept that that makes me a crazy man! However, if I don’t do this then the only other option that I can see is the ‘suicide bomber’ option and I just can’t bring myself to do something like that! I don’t mean to sound flippant about such things but there IS always a reason why people do the things that they do! ‘Pretending’ that they’re just crazy or have the evil gene really doesn’t help the situation! It was saying things like that that led to what they did to me…….I suppose I should really keep my gob shut but I just can not stop being the person that I am/ thinking the way that I do! I am only a product of the society that created me! As all people are! Rightly or wrongly!


I am very passionate (more so, after what was done to me) about my political views and see nothing wrong with it. I doubt that it is illegal but it is impossible to be sure in this day and age! IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT I AM CRAZY! NOR IS IT A ‘CRIME’!

I’m still very angry about the general lack of respect and the violence that G-men are legally allowed to inflict on people and the ‘general Neanderthal type attitude’ the vast of majority of G-men have. I do not believe anybody should have the ‘legal’ power to do such things to people! If people are to have respect for authority then the authorities need to start having respect for people! I don’t just mean white people either- I MEAN ALL PEOPLE NO MATTER WHAT COLOUR THEIR SKIN IS, WHICH PART OF THE PLANET THEY HAPPEN TO LIVE ON OR WHAT THEY HAPPEN TO BELIEVE IN! I do not believe that I warrant the label of ‘crazy man’ for making a stand against such people/ expressing an opinion/ or stating the bleating obvious (as far as I am concerned)! Perversely, G-men get paid ridiculous sums of money for stating the blatantly obvious, lying, patronising people and abusing people etc.! And they have the nerve to call me sick? I believe what I believe and some of them may actually believe what they believe, but so what? Even if they do actually believe what they believe I do not accept that that even makes such abuse ‘legal’. It certainly does NOT make it right!

I’m angry that next door’s builders vandalised the side gate and my mother’s car without so much as an apology. I’m also angry that my parents won’t even try and do anything about it, let alone send them the bill! I believe that criminal damage is criminal damage! Being an inconsiderate selfish prat is not an acceptable excuse either! Not they bothered to make any excuses or even speak to them/ own up to it for that matter! I’m also angry that the neighbours have managed to bully my parents in handing over a large portion of their own property to them. I’m angry that the two/ three weeks work I spent tidying/ restoring that side of the garden has been wasted. I’m also angry that those people are also probably responsible for the death of my dog through poisoning him. He was only two years old and was the best friend that I ever had! Still angry that my parents won’t try and do something about that either! I doubt that it is legal to murder other peoples’ dogs like that, but the law is kept secret from us ‘mere mortals’ so I really don’t know if it is or not! I certainly would have done something about if I was the one that ‘officially’ owned him! Damn the consequences! Justice is bit of an abstract concept, anyway, but revenge is better than nothing! It’s just an opinion!

I’m also angry about the violent yob teachers that used to work (presumably still there) at my old school. It was actually a Grammar school and was rated amongst the top ones in the country! There were/ are at least three violent yobs there officially employed to be school teachers and one of them was management! I do not believe that punching, kicking, pushing and general being rude and abusive to 11- 18 year old boys should be considered acceptable behaviour for schoolteachers! One in particular used to randomly attack pupils. There was one notable incident when one young lad had his glasses smashed and he nearly lost an eye! Police were never even called, of course. I hope that the school bought him some replacement glasses at the very least! Publicly, of course they DON’T condone bullying but in practice they PROMOTE the bullies/ yobs! That is what happens in the real world. It’s almost as true in the private sector! I’m angry that society still teaches such ‘fairy tales’ to people- I BELIEVE THAT THEY SHOULD BE HONEST ABOUT SUCH THINGS/ TEACH PEOPLE REALITY/ THE TRUE NATURE OF THE REAL WORLD! NOT LIE ABOUT IT! Lying to people about such things DOES NOT help in way whatsoever and actually does more damage to those gullible/ naive to believe it (like I was, for a while). Unfortunately, I’m too old to re-wire my neural pathways and make myself capable of actually playing by the same yob rules! I can not compete in this society and now that I’m not even allowed so much as a bank account then death seems to be the best option available to me! I am largely a product of the educational system that I was put through and can’t help believing what I was taught to believe! I’m also angry that the paedophile is probably still working there (unless she has retired) and I still don’t know if she was allowed to get away it because she was a teacher or because she was female. They did prosecute male paedophiles, even back in the early 1990s! Maybe I just have psychic abilities that allow me to see things other people just can’t see! I am actually capable of comprehending the blatantly obvious! Does NOT mean that I am a crazy man!

It seems that all people that work as G-men behave like violent yobs! Certainly the ones that I see/ notice! Maybe I have had dealings with some that weren’t (I know I probably have) but it has been several years since and you don’t tend to remember people/ things when they actually do what they’re officially supposed to do! They only become ‘visible’/ memorable when they behave ‘badly’! Another example would be the yobs that 'supposedly’ refurbished the pavement outside my parent’s home. Not only did they vandalise my father’s car with their tools they also vandalised a rose bush that did have some sentimental value (planted to commemorate the passing of my Grandfather). They insisted on walking to the middle of the front garden before kicking it repeatedly- we caught him red handed and he did look quite ‘sheepish’ about it! The bush eventually had to be removed and the hole filled in. WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THAT? Not only that, they also insisted on digging up the border to bury their rubble in it- presumably because they were just too damn lazy to take it away with them! They didn’t bother to give any notice, either! They didn’t even bother to use the standard ‘we left you secret messages attached to unspecified lamp posts that don’t really even exist’ excuse! The really galling thing is that a fortnight before I spent more than a week restoring/ repairing that border from the piss poor job those yobs did on it the previous time, about ten years prior. It was bloody hard work! I had to dig out all their rubble + I had to hack through the tarmac that had spilled over the property line. I then had to relay the topsoil and plant grass seed on it. I had been successful in restoring that front of the garden to a nice crisp/ perfect edge! Then a fortnight later those buggers came along and vandalised all my hard work again! Sometimes I can actually laugh about it! I’m not actually a crazy man! Then there is the small matter of being forced to pay for that ‘privilege’ through Council tax! The yobs refused to say what their names even were which didn’t come as any great surprise considering my experience. Just kept chanting ‘we’re the council’ and ‘we have to come on to your (and vandalise) your property, it’s the law’! I found their yob like behaviour quite provocative. There certainly wasn’t ANY reason why they had to come onto the property (let alone vandalise it) and I do doubt that there is any (secret) law that made them do such things! I must be a crazy person! I just genuinely can’t see it!

The ‘binmen’ also have the same yob like tendencies. I really can not see why such a job can be considered so difficult! Not only are they incapable of collecting the rubbish properly they have also vandalised the cars on the driveway. They seem incapable of moving them without whacking cars with them! Maybe it’s a jealousy thing- all the houses on this street are detached, not that we’re rich people or anything! They also dump bins in the middle of people’s front gardens/ vandalise borders. They also seem to think it’s ‘funny’ to dump bins right up close behind my father’s land rover (he is disabled) so that he can’t see it when he reverses out! He has trouble moving the bin after he has reversed into it. Not only that, they have ‘muddled up’ all the bins on this street before we had chance to buy numbers for them. Our bins have special secret chips in them that we’re not supposed to know about. They refuse to confirm or deny exactly what information is contained on these chips! When ‘pay as you throw go’ comes in the blinking computer will (effectively) be automatically fining/ punishing people at random for what other people have ‘allegedly’ done! It’s Neoconism gone mad! Not that such policies could ever be considered sane in the first place. I do accept that G-men may actually be too stupid to comprehend the blatantly obvious! Being a complete and utter numpty, presuming that is true, is not an acceptable excuse! At least in my humble opinion!

The whole problem of ‘yob G-men’ does actually seem to be getting worse by the day! This bloody government HAS made it a damn site easier for them! Other examples of their appalling behaviour could be found during this year’s floods. What I presume to be Police officers were going around charging into people’s houses/ homes with full camera crews in tow chanting/ shouting ‘IT’S THE POLICE’. Done with the standard ‘we’re here to help you/ it’s for your own good/ we’re here to check on your builders’ excuse! No names, no warrant cards never mind a WARRANT (although they did appear to be in some kind of uniform)- they didn’t even bother to knock on people’s front doors! I doubt such people even understand what words like ‘respect’ and ‘common courtesy’ actually mean! I would have felt perfectly justified in battering such yobs (including the camera crew) with whatever came to hand! I do not accept that saying things like that makes me a crazy person! ‘It’s for your own good’ is NOT an acceptable excuse for such yob like behaviour, in my humble opinion, but if you defend yourself/ your property/ home or even your right to privacy BEST CASE SCENARIO is that you end up in an official prison! AFTER they have kicked the proverbial shit out of you of course! This IS the kind of Police force that we have in this country! Such people are obviously too stupid to UNDERSTAND that they are doing anything ‘wrong’ as they had a full camera crew in tow and had the footage broadcast on national television! I do not believe that they would have behaved like this ten years ago! If the authorities insist on employing ‘yob morons’ as Police officers there needs to be some kind of ‘command and control’ and Senior officers should be prepared to step in and take ‘necessary action’ if members of the public do opt for the self defence option. That means dropping charges, bringing charges against those truly responsible, removing such yobs from their positions of power and holding them accountable (i.e. put them in prison). It also means paying compensation to the victims of such behaviour! Officially, of course, the position is that it’s ‘better that a hundred guilty people go free rather than one innocent person going to jail'. I do actually believe in the ‘official’ position for once, not the ‘real world’ position! If you send the message yob behaviour will not be tolerated in G-men ranks in general the yob behaviour will be substantially reduced and, hopefully STOP altogether! It may then be possible to actually restore some faith in society and those in ‘authority’!

It’s a moot point, but if there is any possible way that I can find to get ‘back on my feet’ and obtain my own home again there are only two possible ways that such yobs will get access to my home again. Either the ‘legal’ way which still means DECLARING that you are Police officers/ browncoats (or whatever), stating names, showing ID, producing warrant, letting me see/ read the warrant etc. Or the yob way, i.e. EXTREME violence. I have every right to defend myself regardless of the (secret, often contradictory) law! Or you can just charge in and we’ll see what happens! I will be expecting you as soon as I get this sent off to the Court, of course! ;-) ‘Be prepared’- that’s my motto! I got it from the over grown boy scout on TV! ;-)

Same if some ‘yob’ punched me in the chest/ stopped in the street again chanting ‘we’re the Police’. I have every right to defend myself. What my name is, where I was born, when I was born is absolutely none of the ‘violent yob’s’ business! I certainly see no reason why I would tell the ‘yob’ what my home address is! HOW IRRATIONAL WOULD THAT BE? I say insanity means what insanity means!

They act as a collective so I will treat them collectively!

To make matters even worse ‘small gangs’ of yobs were roaming the areas effected armed with Stanley knives! They were charging onto people’s private property in small groups of six or seven (from what I can gather) brandishing the knives and slashing up people’s personal property, mostly sofas from what I’ve been led to believe! THEY DID NOT EVEN TELL PEOPLE THAT THEY WERE G-MEN! WHAT EXACTLY IS THE LEGAL/ RATIONAL/ ETHICAL/ SANE WAY OF DEALING WITH SUCH PEOPLE/ YOBS? I do not believe that they would have behaved like this ten years ago! There were operating in small gangs- ALL armed with Stanley knives. I would have felt perfectly justified in taking ‘defensive action’ and asking questions later! Of course, if they had bothered to DECLARE themselves to be G-men the best thing to do would probably be LET THEM do whatever they were going to do. Even if they didn’t STOP after slashing up your sofa etc. Let them stab you, your dog and even members of your family! You are much likely to end up even WORSE off if you try and defend yourself/ your property/ your family! It’s bad enough that people’s lives had been turned upside down by the floods in the first place. Then the bloody G-men come and make it a damn site worse? Sofas do dry out eventually and if you can’t afford to buy a new one immediately (or the local sofa store is empty because there’s been a BIG unexpected demand, for some reason) then you may wish to use it. Even if you can afford a new one right away you may still wish to use the damaged one in an outbuilding or something. BUT YOU CAN’T BECAUSE SOME BUGGER HAS COME ALONG AND VANDALISED IT WITH A STANLEY KNIFE? Again, because of the ‘it’s for your own good’ excuse? THEN they will FORCE you to PAY an extortionate sum of money for having it taken away and ‘recycled’! I mean, WTF? I SAY CRIMINAL DAMAGE IS CRIMINAL DAMAGE. THREATENING BEHAVIOUR IS THREATENING BEHAVIOUR. BRANDISHING OFFENSIVE WEAPONS IS BRANDISHING OFFENSIVE WEAPONS! TRESPASS IS TRESPASS. I have to do this ‘because my boss told me to do it’ or ‘because I am a G-man’ is NOT an acceptable excuse, in my humble opinion! I believe that ALL people should be held accountable for what they do, regardless of the fact whether they are blinking G-men or not!

Such behaviour needs to be ‘stamped out’ or people will no longer have respect for society, never mind authority! In my humble opinion! What is this country/ world coming to?

I do genuinely think and speak like this. I didn’t used to speak in so much detail, but then those buggers went and ‘radicalised’ me! I can still see nothing wrong with it and do still doubt that it is illegal! It certainly doesn’t justify what was done to me, whether it was ‘legal’ or not!

Then again the Police are beating up and abducting old people because they disagree with their politics. Then again they are ‘mass’ arresting hundreds of people at random in supermarkets/ holding them without trial in order to catch one shoplifter! This is, again, the ‘official’ story! Of course, they are not responsible for the thousands of pounds of shopping that defrosted in people’s boots or the jobs they lost because they weren’t able to get to work on time! Legally, of course, they can do whatever the f**k they like to people whenever they feel like it by ‘virtue’ of the so-called ‘Terrorism Act’, allegedly/ apparently. They are NEVER held accountable for doing such things to people! Then there was the small matter of pumping bullets repeatedly into a young man’s head- never even investigated for murder let alone charged! I really do hope they come and kill me now- ‘mental health problems’ is usually the excuse they use to make such things acceptable to the media and the general public! Especially considering the fact that I am not black, I don’t carry around table legs and I do not own a plastic sword/ gun! Maybe I could actually be ‘lucky’ enough for them to make up a more unique excuse for the likes of me, but I doubt it! THIS IS THE KIND OF COUNTRY THAT WE’RE LIVING IN NOW!

During the floods there was also another incident when the ‘supposed authorities’ just let a man drown to death. THAT WAS TANTAMOUNT TO MURDER, IN MY HUMBLE OPINION! It was CERTAINLY manslaughter, at the very least! Yobs in uniforms (presumably with no names again) would not even let family members/ his own father near him whilst he drowned, again with the ‘it’s for your own good’ excuse! And yob idiots like that claim that I am the one that is sick? I believe that the victim had managed to get his foot trapped in a drain and the rising water level meant that he eventually drowned. The ‘so-called’ authorities could not make up their minds what to do so they just let him drown. THAT IS THE OFFICIAL STORY! They could have chopped his foot off and tied off the arteries later. Or just pulled until either he was broken free or his foot came off. Or they could have given him a tube to breath through whilst they ‘prevaricated’/ bumbled about for a bit until they finally decided on the ‘best’ course of action! Or even snapped his neck to euthanise the poor bugger! Or they could even have let his father/ family near him so they could at least say goodbye or at least tried to have done something! It was bad enough that such a situation was allowed to occur in the first place through piss poor/ totally incompetent G-man planning/ management. This is DESPITE paying people to plan for and take appropriate safeguards for such an eventuality! Entirely the ‘wrong’ sort of people have the power to dictate in such situations like that and even if you had the ‘right’ people individuals should still legally have a ‘choice’ in what to do/ risk their lives/ power over their own destinies! In my humble opinion! I certainly wouldn’t let a yob with or without a uniform and no name dictate to me what to do in such a situation! I figure the best thing to do would be to get them with the old ‘pre-emptive’ strike as if you try and talk to them first they’ll probably get you before you had a chance to defend yourself! Best case scenario is that I would end up on criminal charges! That is still preferable than letting a friend, family member or even random member of the public die when there was at least a chance that I could have done something to prevent it. Some lives are certainly far more important than my own! Better to regret something that you have done rather than something that you haven’t! Damn the consequences! Luckily, I am now a man with no fear!

Another example would be if you returned home one night to find your house on fire with your wife and kids still trapped in side. If the ‘so-called’ authorities were already at the scene they wouldn’t let you in to even try and attempt a rescue! Best case scenario is that they would kick the proverbial sh*t out of you, force you to watch whilst your family burned to death and would then probably charge you for assaulting a Police Officer, or something! All with the ‘it’s for your own good excuse’! I SAY MY HOUSE, MY LIFE, MY RISK, MY CHOICE!!! I will never accept that that makes me a crazy person!

I hope that it is still legal to express a FACT!

I hope it’s still legal to express an opinion on such things! I do know that at least in ‘practice’ it is not! I am not going to stop until I am dead! A bullet to the head is the only thing that is going to stop me! Us Maverickians have got to make a stand on such things/ against these people! I truly can not help being the person that I am! I can not and will not accept that that makes me a crazy man!

I’m also quite annoyed/ irritated by the fact that my hair keeps falling out. As do my eyebrows and they also have the annoying habit of falling down and jabbing me in the eye! Slightly amusing problem, but I can’t help but find it irritating on occasion! I do not believe that there is anything ‘wrong’ with having emotions and, again, I do doubt that it is illegal! It certainly is not a crime to have emotions!

I am angry about a great deal of things! I am also very passionate about my political views and beliefs! If it is actually illegal to express such things then it bloody well shouldn’t be!

I will never stop being me! It DOES NOT mean that I am a crazy man!

I’m also quite angry/ annoyed that dogs are being banned from the vast majority of parks/ open green spaces/ beaches across the country! This means that people are effectively banned from having dogs if you live in a city and don’t have a car! It’s cruel not to take dogs for regular walks and ‘ethically’ minded people will no longer be able to keep them. Unless they have a car and prepared to make the one hour + round trip out to the country each and every day! Publicly, of course, the PTB are AGAINST increased carbon emissions! Even more galling is the fact that such people are forced to pay for (and the upkeep) of such places but now they’re not even allowed access? If you haven’t got a dog there would be little point in someone like me going to a park! Then there is the fact that they are now dictating to people what times they are allowed access. I’m actually quite nocturnal and do enjoy going for walks at night! I don’t believe that should be illegal, but (at least effectively) it is! There was actually one occasion when I was locked in a graveyard! Fortunately, I do not have an irrational fear of dead people. The sign did say that the graveyard would be locked at sunset. Several hours after sunset the graveyard was still unlocked. I went into to pay my respects to a family member’s grave and take a short cut through. During such time I did see some ‘yob’ hiding behind gravestones/ running behind trees/ trying to hide from me. I later discovered that this ‘yob’ was the one with the keys and he also seemed to find it extremely funny that he locked me in and was obviously watching me whilst I tried to climb over the gate! He made me ‘suffer’ for well over ten minutes before finally unlocking the gates! He was laughing hysterically and I genuinely believe that he may have been sniffing glue, or something! He did look like a ‘junkie’ of some sort, but I don’t believe in stereotyping people! Maybe he was just an ugly, spotty very pale git that had just been drinking ‘alcohol’! Maybe God just doesn’t like me or I’m cursed, or something! I do, however, believe that Neanderthal type yobs like that should NOT have such power over people/ public spaces! It can’t be that hard to find a ‘decent person’ to do such jobs, surely? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET?

I remember the days when you could sit in a park, drink a couple of beers and smoke a few cigarettes. Now you’re not even allowed to take a dog into the park? This IS the kind of country that we’re living in now- I hope that it is still legal to state a FACT!

This IS the kind of country that we’re now living in! I say that freedom means what freedom means! I don’t even consider it to be a ‘right’- it is simply the natural state of being alive! Neither elected nor un-elected G-men have any ‘right’ to impinge on that in any shape or form whatsoever! Regardless of the (secret) ‘law’! In my humble opinion!

I’m angry about numerous injustices (mostly committed by G-men) that are far too numerous (and not strictly relevant) to type out here! As well of the lack of ‘real’ accountability! I do not think it unreasonable that the same ‘secret rules’ etc. should be equally applied to G-men as us ‘mere mortals’! I’m obviously a crazy man!

I believe that far greater crimes are routinely committed by those in authority, as opposed to members of the general public. Not just in this country but in the world as a whole. I doubt that all of them are actually legal. I do not believe/ accept that I am a crazy man!

Since my release, the most that they have ever managed to do is to provoke me into using the occasional ‘naughty word’. This always lead to further abuse, threats and intimidation etc. against my family and myself. More recently the one known as ‘Jacqui’ has stated <14/11/07> that if she turns up and I don’t want to speak to her I can tell her to ‘piss off’. Thompson was standing behind her grinning insanely at me at the time. I’m certainly not ‘that stupid’! Telling me to use ‘naughty words’ when I KNOW they’re going to use that as an excuse for further abuse? Exactly how stupid do such people think I am? Then again, I must actually be stupid as I have the audacity to try and bring these proceedings! I’ve also asked Jacqui to try and keep Thompson away from me (on previous occasions) and she did promise to try. Obviously she wasn’t successful as they both turned up together with no warning again! I hope to get chance to speak to her on her own again, although I know there is very little point in trying to communicate/ reason with yob G-men! I will never stop trying!

Nobody on this planet is as ‘perfect’ as 'I' am- at least I have never met anybody that has come up to ‘standard’. I must be Homo-Maverickian, or something! First of my kind! It certainly would explain a lot! ;-) The planet is largely populated by complete and utter numpties. It is a sad fact of life, or just an opinion, I don’t believe that hyperbole is illegal either! However, although complete and utter arrogance and absolute stupidity may help explain SOME of their behaviour it does NOT, in any way, justify it! At least in my humble opinion!

Throughout such people ‘claim’ they are ‘nice people’ and ‘trying to help you’ etc. to justify what they do. I find that on par with ‘we’re going to invade your county, destroy your infrastructure, kill hundreds of thousands of innocent men women and children, steal your natural resources to pay for it and this actually a GOOD THING because I believe in some mythical being called God excuse’.

I say that words mean what words mean! I say that ‘helping people’ is called ‘helping people’ and ‘murdering people/ holding them without trial and torturing them’ is called ‘murdering people/ holding them without trial and torturing them’. Yobs are yobs. Nurses are nurses. Police officers are police officers. Browncoats are browncoats. Psychopaths are psychopaths regardless of whether they’re wearing an official ‘uniform’ or not! Pigs are pigs. There is a reason why they are called pigs. It is because of how they behave! There may be such a thing as a ‘decent and professional police officer’ but I am never likely to meet one as I AM NOT A CRIMINAL. Respect is respect. Respect is NOT what Al Capone, Heir Blair, and the likes go on about! Fear is FEAR! Liberty is liberty. Liberty is NOT whatever this government re-defines the word to mean! In writing means in writing. Signatures are signatures. Marriage is marriage. Civil Partnerships are complete and utter b****x! A proportionate response is a proportionate response. A disproportionate response is a disproportionate response! Mass murder IS MASS MURDER! Professionals are professionals! I have encountered one or two in the private sector before so I do know that they really do exist! Raping people is raping people. Torture is torture. Abuse is abuse. Prisons are prisons. Hospitals are hospitals! Perverts are perverts. Murder is murder. Manslaughter is manslaughter. I believe that there is no such thing as ‘death by dangerous driving’ or ‘death by careless driving’. Genuine accidents are accidents. Parliament is parliament. The government is the government (i.e. the Cabinet). Pay rises are pay rises. Pay cuts are pay cuts. Bullshit is bullshit! Arguments are arguments. Discussions are discussions. Conversations are conversations! ‘Talking’ to those yobs did not constitute a ‘conversation’ at any time! Violent assaults are violent assaults! Black people are black people. White people are white people. I am not a racist. Saying that does not make me a racist! Racists are racists! Fat people are fat people. That does not make me fattest/ fatist. Stupid people are stupid people. An independent nuclear deterrent is an independent nuclear deterrent. A nuclear deterrent that is dependent on America is NOT independent (probably only given to permanently buy another vote on Security Council, anyway). Cleaners are cleaners. People who deliberately spread dirt/ filth around hospitals etc are NOT cleaners!!! Crimes are crimes. What is illegal is illegal (at least ‘allegedly’, but it is impossible to be sure, especially these days). Washing up is washing up! Video means video. It is a compound word. Therefore, ‘video’ has to include an audio component by definition! Lies are lies. Facts are facts. Opinions are opinions. Evidence is evidence! Accusations are accusations. The truth is the truth. Criminal damage is criminal damage. Threats are threats. Orders are orders. Ultimatums are ultimatums. Choices are choices! There is ALWAYS a choice! Accept in my situation, of course…..NO realistic alternative! Violating people is violating people! Friend are friends. The enemy is the enemy. They ARE my enemy! Pretending to be my friend does not make it true! War IS WAR!!! The good guys are the good guys. The bad guys ARE the bad guys!!! Truth depends on your own perspective/ point of view, but sometimes I think that I am the only good guy left! Violence is violence. Using force/ the force is actually something that only exists in the sci-fi world of Star Wars! ALL authority is based on violence or the threat of violence! Truth is still truth, never mind what the PTB re-define the word to mean! Self-defence IS self-defence! I am what I am. I’m not what they say I am!

Freedom of speech is freedom of speech. I can only hope that it is still technically legal to express an opinion in this country!


Some also use the standard G- man excuse of ‘it’s because of the secret policy that you are not allowed a copy of and constantly seems to change in order to say that we always right and you are always wrong ALL the time’, or the ‘I’m not an evil bastard/ Nazi I only work for them/ only following orders’ and variations on those two themes. Neither of which has ever been acceptable to me and the second one was never accepted at the Nuremberg trials either! One would have thought that after sixty odd years those kind of people would have actually have come up with something far more original! Just goes to prove the mentality of such people and that they aren’t particularly original or intelligent. I’m sure the majority are ‘true believers’ in what they do (although some systematically abuse their power for their own gratification) but so was Hitler, Stalin, Bush, Blair and the Ori. Just because they ‘believe’ does not make them right or even legal for that matter. I believe in freedom of speech and ‘wrongdoers’ being held accountable and punished for what they do, including (especially) government employees. If people are to have faith in ‘society/ the system’ they need to have faith in those who administer that society (i.e. Police, Doctors, teachers. Council staff etc.). In practice their crimes are simply ‘brushed under the carpet’ and sometimes such people are promoted by way of a reward. The cold-blooded murder (arguably manslaughter) of Jean Charles De Menenzes would be a prime example. I don’t have access to the law but they all claim that what they do is legal- but none of them actually seem capable of naming the act of parliament that they are referring to! I can only hope that they are wrong in that assertion! Death is actually preferable to incarceration and torture, at least to me!

They also went through the ‘pretence’ of legal representation for me. Apparently, it is perfectly legal for them to choose ‘my’ legal representation from a list of people they approve of. I only ‘co-operated’ with that under the constant threat of further violence/ drug influence. I don’t consider that to be ‘real’ co-operation. I CONSIDER THAT THEY ‘CHEATED’ BY USING DRUGS TO MANIPULATE MY MIND/ FREE WILL. The ‘gullibility’ drugs that they used on me did make me very suggestible. There was also the constant threat of further random acts of violence. I was forced to sign the necessary paperwork for legal aid/ authority to act for me/ grant them access to my so-called medical notes etc. They refused to share access with me despite promising to do so! The solicitor did promise to represent me and follow my instructions in order to ‘persuade’ me to sign those documents. After that the woman admitted she wasn’t even a qualified solicitor! She then refused to follow my instructions in the matter, anyway. She actually took her instructions from the people that were holding me prisoner/ torturing me i.e. the people that I needed representation AGAINST. I believe this to be common practice for legal aid solicitors. I had many dealings with them in trying to fight against the behaviour of my previous landlord. I believe that legal aid solicitors actually receive a fixed amount of money for the work that they supposedly do. Therefore, it IS in their best business interest to do as little work as possible/ simply agree with the opposition. They also ‘claim’ that the fact that the ‘opposition’ gives them hundreds of thousands of pounds a year does not present a ‘conflict of interests’. This is obviously bullshit, I’m unaware of the official legal terminology for this. Their ‘official’ reason for not following my instructions/ representing me was ‘it is very difficult to get a Judge to overrule people such as this. Therefore we are not going to even try’. I do not believe that it is ‘legal’ for British citizens to be held without trial and effectively tortured for their political views etc. I doubt that it is legal to do that to foreigners (i.e. non-whites and mostly Muslims), either, but I believe that it routinely goes on! Impossible to be sure one way or another as the law is kept secret from us ‘mere mortals’ and the buggers do keep changing them without telling people and making up contradictory ones!

Did I mention the fact that I am actually WHITE?

Strangely, however, I did notice that correspondence from my (so-called) representation had been opened and presumably read by staff at Sycamore. I believe (heard a rumour) that it is a criminal offence to read other people’s mail, especially when it is marked ‘Private’. Karen Endly and Phil Thompson can testify to that fact but I have no idea how to subpoena them as hostile witnesses. The fact that they did that certainly implies to my mind that they KNEW what they did to me was illegal and was worried that my so-called legal representation may have actually tried to have done something about that. I’m sure they were also ‘listening outside the door’ during the couple of brief meetings that I was ‘allowed’ to have with those people! It was certainly not in my so called ‘solicitor’s’ interest to do anything that would have led to them being taken off the ‘approved list’ as they would have lost ‘business’ and eventually their own incomes. That IS the ‘real world’ and considered ‘common sense’ by anyone with at least half a brain! People generally do what the people that are giving them money tell them to do!

Karen Endley is the only one who has done the ‘decent thing’ and resigned in protest at what those people did to me. She obviously did not want to be associated with that kind of behaviour/ those kind of people. I believe that she still works somewhere in the NHS. She did tell me she was going back to ‘working’ with children, although I dread to think exactly what that means. My best guess would be that she is now ‘legally’ abusing children, presumably on the basis that some are a bit fat! The only criticism of her (apart from her involvement in what was done to me) was the fact that she insisted on driving me about whilst using a handheld mobile phone. She knows that that is illegal as she kept telling me so! It is also more than a ‘little bit’ dangerous! I used to think that it was wrong to grass people up for such things, but there is nowt wrong with telling the truth! It’s their own fault for radicalising me! The yob known only as ‘Adam’ does drive like a freaking lunatic, however, and I will NEVER willingly get in the same car as that guy again! With Endley’s resignation I believe her to be the best of a very bad bunch! I would like to be able to subpoena Endley as a possible hostile witness but I have no idea of how to do that. Her own employment/ career would undoubtedly be at risk should she do that.

I am also, to this day, still suffering physically from what they did to me. I have had severe bowel/ anal/ groin pain for nearly a year now. I believe that there is the strong possibility that I was anally raped by someone (I mean literally/ physically, not just ‘legally’) although I have no recollection of this fact. There are numerous gaps in my memory, presumably due to the drugs that I was abused with. There was one notable occasion when I woke up in bed with no memory of actually going to bed. My arse ‘hurt like hell’, felt like it was ‘hanging open’ and there was blood all over the sheets! The anal/ bowel pain hasn’t got any better- in actual fact it is getting worse! A few months after I had been released for the second time I started to feel ‘pin pricks/ jabs’, I believe in the same areas that I was injected. It seems strange that I didn’t start to feel this until several months after the fact. I struggle to explain it, but wonder if they’ve perhaps 'necrocised' the tissue? Unfortunately, I’m not that scientifically/ medically minded! My bowels have been ‘constantly aching’ since and haven’t felt right since I was released. As does the bottom of my spinal column. In lay mans’ terms, it feels that I have been repeatedly kicked up the arse (all over)! I’ve also been bleeding out of my anus for over a year! It hasn’t quite got to the point where I need to start wearing tampons but it is more than a little bit worrying! Presuming that I was actually anally raped (I can’t explain the facts that I do remember, otherwise) I would have thought that my body would have recovered from the ‘damage’ by now. Maybe it’s bowel cancer- I am genetically predisposed to the condition and maybe the drugs/ needles they used on me have precipitated it! I AM WORKING ON THE PRESUMPTION THAT I ONLY HAVE 18 MONTHS TO TWO YEARS LEFT TO LIVE!!! I really have nothing else to lose, I really don’t ‘give a flying f**k’ anymore, so whatever they do to me next isn’t really going to make a great deal of difference to me, one way or the other! Maybe they gave me a STD or some other disease. Maybe I have been infected via the needles- I did note that NOT ALL the needles came out of sterile wrappers and NONE of so-called ‘nurses’ even bothered to wash their hands! I believe that they have sentenced me to a very slow and painful death! A couple of months back I also grew a ‘lump’ on my penis, although that has now seemed to have ‘gone away’ on it’s own! I’ve also been left with deep purple scars around the tops of my legs and around my testicles, which can also be somewhat painful sometimes. They extend down to my knees! Down the right side they are virtually black! Again, I thought that it was permanent but they have started to fade ever so slightly since July/ August 2007. I can only hope that they fade away entirely eventually! Either way, I dare not ‘sleep’ with anyone ever again just in case I was to pass something on! I’ve also been suffering major back problems since I was beaten. That causes an immense amount of pain in itself. Some days it is so bad that I do have trouble walking! They’ve made me old before my time! I’ve also been suffering major headaches since being released. I did get the occasional headache ‘before’ but never any as bad as those that I regularly experience now! They also occur in different places on my head, whereas previous headaches were usually in the same place/ general area! I can’t explain how or why- I just know that they do quite frequently occur! I also bled out of my right ear on a couple of occasions shortly after being released, although that hasn’t happened for around 10 months now. I was also left impotent for seven/ eight months after being released. However, that problem has now seemed to have ‘solved’ itself, but only when I really concentrate! ;-) Approximately five/ six years ago I was actually offered a job in the porn industry. I did turn it down for pretty obvious ethical/ morality reasons, being the self-righteous guy that I am! However, after being degraded at the hands of the so-called ‘mental health professionals’ that really isn’t a problem for me any more! However, I doubt that such an offer would still be available to me considering the impotence thing, genital mutilation and back problems! Especially now that High Definition is coming in! I’m hardly as fit and healthy as I was once and I’m quite a few years older now! The ‘loss of earnings’ is impossible to calculate, never mind the loss of the fringe benefits! ;-)

They refuse to give me access to the ‘real NHS’ and even if they did I would refuse so-called medical treatment for the three reasons outlined elsewhere in this statement. I am no longer allowed access to a GP or ‘real’ hospitals, anyway so it is a bit of a moot point. The people that held me without trial and tortured me have refused to give me any pain relief at any time for what they inflicted on me. They initially did give me some ‘sleeping tablets’ to help me sleep, considering that I wasn’t able to sleep as a direct result of what they did to me! They’ve refused to give any for nearly six months now. I’m still not sleeping properly/ hardly sleeping and haven’t done for nearly 18 months now! Before I was held without trial I very rarely drank! I’m now regularly drinking around the equivalent of two bottles of spirits per week just to deal with the back/ groin/ anal pain and get some sleep! I’ve also become addicted to Ibuprofen! Around June 2006 I did also try to quit smoking. I was smoking somewhere in the mid-20s per day. I had got it down to less than a dozen a day. Then I was captured, beaten up and held without trial and tortured. I am now smoking in excess of forty a day and have been since my release! They refuse to give me any anti-smoking ‘medication’ and I wouldn’t accept it now even if they did! Never mind that, the really galling thing is that I’ve been forced to live of other people’s charity for nearly two years, so the added cost of these things is an extra burden for them! Also, although I’ve been barely eating (partly as a result of what was done to me and partly because I’m not the one paying the bill) it seems that I have managed (ironically) to put on weight! I presume due to the alcohol consumption. I’ve also had to beg/ borrow yet more money for new trousers as what I had no longer fitted me! My thighs have also ‘swelled’ up! I presume that my body has been retaining a lot of water. They’ve already cost my parents their home so if there was ever a case for suicide/ euthanising someone I think I qualify!

I also believe that it was the drugs that have damaged my memory. I used to have an excellent memory but I now struggle to remember specific dates/ details of my History and other A-Level courses. I also struggle to remember details of my University course. I spent tens of thousands of pounds on getting a decent education and they’ve pretty much obliterated it all! My long-term memory certainly is not as good as it used to be! I do remember it being better but I would probably be better off if I didn’t remember it being better! I can’t think as clearly or as quickly as I used to be able to do. Secondly, I find that I am now having trouble with my short-term memory which, coupled with lapses in my short-term memory has led to lapses in my short-term memory! Secondly, I find that I am now having trouble with my short-term memory which, coupled with lapses in my short-term memory has led to lapses in my short-term memory! ;-)

I very nearly did kill myself towards the end of 2006, I believe partly due to what was inflicted on me (trauma that they put me through) and partly due to the ‘chemical imbalances’ in my brain that THEY put there! The ‘emotions’ that I had were ‘all over the place’ and I now struggle to feel any emotion! They’ve made me a pretty cold and heartless man! The only reason I didn’t kill myself was because of some ‘virtual friend’ that I had managed to make online. He also appears to share a similar belief system! It was his faith in me that I wasn’t actually mad and that there are others like me that do believe other things than what this government/ G-men ‘spoon feed’ people was the ONLY thing that prevented me from killing myself! If I ever make any money (unlikely) a hefty donation will be coming his way for the cause that he is fighting for!

I certainly wasn’t getting any support from anybody else. The people I know can’t help being ‘stupid/ gullible idiots’ that would rather blindly believe things what anonymous G-men tell them rather than even bothering to ask me my side of it! They have succeeded in turning MY WHOLE FAMILY against me. I’ve lost all my friends. I’ve also lost my partner through this. We had been together for nearly nine years and she was the ONLY woman that I have ever truly loved! I did intend on marrying her, one day and was my last best chance of ever having children! My dog was also probably murdered, although the G-men weren’t responsible for that one! I do not have so much as a penny to my name and I have, effectively, absolutely no one left to care about/ for! I hate to sound like the proverbial drama queen but my life really is that shit! There’s absolutely nothing I can do about it apart from write this ‘story’ down! I can’t fight them anymore so the only option left open to me seems to be to roll over and die! What else can I do? The only hope that I have left is that this will end up on the desk of a sympathetic judge- although IT IS NOT sympathy that I’m looking for here! The only other reason I have left to live is to help my parents move when they do eventually lose this house. However, if it doesn’t sell soon then the cost of feeding me etc. is going to far outweigh the cost of them employing someone to help them move! Therefore, the most ‘cost effective’ option seems to be to kill myself now, although I intend to wait at least a little while to see if another option presents itself! I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT CONTEMPLATING ONE’S DEMISE IS EVIDENCE OF BEING A CRAZY MAN! I heard a rumour that such a thing is actually illegal (but then again I haven’t heard of any corpses being put in prison) but I do believe that it should be legalised in certain circumstances and it can certainly be a sane and rational choice! If it came down to a choice between living another six months in intense and agonising pain or ending it all, which is the more sane/ rational choice? I certainly hope that thinking about doing something that may possibly be illegal is NOT actually illegal in itself! Otherwise, I have just confessed! Best not sign this document for legal reasons! ;-)

I didn’t actually consider suicide as a possible option until AFTER they did what they did to me! That is what they drove me to! It is also highly probable that they will use this statement as an excuse to keep me tied up with a tube down my throat in order to prevent me from doing that with the old ‘it’s for your own good excuse’! This is exactly how sick these people are! The yob idiots may actually believe what they claim to believe!

I have made every effort possible to avoid going to Court. They really have left me with no alternative but to pursue this claim against them. There is every possibility that the people concerned will again retaliate against me with further violence etc., but then there is nothing to stop them from doing so again unless I take this action. I am desperately trying to do ‘something’ that doesn’t involve resorting to their kind of tactics! I have to do something and becoming a suicide bomber just isn’t my style and it is doubtful that it would achieve any real change. At least not in the shorter term. Regardless of what happens with this case I fully expect to be looking over my shoulder for the rest of my life. I am constantly living in fear and suffer heart palpitations/ crap myself (metaphorically speaking) every time I hear a noise outside or the dog barks. I believe that I am suffering from what is actually called/ termed PostTraumatic Stress Disorder. There doesn’t seem to be any other action that I can take. The ONLY way to prevent anything like the incidents described happening to me again (or to other people) is for the authorities to take appropriate action against them. I do not believe that there is any body capable of taking appropriate action against them. THEY ARE THE AUTHORITIES, allegedly. But to do nothing is simply not an option for me. I have to try do something and the only other logical option is to resort to violence i.e. what THEY do!!! That just isn’t me and I hope that they are not successful in driving me to become something that I am not. The best predictor of future behaviour is previous behaviour. That seems to be EXACTLY what they are trying to do. If they are successful in that it does NOT mean that I am crazy. It is PERFECTLY logical/ rational to defend oneself/ fight back/ retaliate etc. whether it is considered legal or not. Similarly, if I chose to take up arms against my own government it DOES NOT MEAN THAT I AM A CRAZY PERSON, although I accept that that is (probably) illegal, at least allegedly! Real changes in societies ONLY occur through violence/ war. That IS evolution! There is also a lot of truth in the phrase ‘the best form of defence is attack’. If they are not stopped such people will continue to do what they do. Same with rapists, for example. If they are not stopped they are most likely to continue doing such things. Unfortunately I have no power to stop and punish them. The best predictor of future behaviour is previous behaviour. In the larger sense you humans seem intent on wiping yourselves out!!! I will never stop speaking/ writing things down!

I also believe that there is the strong possibility that this statement will simply be twisted to form an excuse for justifying doing the same or different/ further ill treatment of myself. This statement says what it says it says. It does NOT say whatever they say it is says. They are bound to retaliate against me in some form or another presuming that I am actually able to complete/ file this statement with the Court and the Court does actually process/ issue the claim, as I believe they are supposed to do. I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO LOSE!!! I’m hoping that they just come around and put seven bullets in my head, or something. They’ll probably get a promotion out of it!!! I doubt that the mind frell drugs will work on me (at least to the same extent) second time around. I NOW KNOW!!! It is possible that they will implement their previous threats of forcing a tube down my throat in order to keep me alive (and the rest). I will NOT co-operate in anyway when they do retaliate. I hope that they aren’t able to take me alive again. Whatever they do to me I WILL STILL KNOW. If they capture me and hold me without trial and torture me again I WILL STILL KNOW. Whatever they do to my family and myself I WILL STILL KNOW. If they kill me (best case scenario) I WILL STILL KNOW. Whatever they do I WILL STILL KNOW.

I WILL NEVER STOP TALKING, REGARDLESS OF WHATEVER THEY DO TO ME OR MY FAMILY NEXT!!! I will NEVER believe what (at least some of them) believe. I am NOT suffering from Stockholm syndrome and no matter what amount of violence/ abuse/ torture/ sexual assaults/ drug manipulation will ever make me believe what they want me to believe!

To this day the likes of Ferguson and his cohorts continue to try and provoke a response from me. Around the beginning of April/ May 2007 he did actually state that he couldn’t continue to justify what he was continuing to do me and promised that he would leave me alone after that! I did actually receive a letter from him dated 11/05/07, received 16/05/07 in which he reneged on that blaming the old ‘communication problem’ excuse again. There is no such thing as a ‘communication problem’- it is yet another ‘random excuse’ to try and justify things that is in common usage. He was either blatantly lying or a higher power forced him to go back on his word. I struggle to see any other explanation!

Around the middle to end of August 2007 BOTH Ferguson and Thompson did state that they were legally obliged to leave me alone after 15th December 2007 BECAUSE of the law. That is, they did insist that it was the (secret) law that forced them to do such things to me for a whole year after my release. I can not and will not accept such pathetic excuses for what they did to me/ continue to do me! As I was released on 15th December 2006 (allegedly) they HAVE to leave me alone after 15th December 2007. They refused to put that statement into writing, of course, but I did make them say it several times! On 31/08/07 I received a letter supposedly from Phil Thompson and a Sarah Taylor ‘ordering’ me to travel back in time to 16th January 2007 or they’re going to have me beaten up, sexually assaulted, held with out trial and tortured again. I am not a Quark and I have no special powers to travel back through time! It took Jacqui a couple of weeks to come up with an explanation. Apparently, it is because they admit to employing complete and utter morons (new member of staff) that hasn’t had the specialised training to teach her what year she is living in yet! She also seems incapable of using the spellchecker/ grammar checker, either, and she obviously has no idea how to write a basic letter! This is indicative of the standard of numpty morons that have access to all the secret files that they hold on me but they refuse to give me access! Hopefully, there is now no need for me to ‘discover the secret to time travel’ in order to save myself from them!

I did eventually receive another letter ‘ordering’ me to appear before them on the 16th January 2008. Again, the letter also states that they have ‘copied in’ and invited Pullinger (this time) to attend that so-called ‘meeting’. They have been repeatedly told to STOP violating DPA in regard to that and I will not co-operate with their threats if that man is there! Ferguson has also agreed to make his minions STOP doing such things! They do know this and it is obviously another example of further provocation! I do not believe that I will ever be free of them and they are obviously ‘gearing up’ to forge some more paperwork to ‘legally’ come and get me again! It is not called paranoia when it’s true! They’re not even trying to be subtle about that and it may actually be possible that they do genuinely believe that I am so stupid that I won’t actually realise until it is too late!

Whatever I do I do not believe that I am ever going to be free of them! The best I can hope for is to rush this statement to completion and start sending it to people BEFORE they come and get me again. I am NEVER going to be free of these people! I feel the need to ‘draw a line in the sand’ again, although I am fully aware that they will claim that ‘standing up for myself’ is evidence of a mental illness and use that as an excuse to abuse me again! THEY DID STATE THAT LEGALLY THEY HAVE TO LEAVE ME ALONE AFTER 15TH DECEMBER 2007. ALTHOUGH THEY REFUSE TO PUT THAT IN WRITING I HAVE TAKEN THEM AT THEIR WORD!!!


I will REFUSE to have anything to do with them after this date and if they so much as come near me after that I reserve the right to defend myself!

I have every right to defend myself should I choose to, regardless of what they say or whatever the (secret) law does actually say! I RESERVE THE RIGHT!!! IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT I AM A CRAZY MAN!!!

A moral superiority complex ALWAYS leads to some seriously unethical behaviour! I now know that I have higher/ better morals than they do and the buggers have now given ME a moral superiority complex! I continue to be appalled by the mentality of these people and is certainly the WRONG kind of people that are doing these jobs, presuming there is actually a RIGHT type of person! They have only succeeded in radicalising me which just underlines the absolute utter stupidity of these people!

Maybe this whole statement is the rambling thoughts of a mad man! Maybe I really am a crazy man! I just genuinely can’t see it! I do prefer to think of myself as SLIGHTLY mildly eccentric (at most)! I believe I believe what I was taught to believe! I see nothing wrong with it and do doubt that it is even illegal, although it’s impossible to be sure! I believe that I have every right to be me, as that is the kind of society that I was taught to believe in! I can’t bring myself to be anything else and would refuse to become somebody else even if I did have the power! I certainly don’t have the power to travel back through time and change the order that the ‘tadpoles’ reached the egg, for example! NB It is only G-men that ‘claim’ to have the power to travel/ see through time and psychic abilities etc. I do NOT believe that these people have any ‘special powers’ as they do insist on claiming!

I do humbly request that the Judge order the following: -

1) Release to me of ‘so-called’ medical notes and all the secret files that they hold on me. The total file is at LEAST three inches thick! Eventually I intend to have such libellous entries removed from the secret files that they hold on me. I am NOT a crazy person. I do not want or warrant the ‘crazy man’ label following me around for the rest of my life! There is NOTHING ‘wrong’ with what and the way that I think. I also doubt that it is illegal,
2) To order an independent investigation, if that is at all possible. I believe the Italians are the ONLY prospect of having the job done properly, but I do not know if it is in a Judge’s power to make that kind of request. It’s also unlikely that any of the physical evidence survives (CCTV etc.). However, there are other people still being held there without trial and being routinely tortured and abused. As well as elsewhere, presumably! I doubt that any of them have been convicted of a crime or even of something that is illegal. I can only hope that this story will reach somebody with the power somewhere to actually do something about it. Hope is the only thing I have left,
3) Release of all CCTV footage and any other evidence that these people hold of what they did to me/ still doing to me/ what I (still presume) Police/ browncoats did to me,
4) To arrange for an independent psychiatric assessment of myself in order to disprove the lies these people tell about people. This does not seem possible in this country. I do not believe that there are any ‘legal’ psychiatrists that are totally independent of the NHS. Italy is, again, an option but I do not have the means (nor is it legal, allegedly) for me to leave the country. Slightly impossible, that one! If I can ever get there I thoroughly intend to seek asylum on the grounds of ‘political persecution’,
5) I heard a rumour that the ‘going rate’ for Human Right violations is around £750 a day. Even that amount would add insult to victory. It certainly would not compensate for the ‘mind frell’ technology that they used on me, never mind the rest! I will NOT rest until those people are removed from their positions of power and properly punished i.e. jail sentences. An ‘eye for an eye’ would, in some ways, be preferable but I am actually a better man than that! It’s also doubtful that I could secure such an order! However, I am not quite as good a man as Ghandi and it is still perfectly possible that they may be successful in provoking me to defend myself one day! Proper financial restitution can be dealt with after that. However, I do request that the Judge award the maximum ‘personal injury’ payment available in Small Claims Court of £1000. In addition to pay the replacement cost of mobile phone, replacement SIM card and enough to cover cost of texting everybody new number and new beard trimmer. As well as paying for the thefts (money + goods = £10 + £20= £30). I would suggest a figure of around £220. I also request a figure to reflect ‘compensation’ for being without phone and beard trimmer for over a year. In addition, what they did to me has delayed my parents from selling their home for 12 months. Mortgage payments are around £500 a month. 12 X 500 = £6000. + the £50K that Thompson owes me! In addition to that I was unable to complete the refurbishment of the driveway and numerous other jobs about the house that needed doing before the house could be sold as a result of being abducted/ tortured etc. This created an additional 9 weeks (approximate) EXTRA work for me on top of what it would have taken me to do otherwise. I believe that I am easily worth around £300 a week for ‘temp’/ hard labour wages. 9 X 300 = £2700. They also kept me prisoner for around 9 weeks but if you include ‘nights’ and ‘free-time’ as well the figure is (at least) 24 X 300 = £7200. In addition to that they have also kept me out of paid employment for at least 18 months. I’ll be generous and claim an additional £45K as ‘loss of earnings’. + 9 X 7 X 750 = £47250 for Human Rights violations. Actually, I believe that they have been abusing my Human Rights for a year and a half, approximately. G-men have been abusing them for seven and a half but a year and half would settle the NHS’s civil liability in the matter. Therefore, the calculation is more like 553 X 750 = 414750. I would settle for a half a million in used ten-pound notes in total! I can not and will not give those yobs my bank details! In an ideal world, I would like to reinvest that money in ‘private prosecutions’ of those ‘people’, as well as those that tried to murder me.
Unfortunately, my claim puts this way beyond the scope of the Small Claims Court. I’d be happy with the £1000 + replacement cost of mobile and beard trimmer (as an interim payment). Any payment needs to be made in cash, as I am not legally allowed access to a bank account. I wouldn’t trust G-men with my bank account details even if I had any! Armed with the ‘evidence’ (although I expect the majority of the REAL evidence has been destroyed- that’s just ‘common practice’ for G-men) and some money to start paying it may actually be possible to find a decent Human Rights lawyer who will be able to pursue the rest of this claim properly. I’ll fight them all the way to Strasbourg if I am able! There is only three ways that this story can possibly end. Either 1) in my death (which is actually the best/ probable possible outcome), 2) a successful prosecution of these people (CRIMINALLY, then civilly), or 3) I am ‘disappeared’ again and held without trial and tortured until I do eventually die. I will NEVER surrender and even if I did it will not stop (I’ve tried surrendering/ capitulating before). Please do something to help me Mr G-man/ Judge!!! Just don’t expect me to call you ‘sir’ or anything! You are the one that is supposed to be a ‘civil’ servant after all!
6) To order that they do NOT do anything further to provoke me, such as deducting an
(obscene) amount for what they euphemistically term ‘board and lodging’ from any ‘award’. I believe that to be common practice for such ‘people’ to do that to victims of ‘miscarriages of justice’, or whatever term/ label you want to put on it!
7) To order lie detector tests (of the MRI brain scan variety) on each and every ‘yob’ involved in what was done to me. I usually have an ethical problem with such technology (partly because it is so unreliable and the results are largely accepted as fact) but in the circumstances I would be willing to submit to one myself. It could also prove quite ‘amusing’ if you could order Heir Blair and Goldsmith to submit to the same! Unlikely to happen, but there’s no harm in asking I suppose ;-),
8) For the threats/ harassment/ abuse to stop immediately and without any delay whatsoever!!!
9) An order for my costs incurred. From what I can ascertain standard solicitor costs seems to be levied at around £600 for ten minutes work. This produces an hourly rate of £3600. Time spent writing this document, travelling, attending on them/ submitting to their threats/ dealing with them equals in the region of (SINCE my release) 1000 man-hours (AT LEAST- very conservative estimate!) 1000 X £3600 = £3600000. £3.6M still seems a little excessive to me but, apparently, such time/ costs are legally justified (allegedly)! I’ve been there to,
10) For ALL ‘persons’ involved to reveal their identities/ provide names and show their ID (presuming that they are actually who they claim to be). I also want see evidence of their dates of birth, bank details, mobile numbers, where they were born and their home addresses- because of the usual ‘secret policy that you are never allowed to see that constantly seems to change to make us always right’ excuse- I have adopted the same policy! A proportionate response MEANS proportionate response,
11) To order them and all that stand with them to respect my right to exist,
12) The release of their other victims (although I have no idea of the grounds that they are being held on) or their execution. I doubt that any of them have actually been convicted of a crime, let alone anything illegal. Death is actually preferable to being treated like that so I would suggest you use the standard ‘it’s for your own good excuse’ or, ideally, give them the choice. Choice doesn’t seem to be a word that G-men understand!

The most worrying thing is that ALL these yobs know everything about me, including where my family and I live. To do nothing is not an option for someone like me! I sincerely hope that they sign off on my death warrant when they receive this. Ideally, I would like for everybody that has ever wronged me in my life to be punished and to live ‘happily ever after’. That isn’t going to happen so death is the best of the realistically available alternatives!!! Please make sure that happens. I do not appear to have the courage to do it myself! That is, of course, that I am in right in my assumption that will be NO measure of ‘justice’ available to me through the Courts! THERE DOES NOT APPEAR TO BE ANOTHER OPTION!

Even if I was successful in getting some measure of ‘justice’ in this case it is most likely to cause me even more harm. G-men never comply with Judge’s orders and it has been my experience that Court staff refuses to implement/ enforce them against government employees. Bringing this case is most likely to provoke a further reaction/ abuse/ at least harassment from them. It is my best hope that they simply come round and put seven bullets in my head. They’ll probably get a promotion for it!!! That is the kind of country that we’re all living in now. The (secret) law has no respect for me and I now have no respect for the law!!! I WILL NEVER stop talking until I am dead!

They are all perfectly aware of my position!

Dated this 3rd day of December 2007.

Statement of Truth

I believe that the facts stated in the document named above are true.

Full name: Jake Maverick King of the Maverickians A sad and desperate man!

Signed: ……………………………………………………….




Jake Maverick King of the Maverickians

Independent Police Complaints Commission



I, Jake Maverick- King of the Maverickians, enemy of the state and an innocent, persecuted and honourable man, Claimant will state as follows: -

Towards the end of June 2006 (I believe) two Police Officers/ Browncoats visited my home. I believe that it was regarding the ‘continuing matters’ arising between the dispute between myself and former landlord in Sheffield. They never actually stated why they were there but I believe that their visit may also have also been prompted by some heated email correspondence between myself and Douglas Hogg MP. Admittedly, I had got very drunk a few nights previously and sent an abusive/ threatening email to him, which I immediately regretted. I believe that the technical term is ‘flaming’. I have also been under an extreme amount of stress that has accrued over the past several years (through no fault of my own), although that is no excuse. There was also a lot of provocation on his part, or one of his minions that was impersonating him. This seems to be a standard G-man tactic i.e. provoke a response from people in order to ‘justify’ disproportionately abusing them. Such a policy seems to have become imbedded in the (secret) system that we all live under! Such people have been successful in provoking me to use ‘naughty words’, on occasion and they routinely use that to justify extreme violence, threats, general abuse, harassment and sexual assaults against myself and my family.

All of which is besides the point of this case.

I refused to speak to them and stated that I was only prepared to communicate with them in writing. That has been my position with them for the last few years so they should have been perfectly well aware of that! I also stated that if they wanted to arrest me, beat me up or steal my DNA etc. I would offer no resistance. I took this stance as I have previously repeatedly been threatened by Police Officers in Sheffield, with reference to the dispute between myself and my former landlord who, incidentally, did try to kill me. Surprisingly, they just left after speaking with my parents for about half an hour.

I don’t believe that they had any right to talk to my parents about things that had absolutely nothing to do with them. I believe that I have a right to keep such things confidential. It is ‘my business’ after all. To this day I have no idea exactly what was said to them!

Shortly after that I went for a walk to ‘clear my head’. Whilst I was walking down the road (near the A1) I believe (presume) that the same two Police Officers/ Browncoats pulled up behind me in their Police car. The Police car seemed to have genuine markings, which is why I believe those yobs to be Police officers or browncoats of some sort. One of them jumped out and attacked me. There was no warning and he didn’t so much as utter one word to me. That yob obviously enjoys beating people up and employment in the Police service is obviously very attractive to those kinds of people. He had obviously waited until I was away from my parents/ home so that there weren’t any witnesses. I suspect that there may have been CCTV footage available, considering the location (A1- near the roundabout, if there was ever a sensible place to put CCTV that would be it). I believe that there was/ is probably video footage available from the Police car as I believe it is standard policy to hide secret cameras in the front of such cars. I have done everything that I could possibly do to make sure that such evidence was not destroyed. Please see email correspondence with the IPCC. He was not in proper Police or browncoat uniform. He was just wearing a white shirt and black trousers. I repeatedly asked him what his name was and asked to see his warrant card (I still believe that he was either police or browncoat). He just knocked me to the ground and repeatedly punched and kicked me around the back of the head, my back and the back of my legs. He also rammed my face repeatedly into the dirt and stinging nettles. I could not see with the dust in my eyes (which also caused considerable pain) and I was also having trouble breathing. He then twisted my arms behind my back until they were in an extremely awkward twisted/ backwards/ painful position before putting handcuffs on me. There was absolutely no reason why he could not have applied them properly, presuming that there was any justification for using them in the first place. He then continued to punch me repeatedly in the back and head. He also repeatedly kicked and stamped on my legs/ ankles. By this time the other yob/ officer (who was also not in full police/ browncoat uniform either) had joined him. He did try to restrain the other ‘officer’ but it had little effect- he continued to punch me whilst ‘jumping’ on me with his knee in the small of my back. The second officer also ordered him to take the handcuffs off and apply them properly. I presume that he was more senior. The officer did remove one side of the handcuffs (very reluctantly) but then twisted my other arm into a still more painful position before re-applying them. By this time I was having serious trouble breathing (I am asthmatic) as my face was still being rammed into the ‘dusty’ dirt/ nettles/ stones. I offered no resistance whatsoever. I DID NOT lift so much as a finger to defend myself! All that I did was repeatedly ask them who they were, but that just seemed to provoke the yob even further so I stopped. The second officer was eventually successful in persuading the other officer to turn me onto my side so I could breath, although he was still very reluctant. He had to tell/ order him several times. Although I somewhat grateful for that officer restraining that ‘psychopath’ somewhat, he didn’t even try to put a stop to it. There was no justification for what was done to me. There is NEVER any justification for doing such things to any human being or even animal life for that matter, in my humble opinion. I can only presume that it was done for the sake of ‘enjoyment’ and he may well feel perfectly justified in doing it, considering my politics! I believe on the balance of probability that he would not have done what he did on the instigation of SCC employees or even Police Officers based in Sheffield. My best guess was that it was motivated by my political views/ expressing those opinions! He certainly seemed to enjoy what he did and all I can think is that he felt it was justified and was doing a ‘good thing’, considering my politics! I DO NOT!

I do not believe that Police officers/ browncoats are ‘officially allowed’ to do these sorts of things to white people in this country. I believe that they routinely do such things to non-whites (I’ve seen that with my own eyes) but this is ‘officially allowed’. Perhaps I should be grateful that they are now abusing white people ‘equally’. I do try and look on the brightside of life!

After what I estimate to be about twenty minutes of being held in that very painful and uncomfortable position (the first officer remained on top of me and repeatedly punched me throughout) I was dragged to my feet by the handcuffs, which caused excruciating pain. That officer then groped my penis and testicles whilst pretending to search my pockets. He then grabbed hold of my testicles and yanked down on them hard (repeatedly). This not only caused extreme pain in itself it also caused me to bend forward, exerting more pressure on my twisted wrists. I really did think that my wrists were going to break with the increased force being applied to them. I am not exaggerating! From what legal advice I have received ANY sexual assault legally constitutes rape and I fully expect that yob to be held accountable for what he did! That means putting him in prison and putting him on the sex offender’s register! I presume that they have destroyed all the CCTV footage (that is common practice for G-men) but they refuse to either confirm or deny this! I have never felt pain like that in my whole life! The cuffs have obviously NOT been applied in the way that I believe that they are supposed to! The second officer did not appear to be paying attention at this point as he had his back turned to me.

There was also substantial damage done to my suede leather jacket by this point. It was less than six months old. The cost of replacement would be around £120.

Shortly after that (I presume) a Police van had turned up. It was certainly a van of some sort. I was bundled into the back but I could not sit down because of the way that my hands were twisted/ handcuffed behind my back. The driver then proceeded to drive at high speed down numerous very twisty and cobbled/ bumpy roads for a good twenty minutes or so. As I could not sit down or hold on to anything, I was repeatedly thrown/ bounced around in the back in a very confined space (cage) as he swerved back and forth across the road. Although I couldn’t see them I could hear them laughing. I doubt that there were any obstacles in the road that would have necessitated swerving back and forth like that! Apart from the bumps and bruises to my head and the rest of my body I really did think my wrists were going to break again. I was in absolute agony. I was also still choking/ coughing up phlegm/ dust and my own hair was also in my mouth and eyes. I couldn’t see properly and the tiny cage in the back of the van obscured what little I could see. No actual ‘arrest’ took place- they simply attacked and abducted me. They didn’t say anything to me or even ask me any questions. I simply do not believe that this kind of conduct is any way legal. I hadn’t even done anything. I did not even try to defend myself!

This is no longer the country that I was taught to believe in and defend!

I eventually arrived at what I presume to be Grantham Police station or a station close by. I was then dragged from the van and dumped inside. Shortly after that they did finally remove the handcuffs. My wrists by this point were extremely swollen/ painful and I could barely move my hands. Any movement caused severe pain. My shoulders were also hurting because of the way that my arms had been twisted. The same officer who had earlier physically and sexually assaulted me then ripped my shoes from my feet, tearing the side of the left one in the process. They eventually had to be thrown away. They were virtually brand new costing £18 and were a gift from my mother. They also rifled throughout my wallet and personal possessions and it is possible that one of them stole £10.00 from me at this point or sometime before. I also saw the ‘one that seemed to be in charge’ (behind the desk) looking through some very personal/ private text messages on my mobile phone! I was then forced to strip naked (under the threat of further violence) in front of male and female officers and in front of their own CCTV system. Some of the officers certainly seemed to be enjoying the spectacle, although I did note the ‘look of disgust’ on some of their faces. They also took a sample of my DNA. Whilst I was stripping the same ‘yob’ officer/ browncoat forced me to walk around the corner (presumably away from the CCTV) where he again sexually assaulted me and yanked on my testicles. I was then forced to put on a bright red ‘Guantanamo’ style jump suit that absolutely stank. There also appeared to be what looked like semen stains down the right leg. The ‘suit’ was also several sizes too small causing it to ‘ride up’ around the crotch area which made it extremely uncomfortable to wear (and painful with my swollen testicles) and forced me to walk bent forward. I was then forced into an extremely cold and dirty cell for somewhere between (estimated) 8 to 12 hours before finally being allowed out. By this time I was absolutely ‘freezing’, had an extremely dry/ sore nose and mouth/ throat. I could barely speak/ croak properly/ coherently, was utterly terrified and suffering the effects of nicotine withdrawal and sleep deprivation. I repeatedly begged for the chance to smoke one of my own cigarettes (I was shaking like the proverbial leaf) but the officer outside my cell took great pleasure in telling me that it was a no smoking building. I see no reason why they could not have let me outside. I believe that I have a ‘human right’ to be able to smoke. I presume them all to be Police officers or browncoats but none of them actually told me who or what they were. Some did appear to be in some kind of uniform.

They refused to allow me to make any phone calls/ call a solicitor at any time whatsoever. I presume because they would have had to claim that they had arrested me for something to give me that ‘right’. NO ACTUAL ARREST EVER TOOK PLACE.

I had offered no resistance and did not even try to defend myself. There was absolutely no justification for what he/ they did to me.

When they finally let me out I was introduced to someone claiming to be a social worker and whose name I do not recall. I was also introduced to a Doctor Davies (I believe) who I thought was going to examine/ treat my injuries. With hindsight, I do wonder if he is possibly related to Chantal Davies, Quentin Davies MP or Glynn Davies, which may be the actual name of the person who repeatedly assaulted me and tried to murder me in Sheffield! Both did show me appropriate ID (although I couldn’t really see clearly) and I believe them to be who they said they were. Neither man seemed particularly concerned about my injuries or the dire state that I was in. I hope that whoever reads this can understand/ empathise I was absolutely livid at the time. I still am. It is very difficult to write this statement/ relive the whole thing. I believe that I have every right to be angry about the whole degrading experience and can not believe that their treatment of me was in anyway legal or justified. I was obviously traumatised and not in a particularly ‘good frame of mind’. I wasn’t thinking straight and can’t recall properly due to the effects of lack of sleep and nicotine deprivation. I was also later ‘mind frelled’ which I know has permanently damaged my memory and probable superior mind! I do recall that there was some conversation about the email that I had earlier written to the MP. They didn’t actually tell me which one they were referring to! There were quite a few and there were several where I do recall making some ‘political comments’. I still don’t see why that had anything to do with someone claiming to be a Doctor! It certainly made no sense at the time! I was then forced back into my cell for another hour or so. When I was let out again I was again forced into handcuffs by two different ‘officers’ who didn’t even show me the ‘common courtesy’ of speaking to me before they dragged me to a car (wasn’t allowed to walk) and I was then driven to what I later learned to be called ‘Sycamore Assessment Unit’.

I later discovered that £10.00 had gone missing from my wallet. I can’t be sure whether or not it was the nameless Police Officers/ browncoats that stole it or staff at Sycamore Assessment Unit.

The following day I learnt that I had been ‘Sectioned’ under the Mental Health Act (allegedly- everybody involved refuses to put anything into writing or show any ID). At least that was the euphemism they used for holding me without trial and torturing me. The sole justification of their treatment of me was simply the email that I had previously written. They refused to tell me exactly which email! I’ve probably written tens of thousands of them in my life. Numerous people have threatened to kill me over the years and two people have actually tried to kill me (one repeatedly) and have gotten away with it. Police refused to even investigate. Even when I believe one of them witnessed the ‘attempt’; it may have been a browncoat. I’ve also been threatened by such people simply because I asked them to do the job that they are supposedly paid to do. Many people make such threats and it is often excused/ termed ‘a figure of speech’, although personally I have never found such justification to be acceptable. I also recall other people making such threats against Tony Blair and George Bush at the height of the protests against the Iraq war (newspapers and on TV) but do not believe that anything ‘was done’ to them. Possibly due to the publicity surrounding those threats. I guess a part of me figured that if ‘you can’t beat them, join them’ and I was under an extreme amount of stress at the time (still am). It was the only occasion that I have ever written/ said anything like that and I say a disproportionate response is a disproportionate response!

The ONLY thing that is ever going to stop me stating my views is a bullet! It was perfectly obvious from the outset that what was done was done on the basis of my ‘opinions’ and expressing those opinions! Even my own brother has held a knife to my throat whilst sleeping and threatened me with knives on numerous occasions. I believe that that kind of behaviour can be termed ‘psychotic’, as I understand the word to mean.

I can not and will not try and justify that email (presuming they were referring to one of the emails written to Douglas Hogg) but believe that the most that should have happened to me was to be prosecuted for threats to kill. Even that would have seemed somewhat hypocritical considering government employees have tried to kill me. There was also a great deal of provocation. I believe that the MP was shown ‘special treatment’ in what amounted to a revenge attack simply because he is an MP. I also believe that the treatment was actually more motivated out of my political views/ expressing those views rather than the threat itself. Please see statement in parallel case for further details.

I am certainly NOT psychotic or delusional as these were the labels applied to me in order to justify their treatment of me and the further ill treatment I received at the hands of so called ‘mental health professionals’. I do know what those words mean and I do know my own state of mind. The labels were simply applied in order to ‘justify’ their treatment of me. Even if I did warrant such labels being applied it does not, in any way, justify their treatment of me. I wouldn’t treat an animal like that, let alone a human being. I struggle to believe that their behaviour can be considered ‘legal’ in any way whatsoever. Just because anonymous people claiming to be G-men insist it is legal does not make it true! I plan to pursue that case against them separately but mention it here so that the Judge is aware. It may also be useful if both cases could be heard at the same time although leaving the overall ‘judgement’ to one man/ women is something I’m very reluctant to do. I doubt that I will ever be given the ‘right’ to a Jury trial! Siding with the so-called ‘authorities’ is always a very easy thing to do. One of the things that I am asking for is for the judge to order a ‘proper’ second opinion, which I believe that I am legally entitled to. This may help to provide ‘necessary evidence’ for any judgement to be based on, although that really is separate to what the Police/ browncoats did to me. I can only presume that the so-called ‘mental health professionals’ simply went along with whatever those nameless police officers/ browncoats told them. I have no idea exactly what they told them as they refuse to tell me. I have asked repeatedly.

After two weeks those in charge of my so-called ‘care’ (in reality torture/ abuse) seemed to admit that they had made a ‘mistake’ and gave me my freedom back, although there were humiliating ‘conditions attached’. Even that did not seem right or in anyway justified but I did co-operate and did everything that I was forced to ‘agree’ to under the constant threat of further violence/ abuse. There certainly wasn’t any real ‘agreement’, considering the true meaning of the word, but I have never met a G-man that actually does know what words mean!

Towards the end of October 2006 I was decorating my parents’ hallway. I happened to be on the ladder when there was an extremely loud banging/ battering at the front door. It took me by surprise (we do have a doorbell outside the porch) and I very nearly fell from the ladder. When I opened the door I was confronted by who I believe was the same officer (although I didn’t know that at the time) who had previously physically and sexually assaulted me with several ‘colleagues’ standing behind him (I’m unsure how many). They were already in the porch, illegally I believe. The porch door was open and our dog (who does have a habit of ‘escaping’) would have run off if my father hadn’t managed to grab hold of him. I see no reason why they could not have rung the doorbell or otherwise have behaved in a more civilised/ professional manner. None appear to have been wearing proper Police Uniform but I do believe/ presume that they were all Police officers (or possibly Browncoats/ CSOs). It’s impossible to know what actually constitutes the uniform these days- there appear to be so many variations on it and there are several versions with no identifying marks- even blue overalls (with no identifying marks) ‘count’ apparently. It does appear that such people are genuinely too stupid to understand what uniform (one form) actually means! I do not accept that a white shirt and black trousers count! It is also possible to buy ‘official’ police uniforms and equipment off e-bay. They are also extremely easy to forge! Such people are very much aware that I do stand up to such people that don’t behave professionally which probably explains why there was no uniforms/ identifying marks and they did not even claim to be police/ browncoats! It was obviously a deliberate tactic to try and provoke me but they were NOT successful in that and I did NOT even try to defend myself when they attacked!

The ‘lead officer’ was extremely rude and aggressive from the outset. It was obvious that he wanted a fight and he must have been very disappointed when I did not give it to him. Ghandi has always been one of my greatest role models but I’m not actually a good a man as him and it is perfectly possible that such yobs may actually be successful in their attempts to provoke me into defending myself one day! I repeatedly asked them who they were but no answer was forthcoming- I suspected that they were G-men/ police/ browncoats of some sort, considering their behaviour, right from the start. I repeatedly asked to see their ID and what their names were. I also asked them why they were there. No answers were forthcoming. At no point did they even identify themselves as Police Officers/ browncoats. They claimed to have had a ‘warrant’, which was the first real indication that I had that they might be Police/ browncoats (I don’t know what kind of warrant or what it was for- presuming that they did actually have one I would question the legality of it). AT NO POINT DID THEY EVEN CLAIM TO BE POLICE OR BROWNCOATS BUT I PRESUME THAT THEY WERE ONE OR THE OTHER! When I asked to see the warrant the lead officer kicked the front door in catching my chin/ jarring/ chipping my teeth in the process. He then knocked me to the floor and all four- six officers attacked me. At least one jumped on me and ‘several’ were punching and kicking my back and legs whilst one of them kept shouting ‘stop resisting’ (laughing as he did so), presumably to justify what they were doing to my father who was in the next room. I’ve suffered back and neck problems ever since. I have never been able to get any medical attention for what was done to me! Some days I can’t even walk properly! They have made me old before my time! I thought that I would have had the courage to at least try and defend myself ‘second time’ around but I just froze like the proverbial rabbit caught in headlights. I offered no resistance whatsoever. I was so utterly terrified that I am ashamed to say that I pissed myself. I was in desperate need of the toilet at the time, anyway! It wasn’t entirely through fear! The officers also managed to dislocate something in my back, which caused considerable pain. It was quite a severe beating. I dread to think how bad it would have got if I had ‘raised so much as a finger’ in self-defence or if I was black. I even said to them ‘you do know that I’m white, don’t you?’ but the beating just intensified! They seemed to think that was funny to! They then handcuffed my hands behind my back (they did apply them properly that time) and tied my legs together with some straps. They then dragged me from the house. One of them kept shouting ‘walk, walk then’ at me, laughing as he did so. Walking was virtually impossible considering that I was handcuffed, my legs were tied together and my back was dislocated but every time I tried to do so one of them pulled my legs from under me via the straps. I would have fallen flat on my face if it were not for two of them holding/ twisting my arms/ shoulders. I suffered numerous bruises and my shoulders ‘ached’ for several weeks after, because of the way that they were twisted. I’m sure I heard another one of them laugh. I was then bundled into the back of the waiting Police van (presumably). It was certainly a van of some sort with a cage in the back!

None of the other officers said a word to me before the assault took place. They had obviously been ‘primed’ before they had got there. Although I believe the other officers were following the ‘lead officer’s’ lead/ following his orders/ instructions it does not excuse what they ALL did to me. ‘I was only following orders’ is not, historically, the best of excuses and I believe that they should all be held accountable for what they all did. It is either bound to end in my death or at least one of their deaths if they are not STOPPED and held accountable. Despite the lies they have told to ‘justify’ what was done to me I am not actually a crazy man and I struggle to see a ‘logical’ third option here! Death is a better option for me than being held without trial and tortured again. I’m desperately trying to find an alternative rather than resorting to their kind of tactics i.e. random acts of violence etc.

I was then driven to Sycamore Assessment Unit where I was again dragged from the van and up some steps to what is termed the ‘segregation unit’ (torture chamber). They refused to even let me try to walk. I was screaming in agony not only from the pain in my back but from the pain caused by the two officers holding/ giving me ‘Chinese burns’ on my shoulders/ upper arms. I later learned that it was a Dr Ferguson (allegedly) who was responsible for persuading the officers to loosen their grip slightly (according to him). At best it’s the standard ‘good cop, bad cop’ bullshit- these people are a walking cliché! They didn’t ‘ease up’ very much and I was still in considerable pain. The officers then held me down whilst I believe Ferguson pulled down my jogging bottoms and boxers and injected me twice with something, one of which I believe was a tranquilliser. They refuse to confirm exactly what it was but there certainly wasn’t any pain relief. They refuse to give pain relief for the injuries that they inflicted on me then or at any other time! I presume because that would create a paper trail and could actually be considered evidence! Maybe they just took a perverse pleasure in watching me experience that level of pain! I also believe that there were several women watching when he physically/ sexually assaulted me. I can only presume that such people consider such ‘legalised’ sexual abuse a ‘perk of the job’! Ferguson still appears to be ‘proud’ of what he does, although he has since hinted to me that he ‘may’ now believe that it was not justified. I believe that he was probably operating on Police/ browncoat orders! He has stopped short of an apology/ admitting liability, instead referring to a ‘possible procedural error’. Closest thing to an admission of fault you are ever likely to get from a G-man! After that they all left the room and I managed to ‘snap’ my back into position and my right leg stopped twitching. I was then left to soak in my own urine until the following day. Unconsciousness followed shortly after they left. It was ‘a couple of days’ before I was offered a change of clothes and I was not even allowed access to proper toilet/ wash facilities/ food (or even water). It was well over 24 hours before I was ‘allowed’ a cigarette. I believe that I have a human right to smoke.

I have tried to re-iterate solely the facts of the matter the best that I can recollect them. After that I was held prisoner (without trial and not even on trumped up charges- wasn’t even accused of anything) where I was effectively tortured for another six/ seven weeks before finally being released without charge but with further humiliating conditions attached to my release. I will elaborate on that in the ‘parallel’ case that I hope to be able to bring. I’ve tried to keep this statement strictly relevant to what the Police/ browncoats did to me but, inevitably, there will be some overlap.

The ‘female yob’ that spoke to me the following day (I presume, but impossible to know exactly how long I was kept unconscious) claimed that the lead officer was the one that had arrested me in the earlier incident. That was the first indication I had that it was the same person, but I’m still unsure whether he is technically ‘police’ or ‘browncoat’. I can’t really be sure about any of it but this is my best educated guess. I HAVE NEVER BEEN ARRESTED. I can only presume she was referring to the yob that had previously sexually and physically assaulted and abducted me.

I believe that there is/ was again CCTV footage available of the Police assaulting me. Ferguson has claimed that the CCTV (at Sycamore) at the time was not working. I do doubt his word (he has every reason to lie) and I do expect him to provide evidence for the CCTV not working if he fails to supply the footage/ evidence. NB A piece of paper is NOT evidence.

I have done everything humanly possible to try and persuade the IPCC to investigate and take appropriate action against these people. I have also repeatedly asked them to make sure that vital CCTV evidence is not lost or destroyed. I believe that there was probably CCTV footage available for what happened near the A1 (at least from the car) and there was CERTAINLY footage available for what happened at what I presume was the Police station. I believe that there was also CCTV footage available at Sycamore, despite Ferguson’s assertion. They have repeatedly refused to even comment on this. There has been no contact at all now for several months. The IPCC have claimed that they will not investigate any of the complaints directly, as it is not considered in the public interest. I believe that the investigation of violent/ rogue/ yob officers that behave in such a matter is very much in the public interest. They refuse to confirm or deny whether or not the ‘behaviour’ of browncoats comes under their jurisdiction either!

What the IPCC did do was simply ‘inform’ the offending officers (apparently) that I had made complaints about them, which has caused more worry in itself. I did finally receive one call from someone claiming to be a Sergeant Nick Holt, despite my parents’ number being Ex-Directory, on 7th February 2007- a full seven/ eight months after the initial assault/ sexual assault/ abduction took place. I believe that he abused his power in accessing an Ex-Directory number and BT broke the DPA in providing that information to him. His tone was very rude/ threatening and he had obviously prejudged the matter by referring to my ‘arrest’. No actual arrest ever took place but I presume that is what they will be claiming when the matter gets to Court. Presuming that I am actually allowed to bring this case! I do have the audacity! I also presume that they will also flatly deny or try to justify what they did to me. This was why I did every thing that I possibly could to make sure that the CCTV footage was not destroyed. They refuse to even confirm or deny whether it has been destroyed or not! I’m unsure as to whether or not he had anything to do with the incidents described- for all I know he could be the officer that repeatedly physically and sexually assaulted me or one of the other yob officers involved!

I politely explained AGAIN that I was only prepared to discuss the matter with him in writing and hung up. This has been made repeatedly clear to them on numerous occasions! I also asked the IPCC to put a stop to such ‘harassment’ but they (again) refuse to give me the ‘common courtesy’ of replying.

To be absolutely clear I have made two (possibly/ technically three) complaints to the IPCC. One/ two concerned the events described above (although I consider the ‘third’ to be a continuation of the initial assault/ sexual assault and abduction and was allowed to happen as the IPCC took NO action and was probably PROVOKED because the IPCC TOLD them I had complained) and thirdly/ secondly, regarding the Police’s actions in Sheffield. Prior to being made homeless in January 2006 I had suffered approximately two years of threats/ harassment/ assaults/ abuse from my former landlord. This culminated in their attempt to murder me in January 2006 and I was forced to flee the city. I had complained to the Police about their behaviour but they refused to even investigate/ lost interest when I informed them that my landlord was employees’ of Sheffield City Council. They also refused to give names. That seems to be the standard policy for Police and G-men in general! I pursued the matter with them as best I could but ‘dropped’ the matter when they started to threaten me with prosecution. I believe that the Crown Prosecution Service are the only body who have the ‘authority’ to order prosecutions, but their threats were enough to stop me from trying to talk to them. They never actually said what they would prosecute (fit me up) for, but I figured it best NOT to try and continue the conversation after that. As the Police refused to even investigate the matter I even wrote to District Judge Oldham of the Sheffield County Courts in an attempt to prevent further CCTV footage being lost. I do not believe that he took any action. Again, there was plenty of CCTV footage available (and witnesses) but no action/ investigation happened, apart from the threats to myself. Without any evidence to back up the SCC’s illegal attempts to evict me/ threats/ assaults etc. I was forced to flee the city when my life was ‘endangered’. I believe that Oldham was about to rule to evict me anyway (despite the lies and contradictory statements they had the nerve to call ‘evidence’) but such a judgement was irrelevant, as I had to flee in order to survive. It seems (in practice) that all government employees are exempt from Data Protection Act, Housing Act, Unsolicited goods and Services Act, laws regarding false imprisonment/ assaults/ sexual assaults/ attempts to murder etc. I believe this to be WRONG and may actually be ILLEGAL, although it is impossible to get independent verification of what the law actually is. It does not appear to be based on common sense and the authorities DO pick and choose which ‘secret’ laws they apply and to whom, allegedly. I do actually live in the real world- NOT the PR version that G-men like to propagate!

The IPCC did forward both (initially ‘two’) complaints to a Sue Griffiths. I see no reason why they forwarded both matters to her. Ms Griffiths refused to take any action claiming that Sheffield was not in her area, despite her email address stating South Yorks. I believe/ suspect that she deliberately confused the two separate complaints in order to create an excuse for not doing any work that day. I was very clear what I was complaining about for both complaints. This was repeatedly made clear to her!

Another very strange incident occurred just after midnight on 30th May 2007. After the previous incidents it did cause a great amount of distress for my family and myself. A man and a woman rang the doorbell just after midnight claiming to be ‘THE Police’. They didn’t tell me their names or show any ID which seems to be common practice/ policy for them. I did ask several times who they were but all the yob would say is ‘we are THE Police’. It was too dark to make out whether or not they were in proper uniform this time. They did seem to be wearing dark jackets and the woman was hiding around the side of the door/ porch window (couldn’t see her properly). Considering their yob like behaviour I believe they were actually Police officers. I didn’t ask who they were too many times/ to show ID this time as I was terrified what their response would be. It does seem to provoke such people into random acts of violence! I have had a host of experience with them, not all the incidents are mentioned here. It really did upset my parents (and woke them up) and they are both battling terminal illnesses at the moment. They really do need their sleep. Their ‘story’ was that they were enquiring after a Paul Stamp who had allegedly been found wandering down the A52 in a distressed state. They also claimed he had given his name as Paul Stamp and lived on Burgin Close. The Police are very much aware that there is no Paul Stamp living at this address. They have access to records detailing who lives where (which is WRONG in my humble opinion, regardless of the law) and they know damn well who does live here with the ‘history’. I have real difficulty in believing their ‘story’ and I still find it quite offensive that people such as that are ‘allowed’ to get away with harassing innocent people at that time of night and still REFUSE to show the common courtesy of introducing themselves properly/ show ID. I DO NOT believe their ‘story’ and believe it was simply another attempt to harass and intimidate me. Presumably to try and provoke a reaction from me! I didn’t fall for it! They are very much aware that I am in the process of trying to sue them. I have committed no crime (I don’t think I’ve even done anything illegal) and if there were any realistic prospect of getting a restraining order against them I would pursue that. I fully expect them to continue to threaten and harass me and there is still every possibility that they may physically and sexually assault me/ steal from me/ imprison me/ torture me etc again. I'm not a fighter and there is no chance that I will ever be able to defend myself against them considering their training, weaponry and sheer numbers of them. Not to mention the legal ‘power’ that they seem to have and the fact that Judges always seem to take a government employee’s ‘word’ as fact, even when they endlessly contradict themselves and refuse to sign written submissions or even show ID in Court, never mind stating what their names are!!! If mere mortals such as myself did things like that I would expect to be prosecuted for perjury and put in prison for a long time!

I was literally terrified when I initially first saw them through the window, considering what they did to me previously. I was expecting trouble when strangers come calling at that time of night. I suffered heart palpitations, was in a cold sweat and thoroughly expected another kicking. There was NO WAY that I would have opened the door to them if it were not for my parents and the fear of what they may have done to them if I didn’t open the door or tried to run (out the back). It is also now impossible for me to run with my back injury/ groin and bowel problems. Some days even walking is a bit difficult! They finally left after forcing me to tell them the full names of everyone living in this house. They wouldn’t even tell me what their names were, which does seem to be common practice! I have NEVER been able to obtain a name from somebody claiming to be a Police Officer or just ‘THE POLICE’! They interrogated me for a good fifteen/ twenty minutes!

Prior to that there has also been several dozen other occasions where they have driven past my home/ drove around the village, sometimes late at night/ early hours of the morning. I firmly believe that this has been done to harass and intimidate me, possibly to force me to drop these proceedings. I see that I have no other realistic alternative to at least try to do ‘something’. I believe in such a thing as ‘justifiable homicide’ but still find myself unable to lift ‘one finger’ in self-defence, despite everything that has been done to me. I first moved to Foston in the mid 1980s. Until recently the police were NEVER SEEN anywhere in the village. There was also one notable incident when a ‘full squad’ in what appeared to be riot gear nearly rammed my mother off the road in their van. We were just driving down Wilkinson Road when the van, which appeared to be full of what I presume were Police officers turned into the road at high speed, no indicators, mounted the pavement and very nearly collided with my mother’s car! Of course, such people will NEVER be prosecuted for dangerous driving, never minding pumping bullets repeatedly into innocent people’s heads’, for example! Fortunately my mother was able to break in time. I saw the yob in the front passenger seat mouth the words ‘that’s him’ whilst jabbing his figure at me. I fully expected them to chase after us when my mother continued to drive on, but they didn’t. It can not be a coincidence!

I will never ‘take the risk’ of trying to report a crime (or even talking) to the Police again, let alone anyone else. They will have to torture me to make me talk!

This Sunday morning I was again harassed in my own home by a Police Officer. At 09:15 hours, I was rudely awoken by own mother claiming she had let a Police Officer (hadn’t even bothered to ask his name) into the house who wanted to talk to me. Unfortunately, my mother is actually that stupid/ trusting of strangers! My mother has also refused to talk to me for the rest of the day. I haven’t been able to sleep properly since this whole thing happened and I believe I have every right to be able to lie in on a Sunday morning. Surprisingly, it was just the one officer this time and he was in, what appeared to be proper uniform. More surprising still he told me his name was PC Gilmore, although he still refused to show me any ID. Consequently, I suspect that his name may not have been Gilmore. He told me he was here to harass myself and my family on the instigation of Phil Thompson (calls himself a senior social worker) because I had called him a rude name. It makes it impossible to ascertain who is following who’s orders now!!! I do not believe there is anything illegal with regard to calling people names and I see no justification as to why they were harassing me again. Phil Thompson has also called me many names (delusional, immature, idiot, child, psycho boy, fool, arsehole, and cunt) and threatened/ harassed me on numerous occasions. The thing that provoked that incident was what had occurred the previous Wednesday (04/07/07). Prior to that I had been previously forced to ‘agree’ (wasn’t actually an agreement as far as the true meaning of the word goes) to let that ‘person’ visit me at home every Wednesday at 15:00 hours, although he very rarely keeps appointments! The week prior to that I had informed him that I wasn’t available the following Wednesday as I was attending my Great Aunt’s funeral and suggested (begged) that we could meet the day after i.e. Thursday. Thompson did not want to meet that Thursday and ‘promised’ to give me a ‘week off’ that week. On that occasion he had a women with him called ‘Jacqui’ and she was witness to that fact. When I returned home late in the evening on 04/07/07 after a very distressing day I found that Thompson had turned up and shoved a rude/ threatening note through my door. That is what prompted the text message in which I called him a rude name! It is obviously ‘standard policy’ for such people to provoke people into giving them such a reaction in order that they can effectively fabricate evidence and justify more ‘abuse’. There has been other numerous examples of such behaviour by these people (and G-men in general) but that is best stated in the parallel case that I hope to bring against ‘Sycamore’. As far as the ‘provocation’ goes he has also done something far more serious to me. I am also currently involved in legal claims against other organisations. Unfortunately, I have been forced to try and bring those claims in Nottingham Court, rather than Grantham (the Grantham Court ignores me completely). This would not have been possible if it were not for the fact that Thompson had managed to convince me that he was genuine in his offer to drive me to Nottingham for the Court dates. I WOULD NOT HAVE BORROWED £40 FOR PRINT CARTRIDGES AND PAPER AND DONE APPROXIMATELY A FORTNIGHTS WORK THAT THOSE CASES ENTAILED, WERE IT NOT FOR THIS ‘OFFER’. I’ve been ‘kicking myself’ ever since as I have a wealth of experience which ‘states’ never trust a G-man, especially one that says ‘trust me’. I can only presume that the suggestibility/ gullibility drugs were still in my system. There is actually a Court date scheduled for 09/07/07 (tomorrow) and as it is now impossible for me to get there the case will most likely be thrown out as will the other one when I get a Court date for that. Not only has he wasted £40 that wasn’t mine he has deliberately caused extra stress and worry and wasted my time. Furthermore, I am unlikely to be able to re-instate those cases at a later date when I do have the power to attend. I personally feel that he personally owes me £640 for my ‘costs’ and labour as well as what he has cost me by ‘effectively’ sabotaging those cases. The financial TOTAL ‘value’ of those two cases is in excess of £50K- money that I urgently need! This arrogant ‘knob head’ still insists on pretending to be my ‘friend’ and claims that he is one of the ‘good ones’. He definitely went out of his way to provoke a reaction from me and got what he was asking for. He is a very good professional/ legal con man. He’s also called me far worse names than I have called him. The hypocrisy of truly stupid, arrogant people like this never ceases to amaze me! They are all well aware that these claims are being prepared against them and he is obviously working up to imprisoning me without trial and torturing me again in order to prevent me filing this paperwork. However, it makes little sense why that hasn’t actually happened yet. I can only presume that Gilmore is a ‘relatively’ decent officer (if that is not a contradiction in terms) who refused to comply with his demands- although I can see no reason why he refused to show his ID or was harassing me. Just because someone (that he probably hadn’t even met before) told you to do it does not mean that you actually have to do it! I do not believe that it is illegal to call people names. Numerous people have called me names over the years (some of which have been homophobically motivated), not all of them government employees. My best guess would be that he did the ‘bare minimum’ that he was ordered to do. Then again, I can’t see why he was taking his orders from a social worker- he is not in his chain of command. In relation to my claim against the bank, which Phil Thompson conned/ set me up for pursuing- I have just discovered that costs were awarded against me of £561.25. If I had been able to attend I hope that I would have been allowed to argue my case and the outcome might have been somewhat different. I do not have a single penny so it is impossible for me to pay, anyway. I am not going to pay those people a single penny anyway- they actually owe me a substantial sum, regardless of the ‘Judgement’! It is impossible to earn anything without a bank account and I now have no hope of getting them into Court because of what Phil Thompson did. There is currently no legal way that I can open a bank account and that case against them was my last chance to acquire the power to do precisely that. I now expect to be put into one of the ‘official’ prisons because I can not and will not pay. With no hope of ever being able to earn an income again I will never be able to pay so I will probably be put in prison until I can but I can’t so therefore I will never be allowed out of prison. Suicide is looking like my only possible option now but that is, perversely, illegal as well (or so rumour has it)! I just hope that I can get this statement (and the other one) lodged with the Court before I do die/ put in prison for the rest of my life. It is the only goal I have left in life.

For the past week I have also been receiving ‘silent’ phone calls in the early hours of the morning. My mother has been using this as an excuse to burst into my room and jab me. I do sleep naked and haven’t been able to sleep properly for over a year. I can only assume that it is the Police of other G-men doing this as I don’t ‘officially’ reside at this address and my parents’ home phone number is ex-directory. There is only one person that has my parents’ landline in relation to me (my former partner) and I do not believe that she would be doing this.

Also, since being released at the end of 2006 somebody has been accessing the hard drive on my computer virtually every time I access the Internet. I have a dial-up connection so it is quite easy to tell when somebody is doing this. Considering the sheer number of times that this has been done I find it very difficult to believe that it is a ‘criminal’ looking for financial data etc. for the purposes of identity theft. There is NO financial information on this computer, mostly because I have NO financial data- I don’t ‘officially’ exist anymore and haven’t done for nearly two years now. Other than ‘G-men’ of some sort, I can offer no other suspects/ reasons for someone continuously doing this. I believe that it is also probably been done with out a warrant but it is also impossible to ascertain whether this is actually ‘legal’ or not. It is certainly WRONG! It is very easy to hack into somebody’s computer and steal things or plant evidence (such as Internet history, for example). Any ‘muppet’ can do it!

I have made every effort possible to avoid going to Court (see email correspondence). ALL correspondence sent and received in regard to this case has been provided to the Court. They really have left me with no alternative but to try and pursue this claim against them. There is every possibility that the officers concerned will again retaliate against me with further violence, but then there is nothing to stop them from doing so again unless I take this action. There doesn’t seem to be any other action that I can take. I WOULD BE VERY GRATEFUL IF THE COURT COULD MAKE AN ORDER ON IT’S OWN INITIATIVE TO REQUIRE SUCH PEOPLE TO STAY AWAY FROM ME UNTIL THE COURT DATE. The ONLY way to prevent anything like the incidents described happening to me again (or to other people) is for the authorities to take appropriate action against them. I do not believe that there is any other body capable of taking appropriate action against them. To do nothing is simply not an option for me.

It could also prove useful if the Judge could clarify the law to me regarding self-defence. If I were ever attacked like that again by a ‘gang of yobs’ in my own home (or even on the street for that matter) I would feel perfectly justified in stabbing each and every one of them. You don’t know how far such people are prepared to go and if you don’t put a stop to it at the beginning you don’t have the power to even try and stop it should they go as far as murdering me, for example. If that did happen I fully expect to be locked away and tortured again for the rest of my life. I doubt that they would even give me a ‘show trial’. I doubt the ‘sick b******s’ would even allow me to euthanise myself. Even if they were to introduce themselves properly/ show ID, were in proper uniform and otherwise behaved in a professional and courteous matter they have absolutely no right to attack/ rape/ beat people up like that. I believe that I have every right to defend myself regardless of what the law says or what lies such people tell to ‘cover’ themselves. Also, if someone breaks into your home I also believe an individual should have the right to ‘assume the worst’ (i.e. he or she is there to rape and murder your kids, murder you and your partner and burn your house down) and act accordingly. I believe the use of lethal force should be legal in such circumstances, as you DO NOT KNOW what the level of threat is to yourself and your family. I would also point out, given the justification for attacking Saddam Hussein in Iraq, that if someone looks at you the ‘wrong way’ on the street one would be perfectly justified in attacking/ killing them (AKA pre-emptive strike). These are the kind of role models our society has now. THAT IS CRAZY AND I WOULD NEVER DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT. It is these yobs that are currently in power that are the real CRAZIES and I have every ‘right’ to utter an opinion on that (whether it’s ‘legal’ to express an opinion or not). That is the kind of society I was taught to believe in/ defend and I will continue to do that (exercise my right to freedom of speech) until my dying day. Rather than intimidating me into silence their behaviour has actually had the opposite effect. It is perfectly obvious WHY they have been doing what they have been doing to me! I am now far more ‘vocal’ (or self-righteous/ arrogant, is that’s the way you want to look at it) than BEFORE I was beaten, raped, imprisoned without trial and tortured etc.

I request that the Judge order the following: -

1). The RELEASE of all necessary CCTV footage in order to prove the case and support my claim for ‘appropriate action’ to be taken (I believe that the officers involved should face criminal charges) and, eventually compensation. If they refuse to release the necessary evidence I fully expect them to be prosecuted for destroying evidence/ withholding evidence, at the very least,
2). The RELEASE of so called medical evidence from ‘Sycamore Assessment Unit’ which should confirm the physical injuries that I had received. Not only regarding my cut and swollen wrists but their were also minor cuts/ grazes/ bruises to my face and bruises to my back and legs. There is also the matter of my swollen testicles and the fact that they had knocked a filling out. I’m after the release of my so called ‘medical notes’ in the ‘parallel’ case against Sycamore, as I believe that I am entitled to under the Data Protection Act regardless of what happens with this case and what those people say in regard to that,
3). The REMOVAL of my DNA from Police systems. They have no right to keep it. I believe that holding such information is a violation of ‘Human Rights’, regardless of the fact that I was never actually arrested on either occasion,
4). For ALL officers involved to reveal their identities/ provide names and show their warrant cards (presuming that they are actually police officers/ browncoats). I also want to see evidence of their dates of birth, where they were born, mobile numbers, bank details and their home addresses- because of the usual ‘secret policy that you are never allowed to see that constantly seems to change to make us always right’ excuse- I have adopted the same policy! A proportionate response MEANS proportionate response,
5). Once the evidence has been made available the prosecution of ALL ‘persons’ involved, whether they are police, browncoats are whatever,
6). To pay the maximum ‘Personal Injury’ award of £1000 which is available under the Small Claims Court if only as ‘exemplary damages’. Even that amount would not fully compensate for losing my home/ life/ loss of earnings/ false imprisonment or the physical and sexual abuse endured. Also, to pay the replacement cost of damage to my personal property (£138). I am unable to ask for more, as a ‘Solicitor’ is not available to me considering my location and the fact that I do not have the means to travel anywhere. Advice has been offered but only if I can travel to them, which is impossible for me to do. Consequently, the Small Claims route is all that is available to me. Therefore, I ask any ‘judgement’ be awarded as an interim payment and I fully intend to invest any and all money that I can recover in a decent solicitor/ transport, presuming that I can find one,
7). To have the agents of my former landlord investigated for attempted murder and the rest, etc.,
8). To order them and all that stand with them to respect my right to exist,
9). To order the IPCC to fully investigate with a view to some of the above!

The most worrying thing is that ALL these yobs know everything about me, including where my family and I live. To do nothing is not an option for someone like me! I sincerely hope that they sign off on my death warrant when they receive this. Ideally, I would like for everybody that has ever wronged me in my life to be punished and to live ‘happily ever after’. That isn’t going to happen so death is the best of the realistically available alternatives!!! Please make sure that happens. I do not appear to have the courage to do it myself! That is, of course, that I am in right in my assumption that will be NO measure of ‘justice’ available to me through the Courts! THERE DOES NOT APPEAR TO BE ANOTHER OPTION!

Even if I was successful in getting some measure of ‘justice’ in this case it is most likely to cause me even more harm. G-men never comply with Judge’s orders and it has been my experience that Court staff refuses to implement/ enforce them against government employees. Bringing this case is most likely to provoke a further reaction/ abuse/ at least harassment from them. It is my best hope that they simply come round and put seven bullets in my head. They’ll probably get a promotion for it!!! That is the kind of country that we’re all living in now. The (secret) law has no respect for me and I now have no respect for the law!!! I WILL NEVER stop talking until I am dead!

They are all perfectly aware of my position!

Dated this 4th day of April 2007.

Statement of Truth

I believe that the facts stated in the document named above are true.

Full name: Jake Maverick King of the Maverickians

Signed: ……………………………………………………….


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